The Secret Millionaire Society Scam

the secret millionaire Society ScamThe Secret Millionaire Society Scam

Product: Millionaire Society

Owner: Brad Marshall

Price; Says Free, Really at least $200

Verdict: Scam

I have not really got that into the trade binary options scams yet, but I am starting to see more and more products coming out so I figured I really need to start writing reviews on these products and letting you know that The Secret Millionaire Society is a scam along with all the other Binary Options trading programs out there.

The Millionaire Society was created by Brad Marshall and is supposed to teach you how to make millions of dollars with their fail proof app.

The Millionaire Society is a complete scam and I will be showing you why in this post on The Millionaire Society Scam. Some major problems I have with this company include a false sales page, fake testimonials, it’s not free, and system does not work! Read on to learn more about this complete scam!

Why Millionaire Society Is A Scam!

There are a ton of systems out there claiming to be able to earn you money with Binary Options Trading and just like most of them Millionaire Society is a scam. I have included below all the reasons why you should stay away from this product forever!

Sales Video

The sales video is just like all the other binary options trading systems out there. They promise to have a fail proof system that can turn your investment into millions of dollars overnight.

Brad Marshall, who is supposed to be a financially free millionaire (I can’t find proof of this guy existing) has created an awesome new app that makes instant money for you and he is willing to give it away for completely free.

The sales video plays heavily on the emotion of financial freedom and that  you suck for being poor and Brad is awesome for being rich.

There is really nothing new here, other than the information that every SCAM has ever said in their sales video.

Fake Testimonials

Along with the sales video full of lies this product also has some video testimonials from what they say are millionaires from using this product. Thing is that these video testimonials were created by popular people on Fiverr. See there are bunch of gigs on fiverr where people will create short video testimonials for your business and product. You give them the script which means they will say any BS about your business that you would like

All of the video testimonials that are included in the sales video came from some of the most popular fake video gigs on Fiverr. There is no one that is using this system and actually making money. It’s a complete scam!

Not Really Free

This product is advertised as completely FREE, but let’s just think about that for a second. So you’re telling me I can invest nothing. Get this free app from you and then make millions of dollars by doing so Binary Options Trading? First off you must have some sort of money to buy the options so that pretty much shoots FREE right in the butt, because I guarantee that Brad isn’t providing you with this scam system and start-up money.

The way it works is once you join this system you will need to join what they call a “Secret Millionaire Society” to join your required to deposit $200 into your account. I have actually seen systems that require a lot more money down, but either way they are still scamming you out of money.

The way Brad and the Secret Millionaire Society Scam is making money is they get a commission on the deposit that you make into your account with one of their “trusted advisers”.

As you can see this program is not free. You have to deposit money into your account which this scam artist will make a commission on and you will lose all your money!

Final Verdict

The Secret Millionaire Society is a complete scam, just like all the other binary option trading programs. This secret “free” app will not help you make money and will actually be pretty damn good at helping you lose all that you deposit into your account.

I think I have done a pretty good job at proving that this product is a scam. The sales video is full of lies. They only have fake testimonials that they paid for and controlled the content said, and nothing about this app or system is Free.

let me be the one to break this too you. You’re not going to find anything on the internet that makes you money for completely Free without any work. If you come across something like this you’re have your eyes on a SCAM!

What To Do Now?

You’re not going to find any binary options trading program that promises a secret system that is legit. They are all scams and there are 100s probably even 1000s of programs like this out there. No one gives you money for free and with out work.

One way that you can make a good income online is by starting your own online business and putting in the hard work to make it successful. It’s the method I used and now make a living online. If you would like to learn how you can do this visit Start Your Own Online Business. 

Thank you for reading this post on The Millionaire Society Scam. If you have dealt with this company I’d love to hear your experiences in the comment section below and I hope you let me help you make money online by showing you how to start your own online business.

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