Surveys 4 Checks Review: Is Surveys 4 Checks a Scam

surveys 4 checks reviewWelcome to my Surveys 4 Checks Review where you will find out if Survey 4 Checks is a scam. I have come across a whole lot of companies that are very similar to Survey 4 Checks lately. They are all using the same type of sales pitch, we have the secret to you earning more taking paid surveys, but as you can guess this is not the case.

They promise you access to surveys that pay more than any others you have seen and once again they can’t back up that promise.

Don’t worry I will be showing you exactly why Survey 4 Checks is a scam in this review. So let’s get started.

What Is Surveys 4 Checks?

Surveys 4 Checks is a company that promises you more earnings from paid survey sites. They also promise you surveys that pay much more than the normal $1-$2 surveys. Along with the secret to earning more and higher-payings surveys, Surveys 4 Checks is going to include bonuses that teach you how to make money other ways.

How Does Surveys 4 Checks Work?

A lot of people have the wrong idea about how this all works. Surveys 4 Checks never pays you nor do they ever send you surveys. Inside the member’s area Surveys 4 Checks has you sign up other survey sites. These are the companies that will send you surveys and pay you.

Another thing people don’t realize is Surveys 4 Checks not only charges you to access their product, but they get a commission on your earnings when you join any site through them and make money taking surveys. Not only are they scamming you out of $49.99, but also your survey earning commissions for life.

Surveys 4 Checks Review


Price: $49.99

Score: 5 Out Of 100

Verdict: SCAM

I gave Surveys 4 Checks a 5 out of 100 because this company is a complete scam and will be a waste of your money. Surveys 4 Checks does not have a secret way of making other than scamming you. They do not have surveys that pay $25 a survey they are going to refer you to sites that have normal paying surveys just like all the other survey sites.

Now do not get me wrong I have nothing against survey sites, I actually get paid by a few each and every month. But there is no reason for you to purchase Surveys 4 Checks to get a list of surveys sites that can be found on the internet for Free.

Surveys 4 Checks Concerns


Really there is not training within Survey 4 Checks. On the sales page, they talk about having the secret to making more with survey sites, but really all they give you is a few tips.

1) Set Up New Email

2) Download Robo-form

3) Sign up for all the sites they have listed

So as you can see nothing on making more with survey sites just a few helpful tips plus a tip to have you sign up for all the sites so they can have you as a referral on more sites.

Survey List:

The survey list is pretty good on Surveys 4 Checks they have a few sites that I do recommend like Paid Viewpoint, Cash Crate, and Survey Savvy. But you should not have to pay to get access to a list of survey sites you can see a list of the best 30 survey sites here. 

Also, the list has over 100 sites on it, so along with the good sites that I recommend, there are also quite a few that are not good sites that you should stay away from.


The bonuses included with Surveys 4 Checks are just other ways to make money online. Basically these are just short E-books that give you an overview of how to make money online. They then just give you a list of products that you can buy to learn more or sites to join where they will earn a commission on your earnings. Some of the bonuses are listed below.

  1. Get Paid To Open Emails: You can do this with Inbox Dollars
  2. Get Paid To View Websites: You can do this with ySense
  3. Make money with a blog: You can learn how to do this with Wealthy Affiliate.

Final Verdict

I do not recommend buying Surveys 4 Checks the company is a complete scam and should be taken off the internet. Once again I please don’t understand. I am not against paid survey sites. I am against companies like Surveys 4 Checks that lie to you about how much you can earn from surveys and how much surveys actually pay.

Like I said I am a fan of some survey sites and lists of sites can be found for Free all over the internet. You can start here at the 30 Best Survey Sites That Pay.

What To Do Now?

I do not recommend Surveys 4 Checks, but if you are still interested in making money with surveys here are a few I make money with every month and highly recommend. Paid Viewpoint, Swagbucks, and FusionCash.

If you find that surveys are not going to give you the income you are looking for online you can learn more about making more with affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you would like to learn how I make 95% of my online income check out Start Your Own Online Business.

Thanks for reading my Surveys 4 Checks Review! If you have dealt with this company please share your experiences in the comment section below!

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6 thoughts on “Surveys 4 Checks Review: Is Surveys 4 Checks a Scam”

  1. WOW! $49 bucks to get scammed. Thanks for being a watchman on the tower on these types of scams. It’s one thing to get scammed out of a couple of dollars and move on, but these Surveys 4 Checks guys are real cutthroats.

    • Dave,

      Thanks for the nice comment! That’s what keeps me writing all of these reviews, to help others and to save you money!

      Glad you found this post before purchasing. If I can help in any other way let me know!


  2. I’ve always wondered about those survey sites. I had a feeling they were all scams. I’m glad to-see that it’s not all of them.I’ll be giving some of your referals a try. thanks

    • Dan,

      Thanks for the comment! There are a whole lot of scams out there for survey sites, because most beginners start here and can be easily fulled. Glad you found this review before purchasing and hope you take advantage of some of the legit sites I have listed above!


    • Jessica,

      Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you did your research before buying this product!

      This is a complete scam and I hope you found that out before you made any purchase.

      Let me know if I can help you further!



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