Six Figure Yearly Scam

Just like the title of this product Six Figure Yearly throws some big income claims on their sales page, but can you really make that much with this system?

The answer is no, Six Figure Yearly is a scam and they blatantly lie to you on their sales page. I don’t recommend getting involved because this type of system no longer works and there is no way you will be able to make that much money with this system.

six figure yearly

Now that you know about the Six Figure Yearly Scam, lets take a look at why this product won’t make you a millionaire.

Six Figure Yearly Scam

How It Works

The process they teach can actually make you some money, but the market has became very saturated and you will never see the type of income they promise.

Basically what you will be doing is promoting ClickBank products with Google Adwords. If you’ve ever used Google you’ve probably seen the top search results that say promoted. These are results that people pay for.

What you will be taught is to find ClickBank products and run Google Adword campaigns for them. When someone clicks and purchase the product you earn a commission.

Problem With How It Works

Here are the major problems I see with this system. First off for the most part ClickBank products are pretty crappy although you can use this system with any product, the training covers ClickBank only.

Even though most ClickBank products suck, it’s a very popular affiliate network, which means that many people promote their products online and with Adwords. All this means for you is it’s harder to stand out and the cost per click is more expensive.

The next problem I have is no good way to make repeat customers or multiple sales. With this website I’m able to collect emails and bring visitors back to my site. A lot of visitors buy or join multiple sites that I promote, which means more income for me.

With this system you send people straight to the product sales page which means even if they buy you have no way to contact them or promote other products to them.

The last problem I see is you have to pay for all the traffic you receive. With this website all of my traffic is complete free, which makes my bottom line look really good, but with this system you don’t have a site that ranks for keywords, you just run ads and pay for every click.

More then a $69 Investment

This product sells for $69.97, but you will end up spending much more money to implement this system. Even though the sales page says there will be no more money spent using this product.

We have covered how this product works so you know that Google Adwords is required. This means that you have to pay every single time someone clicks on your ad. Depending on the niche and keyword some clicks can cost up to $4.

For an example let’s just say a click costs $1. The product you promote is $50 and they pay 50% commissions. If you get lucky you may find a product that converts 5% of the time. Now let’s do some math.

For 100 clicks you will pay $100. If 5% actually buy the product you will earn $125, meaning you’ve earned $25.

This is the best case scenario, most likely the cost per click will be higher around $1.50-$2 and you won’t convert 5% which means your probably breaking even or losing money!

Income Claims

You see this a lot with most making money online scams, they show and promise you a huge online income, just to get you to buy.

Six Figure Yearly does this and I’ve included a screenshot below.

six figure yearly scam

Is this income possible online? Yes it is, but not with this type of system. What will most likely happen is even if you do make sales you will spend so much money on your Pay Per Click Campaigns that you either lose money or break even.

Is Six Figure Yearly Legit?

Six Figure Yearly is not legit, it’s a scam. They straight up lie to you about what you’re getting involved in, give you false incomes, and teach a method that won’t work well.

I’m not saying that pay per click ads are not a good way to make money online, but I feel like you need a website to send them too and Six Figure Yearly isn’t the right site to learn from.

To see a site that will teach you about building a website and pay per click marketing visit my #1 recommendation

Thank you for reading this post on the Six Figure Yearly Scam. Leave comments if you’ve used this system or have any questions about it.

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