Secret Shopper Review: Secret Shopper Employment

Learn How You Can Get Paid To Mystery Shop at Secret Shopper. Most Shops Pay $25 or More!One opportunity that has been around for awhile is mystery shopping. One of the leading employers of mystery shoppers is Secret Shopper.

They’ve been around since 1990 and are one of the legit mystery shopping companies out there.

For this reason I had to write a Secret Shopper Review and tell you more about the opportunity of Secret Shopper Employment.

In this review I will show you exactly how you can become a mystery shopper with Secret Shopper and give you some details of how the company actually works.

What Is Secret Shopper?

Secret shopper reviewWhen you join Secret Shopper you will be working as an independent contractor not as an actual employee of this company. Luckily it’s a pretty easy site to join and there really aren’t any strict requirements.

The process of Secret Shopper is pretty easy. Basically Secret Shopper will contact you with mystery shopping opportunists in your area. You will be shopping and dining at different establishments. Usually there are some guidelines of what they want you to look for, but not all the time. After you visit the establishment you will be required to share your experience online. It doesn’t matter if it’s a positive or negative experience. They just want your honest opinion of your time spent in their establishment.

You will need to prove that you visited the store or restaurant so you need to either pick up a business card or have a receipt that proves that you were there and proves that you can share your experience.

After proof and your experience has been shared you will paid for your time.

Secret Shopper Requirements

There requirements are pretty laid back for Secret Shopper. Basically you need be at least 18 years of age. They do not require any experience in the industry so this is a perfect opportunity for newbies.

You will need access to a computer and an internet connection and some way to upload the business card or receipt proving you went to the establishment.

Other then those general requirements you’re required to fill out an application with your personal information and will need to confirm your email and then will be free to log in and get started.

How Much Does Secret Shopper Pay?

There really isn’t an exact answer to this question. Certain companies pay more then others, but it seems like the average is $12-$25. During some shopping trips you will be required to purchase a product or a meal so Secret Shopper will reimburse this expense on top of what you’re being paid normally.

It really just depends on the opportunity, but most will fall in the range, while a few might get up to $50 or more.

Secret Shopper pays on the 20th of each month by Check only! For example January earnings will be paid on February 20th so it is about a month behind.

Secret Shopper Concerns and Complaints

Jobs In Your Area

This is an opportunity that depends heavily on your location. For some people that live in rural areas there might not be very many mystery shopping jobs available for you, but some areas are better then others. Of course more jobs are available in the cities because there are more stores, but all locations differ.

I wouldn’t say let your location stop you, but your location may limit the available jobs for you.

Very Competitive

Along with location being an issue, mystery shopping is very popular and most opportunities have a limit on how many people can complete the mystery shopping job.

This means there are a lot of people competing for the few mystery shopping jobs which makes it a bit harder to make money.


Secret Shopper payments are basically a month delayed. All earnings from one month aren’t paid out until the 20th of the following month. Also they only pay by Check which means there is an additional 3-10 days of waiting for your check after the 20th.

It sucks that payments are delayed so much and I wish they paid by PayPal so you could get paid within 24 hours of the 20th.

Fake Site Scam

There has recently been a site that is not the legit Secret Shopper site sending out checks that can be cashed and then gets information about your checking account. This is a scam that is using the secret shopper name.

Unfortunately, is getting some bad rep because of the people doing this scam. But the actual is completely legit.

Seeking Secret Shopper Employment?

If you’re looking for secret shopper employment as a mystery shopper just visit their website here, and apply. Secret Shopper is completely legit, but as with every company I do have a few complaints.

Overall if you’re looking to become a mystery shopper Secret Shopper is one of the best sites to get started with.

If Mystery Shopping doesn’t sound like your thing don’t worry, check out some of my other work from home opportunities here.

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Thank you for reading this Secret Shopper Review. Are You A Member Of Secret Shopper? Done Mystery Shopping in the past? I want to hear about it in the comments below!

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