Ryan Ramsey Commission Cover Up Scam Review

Ryan Ramsey Commission Cover Up Scam Review

commission cover up reviewProduct: Commission Cover Up

Owner: Ryan Ramsey Aka Alan Magliocca

Price: $50

Score: 10 Out Of 100

Verdict: Scam

Well nothing new here. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Ryan Ramsey Commission Cover Up Scam. In this review I will be showing you exactly why this product is a scam and why you should stay far away from this product.

Commission Cover Up is just like every other scam out there. Features a sales page video that shows you all the fancy cars, houses, and vacation spots he has been able to get with this system. He also claims to have found a completely hidden 3 part system that will let you beat the search engines and give you tons of traffic to your website.

Problem is these techniques no longer work, don’t think they ever did, and will actually hurt your site and can even get your site banned from Google search results.

I am assuming you don’t want that so let’s learn why in this Ryan Ramsey Commission Cover Up Scam Review!

What Is Commission Cover Up

So first let’s start with this. This product is actually created by Alan Magliocca a well know internet marketer that is unfortunately known for creating crappy products. I am not exactly sure who Ryan Ramsey is, maybe someone he hired to promote this product or it could be Alan, that’s not really important, but just know this product was not created by the mysterious Ryan Ramsey.

Commission Cover up is a software that has supposedly figured out a 3 step process to beating search engines that will give you a ton of traffic to your website for free.

There is also some training that goes along with this product that helps you learn how to use the 3 pieces of software that is included in this product.

Commission Cover Up Concerns

Sales Page

Of course the first thing you see when coming across this product is the sales page, which doesn’t differ much from most scams. It starts with Ryan, the guy promoting the product, telling you that he has jets, nice cars, huge houses, and great vacation spots all because of this secret system. It then moves on to talk about a 3 part system that is secret and is bigger than Google, Facebook, and other companies all combined.

I bet you guessed it there is no proof of him actually owning any of this and I guarantee if he does it’s from scamming people by selling systems like this!

The sales page is very annoying to me, but I know for newbies to making money online it hits on all the emotions that you’re looking for. Riches, Secret System, and Little Work. Unfortunately this is not how making money online works.

Up Sells

One thing that  a lot of scams have in common is up sells. There really isn’t a true up sell with this program, but it does require you to have a website if you don’t already. So Commission Cover Up offers you hosting of your website. A typical hosting site cost may cost around $10-$20 a year. With Commission Cover Up the price of hosting is $250-$300 a year! O and the training also recommends that you have at least 3 websites so there almost $1000 in hosting fees!

To put that into prospective I run my whole website for under $500 a year and I have a domain, hosting, email system, keyword research tool, and training! If you’re interested in hosting a website you can do so for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate.

Downloads Don’t Work

I have mentioned that this system is 3 parts so there are 3 different pieces of software that you will need to download. But there is one major problem the downloads for this product don’t work!

I reviewed this product on a Mac originally and it did not work there. I also switched over to my PC and still could not get the programs to download.

Even if this was a good product this makes it completely worthless, if you can’t access the software needed you have just wasted your money.

commission cover up scamSystem Doesn’t Work

Luckily for you, the three pieces of software you download do not work because these three tactics no longer work and will end up actually hurting your website. I have listed below the three pieces of software and why you should never use them for your website!

Commission Content Bot: This piece of software is basically a content spinner. This software goes out and finds related content to your website, spins it (alters it a little bit), and gives it to you to publish on your website.

Since this product was released Google has become smarter and has become great at recognizing duplicate content. Google no longer ranks duplicate content and having duplicate content on your site, which is what spun articles are can get your site removed from the Google index completely.

Commission Keyword Tool: The keyword tool is really not that bad and can actually help you find good keywords to target on your site, but I use a few other keyword research tools and I have found this tool is a little bit off. Also you have to download the software which only makes it available on the computer you download it on.

I use Jaaxy which is way more accurate with its results and you can access it from anywhere!

Viral Commission Bot: I am not even sure what this software does because I can not get it to download and can’t seem to find anything about it within the training, but don’t worry if it’s anything that says “Bot” in the name it’s not worth using and will most likely hurt your site!

Final Verdict

As you have probably seen from this review, I do not recommend joining Commission Cover Up. This product is a complete scam and will be a waste of money that if used will hurt your website. My advice is to stay as far away from this product as possible and that includes all Alan Magliocca products.

The only real thing that this product has going for it is that it does say the best way to make money online is through a website. That’s one thing that I agree on and is actually how I make a full-time income online.

If you would like to learn more about how to build a website around your hobby, drive traffic to your site, and start seeing sales roll in visit Start Your Own Online Business. On that page I will show you exactly how I did this and how you too!

Thank you for reading this Ryan Ramsey Commission Cover Up Scam Review. As you know this product is a scam and I don’t recommend it. If you have had experiences with this company I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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