RebateLion Review: Scam or Legit Free Amazon Products?

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Today I’ll cover a site called RebateLion that allows you to get discounted and free Amazon products. RebateLion is currently only available in the US and is completely free to sign up and use!

Similar sites require you to leave a detailed review of the product, but with RebateLion all you need to do is purchase the product and enter your order number to get paid!

In this RebateLion Review, I’ll show you exactly how it works and show you proof that they actually pay!

RebateLion Review

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Site: RebateLion

Type: Discounted Amazon Products

Verdict: Legitimate

In this RebateLion Review, I marked them legitimate. Overall most of the products original price ranges from $20-$30 and you’ll usually pay $0-$1 so the saving are great.

The product selection is a bit limited at this time but in the several day period it took me to write this review 10-15 new products were added.

Overall it’s a legitimate site that’s worth using if you’re looking to get Amazon products for cheap!

How Does RebateLion Work?

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1) Sign Up For Free

The first step is to join RebateLion. You can do so for completely free by visiting

You’ll need to confirm your email and phone number before you see the available products.

2) Search Available Products

Once you’re inside you can see all of the products RebateLion is currently paying a rebate on. Most of the products range from $5-$30 and after the rebate, you’ll pay $0-$1.

You can click on any product to see more information and see a full description.

Once you find a product you’re interested in, move on to the next step!

3) Buy On Amazon

Once you find a product that you’re interested in, you’ll see the total rebate and cost of the product after the rebate. You’ll also see a big green “buy now” button. This link will open a new tab that takes you to the product on Amazon.

All you need to do is complete the order as you normally would on Amazon. When you complete your order a message should pop up with your order number. Go ahead and copy that because you’ll need that for the next step!

rebatelion buy now

4) Enter Order Number

Once you complete your order, you can jump back over to RebateLion and a new pop up will show asking for your order number (don’t worry if you accidentally closed the tab you can do this on the purchase page as well.)

Keep in mind that you’ll have 1 hour before the rebate expires. If you fail to enter in your order number within an hour the rebate will cancel.

Once you enter in your order number click on confirm purchase!

rebate lion review scam or legitimate

5) Receive Rebate

10 Days after your order, you’ll be eligible for your rebate. At that time you can request a payout for the total amount via a digital check that can be printed out or deposited online.

What Products Are Available At RebateLion

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At the time of this review, there’re a few different types of products available at RebateLion including Beauty, Home & Decor, Supplements, and a few others.

A few specific items available include mattress pads, mattress covers, electric toothbrush heads, weight loss supplements, a lighter, and a car air freshener, just to name a few.

Almost all of the products range from $5-$50 and after the rebate, you’ll pay $0-$1.

Products are limited and new products are added all the time so when you join the available products will be different but I’m sure you’ll see products in the categories I listed above. review

My Experience With RebateLion

Before I recommend using any site I always use it and make sure it works. For the sake of this review, I went ahead and purchased a product to see exactly how the process works and show you it’s actually legitimate. After going through the whole process I have to say that I will be using RebateLion again!

When I first joined, they had several products for free, one of them was Shrink Wrap rolls. I actually needed some to help with some moving I’ll be doing soon, so I figured this was a perfect product to get for free. I went ahead and purchased the product on Amazon and it arrived as promised in two days with Amazon Prime shipping.

rebatelion review

Once I placed the order and received the product, all I needed to do is wait 10 days before LionRebate sent me a check. 10 days have passed and this morning I received an email with the check.

rebatelion review payment proof

As you can see I paid $14.45 for the product on Amazon and received a check for the same amount!

Is RebateLion A Scam?

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RebateLion is not a scam, it’s completely legitimate. All you need to do is claim the rebate, enter your order number, and you will get paid.

With that being said, you don’t want to be buying just to get free stuff so it might take some time to find an item that you’re really interested in. It’s free to join, so feel free to get signed up and wait for that product to come along.

If you’re interested in learning more or to join, visit!


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Do you have experience with RebateLion? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this review in the comments below!

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