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Promo LaunchZon Review: Scam or Free Amazon Products?

This blog is all about making money, but a simple way to make money is by saving it.

Today I’d like to cover a site called Promo LanuchZon. It’s another one of the free/discounted Amazon product sites, but they do not require you to leave a review.

The thing I like about Promo LaunchZon is almost all the products are 85%-99% off. At the time of writing this review pretty much all the products available are under $2.

In this review, I’ll cover how PromoLaunchZon works, show you what products are available, and prove it’s not a scam.


How Does Promo LaunchZon Work?

1) Sign Up For A Free Account

The first step is to sign up; they have a completely free account that lets you receive one product a month. They also have paid memberships, but if you’re a new member, I recommend trying for free. If you find that you like the site you can upgrade and have access to more products. You can see a list of the plans available below.

2) See Available Deals and UpComing Deals

Once you sign up, as mentioned, I recommend the free account at first, you can see all the deals available. As a free member you’ll only have access to one discount code a month, so make sure to check out all the deals. You can also see all of the upcoming deals that will be released over the next few weeks.

Most of the products available are normally priced at $15-$40. The discounts are pretty big, so most of the products get down to under $2 after you apply the discount code.

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Just to give you an idea, I took advantage of this iPhone 7 Case. The original price was over $7, and after the discount, I paid $.70!

3) Claim A Discount Code

Once you find a product that you like, click on the Get Promo Code button. As long as you haven’t reached your account limit, they’ll give you the promo code and a direct link to the product on Amazon.

4) Complete Check-Out Process

Once you visit Amazon through the direct link, add the item to your cart and start the checkout process. Once the item’s in your cart, you can apply the discount code, and the price should change. If the coupon code works, just complete the check-out process as you normally would.

5) Receive the Discounted Product

Once you’ve ordered the product, it’s just like any other Amazon transaction. Most of the items are Prime and have free two-day shipping (if you’re a Prime member.) If you’re not a Prime member, you may have to pay for shipping.

Most of the sites like Promo LaunchZon require you to leave a review of the product, but they do not. But the reason retailers use these discounted sites is to inflate orders and hopefully get positive reviews, so I recommend leaving detailed reviews of each product you receive a promo code for!

What Type Of Products Are Available?

Unfortunately it’s difficult to answer this question because there’s a wide variety of products available. The easiest way to see the available products is to join for free and take a look for yourself.

With that being said, at the time of this review, they have several electronic accessories, a few clothing items, some baby related items, some home decor, and a few other categories. As mentioned, most of the products are normally sold at $15-$40. After the discount, they’re pretty much all under $5, with most under $2.

Is Promo LaunchZon A Scam?

Promo LaunchZon is not a scam, I’ve completed a transaction and got this iPhone case for under $1. With that being said, I don’t think I’ll be paying for this service. I just don’t think there’re enough products that I’m interested in to need multiple coupon codes per month. With that being said, I highly recommend taking advantage of the free membership and claiming one free coupon code each month.

If you’d like to learn more or to join, visit promo.launchzone.com!

This site isn’t a “make money online” site like I usually review, so if saving money isn’t for you, make sure to check out all of the ways you can make an extra income online.

If you’re looking to make a larger income online, I highly recommend learning about How I make a full-time income online!

Do you have questions about Promo launchZon? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review in the comments below!


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