Pocket Points App Scam Review: Get Paid To Go To Class

Learn How You Can Get Paid To Go To School With The Pocket Points App. It's Legitimate and Easier than You Think!Did you know that you can get paid to go to class if you’re a college student? Well despite all the advantages of going to class there’s an app called Pocket Points that will pay you points that can be exchanged for deals and gift cards to local restaurants and bars, just for going to class!

The Pocket Points App is a newer app that’s not available at all colleges, but if it’s available at your school it’s an easy way to make some extra cash.

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In this Pocket Points App Review I’ll show you how it works, how you get paid, and of course answer is this app legit or a complete scam!

How Does the Pocket Points App Work?

1) Download the App

The Pocket Points app is available on Apple and Android mobile devices within the app store. You can easily download and join the app in a few minutes. You can join using Facebook or through email.

2) Select Your School

Once you join, you’ll need to select your school. Since the app only gives you points while you’re in class you’ll also need to share your location. The app is still limited on what schools are available, but you can see a full list on the Pocket Points App website.

3) Go To Class and Earn Points

When you’re on campus the app will reward you points for not using your phone. When you get to class just open the app and lock your phone. You’ll earn points the whole time you don’t use your phone. Make sure to have you location on, so the app knows you’re on campus.

4) Exchange Points For Awesome Rewards

After you’ve earned some points you can exchange points for rewards online and to local businesses. There’s quite a few online stores and most colleges have a few local restaurants and bars available!

Just in case you’re still confused, here’s a video explaining more!


What Schools Is Pocket Points Available?

The Pocket Points app is still limited on where it’s available, but there’s still quite a few schools that participate. For that reason I won’t list them all, but it seems that most major universities are participating along with a few smaller schools.

To see if your university is participating visit the PocketPoints website.

How Does The Pocket Points App Pay?

There’s a few different reward options for keeping your phone locked during class. From what I can see most of them are coupons that get you money off or something for free.

They have a long list of online websites that have have up to 50% off coupons and most colleges have a few popular restaurants and bars that offer free drinks with a meal or some sort of money saving offer.

It really all depends on what school you go to. Everyone has access to the online store coupons, but the local rewards will depend on location and what the businesses are willing to give!

Is The Pocket Points App A Scam?

There’s no doubt that the Pocket Points app is scam free and legit. It’s an awesome way for university students to make a few extra bucks for something you should already be doing!

The rewards will depend on your location, so I can’t tell you exactly what will be available to you, but most colleges have a few local businesses involved.

This obviously isn’t going to make you rich, but as a college student, you could always save a buck. Might as well earn some cash for going to class and paying attention!

If you’d like to learn more or to see if your university is participating visit the Pocket Points app website.

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Have you used the Pocket Points App? Think this app is a scam? Let me hear your thoughts on this Pocket Points App Review in the comments section below!

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