PlayTestCloud Review: Scam or Paid To Test Video Games?

Do you want to earn money playing video games? You can get paid up to $9 per 15-30 minutes of playing and giving your opinion on video games at PlayTestCloud!Today I’d like to cover a site called PlayTestCloud. PlayTestCloud is a site that pays you to test and give feedback on video games and apps.

The company is located in Germany, but they say that most companies are looking for testers in the US, UK, and CA.

Most tests take 15-30 minutes to complete and pay $7-$9.

It’s important to understand that even though the test pays well, there’re limited tests so this won’t be a full-time income. If you’re interested in a full-time online income, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 last month!

In this review, I’ll cover how it works, how much you can earn, and if PlayTestCloud is a scam!

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How Does PlayTestCloud Work?

playtestcloud review is it a scam1) Sign-Up For Free

Joining PlayTestCloud is completely free. You can do so by visiting Once you sign up you won’t have a list of games to test; you’ll have to wait for invitations to come in via email.

2) Wait For Test Invitations

Once you’ve signed up for free, it’s time to wait for test invitations to come in via email. They say that most members receive test invitations every other week, so 1-2 per month.

When an invitation comes in it includes a link to the game that you can click to start the test. The email will also contain information about the game and how much you’ll earn for completing a high-quality test.

You’ll need either a smartphone or a computer to complete the test; you’ll also need a set of headphones.

3) Complete the Game Test

The key to a great game test is speaking clearly the whole time you’re playing the game. Companies want to hear what you like and dislike about their game. You can do this effectively in real-time by saying your opinion while playing the game.

The test will automatically record your screen and voice, so there isn’t anything special you need to do to make this work. Here’s an example test video from their YouTube channel to give you a better idea:

4) Take a Short Survey

Once you’re done with the video test, you’ll need to answer a few short questions about the game. They want you to be honest, so negative feedback is encouraged if it’s the truth.

Survey questions are different with every test, but they usually focus on gameplay and want to know your honest opinion and how they can improve their game.

5) Get Paid

Once you complete a test, you’ll get a confirmation email that they received your video and survey. Within a few days, you’ll receive your money via PayPal.

How Much Does PlayTestCloud Pay?

PlayTestCloud pays between $5-$9 per 15-30 minute test. On their FAQs, they mention that if you consistently provide high-quality feedback, you’ll have access to higher-paying tests.

PlayTestCloud processes payments via PayPal 3 times a week. Once you complete a test, you should see your money within a few days.

How Many Games Are Available?

When tests become available, you’ll be able to apply and see if you meet the requirements to take the test. Like taking surveys, these gaming companies are looking for a particular group of people. You won’t qualify for every test that you receive.

When speaking to a member of the PlayTestCloud team, they mentioned that most testers are able to complete 1-2 tests per month.

With that being said, of course, this won’t be a full-time income. But it is an extra income, and you get paid for playing games before they’re released!

Is PlayTestCloud A Scam?

PlayTestCloud is not a scam, if you enjoy playing games this seems to be a really cool way to make an extra income. I know that a lot of readers will think this is a way to work at home and make a full-time income playing video games, but that is not the case.

As long as you know that you’ll receive a few tests per month and understand that this is just an extra income you should be pretty happy testing at PlayTestCloud.

To learn more or to sign-up for free, visit!

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Thank you for reading my review of PlayTestCloud if you have any questions or have more information about the site, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

PlayTestCloud Review


PlayTestCloud is a site that you can join to get paid to test video games on your phone, tablet, and computer. Most tests take 15-30 minutes to complete and pay $5-$9.

Most Testers will receive 2-4 surveys per month so this is by no means a way to earn a lot each month.

If you enjoy playing games on your phone and would like to get paid a small amount of money to test new games, PlaytestCloud might be a good site to check out.

  • Easy Of Joining
  • Ways To Earn
  • Number of Tests
  • Income Potential
  • Reward Options Available
  • Minimum Cashout Amount
  • Payout Timeframe
  • My Overall Impression


  • Get Paid to Play Games
  • No Minimum Cashout Amount
  • PayPal Payments


  • Limited Number of Tests – Have To Qualify For Test
  • Small Income

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  1. Very interesting. I did a test for them almost 2 weeks ago and was promised a $60 Amazon gift card within 5-6 business days but they are still dragging their feet due to “technical difficulties” with Amazon. Amazon can deliver things via a drone within hours, how can they not get a gift card to me within 12 days? Methinks I’ve been scammed


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