Perk TV App Review: Is Perk TV A Scam or Legit?

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The Perk TV App is one of the most popular apps in the Perk App family. There’s been a lot of hype about this app, so I decided to write a review.

I’ve seen a lot of information on the forums suggesting that the Perk TV app is a scam, today I’ll be showing you proof that this app is legit, but it might not be for everyone. This app is available on Android and Apple mobile devices.

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In this Perk TV App Review, I’ll cover how it works, how much you can earn, the rewards, and answer is this app a scam.

How To Earn With The Perk TV App

Perk TV is no longer available, check out all the Sites that Pay Me Each Month

perk tv app review is it legitThe main ways to earn with the Perk TV App is through watching videos, but there are a few categories listed below that I’d like to cover individually.

Movie Trailers

In this section, you’ll see a long list of movie trailers to watch. Before the trailer is shown, you’ll see a 30-second ad. After the ad, the trailer will start. Most of the trailers range from 1-3 minutes. You’ll earn 4 points for every two videos watched.

Popular Videos

This section is very similar to the Movie Trailers other then it’s different videos. You’ll see some how-to videos and other popular videos you may have already seen on the internet.

Most of these videos range from 1-3 minutes;  they show a 30-second ad, and you’ll earn 4 points per 2 videos.

Live TV

This portion takes you to another Perk App called Perk TV Live. You’ll get paid for watching TV and not fast-forwarding through commercials.

The Perk TV App Rewards

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Once you’ve earned some points and tokens, you can exchange them for a few different options. I cover each in more detail below:

Gift Cards

You can exchange your points for gift cards inside the app. You’ll see Amazon, Target, CVS, Starbucks, along with a few other options.

Most of the gift cards start at $2 or $5, but you can cash out an Amazon gift card starting at just $.25 or 350 points.


You can also exchange your points for Sweepstakes entries. It seems that Perk has a lot of sweepstakes running at any given time. Most of the sweepstakes entries cost from 25-100 points each and vary in winnings. There’s always prizes and a few cash payments available, even as big as $500 PayPal.

Personally, I don’t like to leave my rewards up to chance, but you could make some good money if you win a few sweepstakes inside this app.

How To Earn More With The Perk TV App?

Perk TV is no longer available, check out all the Sites that Pay Me Each Month

EZ Points

If you’re familiar with sites like Swagbucks, you know that some sites will pay you to do things like takes surveys, complete offers, and more.

One way to earn more with Perk TV is by visiting the EZ Points section. This section gives you some offers and surveys to complete for extra points.

Referral Program

The Perk TV App does offer a referral program that works across all of the Perk Apps. Perk gives you a referral link, a referral code, and lets you easily share your link on social media.

You’ll earn 500 points for every friend that joins through once they cash out their first reward.

I wish you earned some points for them signing up, but it shouldn’t take long for your friend to reach the smallest reward at 350 points.

Leaving the App Running

When I was researching this app, almost everyone was talking about leaving the app running on your phone. This means you won’t watch the videos, which is against the apps TOS. For that reason, I do not recommend doing this, but I thought I’d cover it.

The app does not make you do anything to make sure you’re watching, and the app will automatically play the next video. For that reason, you can leave the app running all the time and keep earning points for watching videos.

It’s an easy way to earn more, but keep in mind it’s not legal, I don’t recommend it, and it could get your account banned.

Perk TV App Review

Perk TV is no longer available, check out all the Sites that Pay Me Each Month

perk tv app review is it a scamApp: Perk TV App

Price: Free

Score: 85 Out of 100

Verdict: Legitimate 

In this Perk TV App Review, I gave them a pretty good score and marked it legit. The Perk TV App is going to pay you to watch short videos. This isn’t going to be a huge income, but it can be an easy way to earn a few dollar Amazon Gift Card each month.

Some people say to leave the app running in your background, and you can earn $1-$2 a day, but that does violate the Perk TV App’s TOS since you’re not watching the videos.

To me, Perk TV isn’t more than a way to pass some downtime watching videos. If you’re okay with just earning a few points per video and a couple of bucks a month, you should be pretty happy with Perk TV and the other perk apps.

Is the Perk TV App A Scam?

Perk TV is no longer available, check out all the Sites that Pay Me Each Month

To be honest, the Perk TV App is not a scam. But it’s not going to be a huge income. The Perk TV app is one of many Perk Apps that you can use to make money.

To make more than just a few bucks a month you’ll also need to use other Perk Apps.

The easiest way to do this is by signing up at Then you can download any of the apps, and all your earnings go to one place.

If you’d like to join, you can do so by signing up on


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Do you think the Perk TV App is a scam? Have proof it’s legit? Let me hear your thoughts on this Perk TV App Review in the comments section below!

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8 thoughts on “Perk TV App Review: Is Perk TV A Scam or Legit?”

  1. where do you find the “RULES” etc on accumulating PERK points, especially on the Perk TV Live. Would like to know where I can find rules for all the PERK applications

  2. Hate to say it, but perk is a big scam. For over 5 months the perk apps have not worked at all, my husband finally got tired of waiting for the apps to work and went to cash out and over 180,000 points were gone, when he wrote they said there is nothing they can do about it, he just made a complaint to The BBB and made a fraud report on them. Perk makes money off you while you watch the videos, but when you try to cash out your points are gone.

    • Thank you for sharing and sorry you’ve been having issues. Pretty crappy that companies will do things like this.

      I’ll update my review to make sure readers check out your comment before joining.



    I am really not happy with Perk. I had over 1.5 million Viggle points – which I was able to transfer over – plus I was still getting the points for the TV shows and the trivia, along with playing the games. I had over 92,000 points.

    Someone went on the site and changed my name and address and cashed out all my points for gift cards and, after writing 4 texts, 4 days in a row, I finally get an answer back telling me to change my password and tough shit about my points.

    I erased everyone of their apps and I will NEVER USE THEM AGAIN. I suggest you do the same before this happens to you.

  4. I have worked hours to raise points in order to redeem them on a perk plastik card. I was DENIED a perk plastic card SEVERAL times after entering ACCURATE information. I even gave my ENTIRE social security number, which I am not comfortable doing. I was still denied. I emailed them because I am PISSED OFF. I saw on the google play app that the BBB has filed a grievance against them and they have not contacted them. This site may be a scam.

    • Hey Moriah,

      Do you think you can use another form of cashing out. I haven’t had any experience with the Perk Plastik, but I don’t see similar complaints. You may have to just use a different form of cashing out.

      Either way I’d try contacting their support.

      Sorry for the problems and hopefully you get it all worked out.

      Thanks for stopping by



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