Pei App Review: Scam or Legitimate Cashback App?

pei app review is it a scam or legitimatePei is a new app that pays you automatic cashback when you shop at participating stores. If you’ve been on my site before you’ve probably already seen a few sites like this, Drop and Dosh both pay automatic cashback, but it seems that Pei is going to be a really good option based on the number of stores they pay cashback at.

The biggest advantage of Pei App is all you have to do is link your credit/debit card and shop at participating stores; you’ll earn cashback on your whole order.

In this Pei App Review, I’ll cover how it works, the stores they pay cashback at, how they pay, some complaints, and answer is it a scam or a legitimate cashback opportunity.

Please keep in mind, Pei and other cashback shopping apps in no way will be a large income. You have to spend money to earn any cashback with these apps. If you’re looking for a way to make a legitimate large income online, check out My #1 Recommendation.

Let’s get started with this Pei App review!

Pei App Review

App: Pei

Type: Automatic Cashback

Verdict: Legitimate

In this Pei App review, I marked them legitimate. As mentioned, there’re other apps similar to Pei, and the problem with them is they have very limited places you can earn cashback. Pei seems to be the complete opposite, with a lot of major retailers and restaurants paying cashback in the app.

I’m a huge fan of the automatic cashback feature of Pei; I hate scanning receipts or only getting paid for buying some items. With Pei, you earn a percentage cashback for your entire order, and as long as you linked your card when you signed up, it’s all automatic.

With location-based apps, I usually have to say that if you live in a small town, it might not be worth it, but with Pei it seems that they pay cashback at enough stores that most towns will have several businesses to earn at. If you live in a large city, there will be tons of options.

As long as you’re cool with linking a credit/debit card, I highly recommend checking out to get started with this app.

How Does Pei Work?

1) Join Pei For Free 

The first step is downloading and joining the Pei App for free; you can do so by visiting!


2) Link your Debit/Credit Card

Once you join, the next step is linking your debit/credit card so Pei can pay you automatic cashback. You can link multiple cards if you like and if you search for your bank and they don’t come up, that means they are not available at this time.

pei app review is it a scam link your card

All major banks and credit card companies are available, and even most of the local banks in my area work.


3) Shop at Participating Stores & Earn

Once your card is linked, you don’t need to do anything else. Just shop normally, and when you shop at participating stores, you’ll earn 1%-10% cashback on your purchases (you must use the card you’ve linked.)

pei app review

More on the participating stores later, but some major ones include Target, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway, CVS, Chick-fil-A, and many more.


4) Get Paid!

When you make a purchase, your pending cashback should show up in the app within two days. The cashback stays pending for 5-7 days.

Once you earn $25, you can get paid via PayPal, Bitcoin, and gift cards.

pei app scam rewards


5) Earn more

There’re several ways to earn more with Pei, such as the referral program, party cash (shopping with a friend,) and special bonuses that are available from time to time (at this time, they pay a $2 bonus once you earn $20 in cashback.)

You’ll earn $5 for every friend that you refer, once they link a card and earn their first cashback (limit of 50.)

pei app review referral program

What Stores are Available

pei app cashback options availableI’m not going to list all of the stores that Pei pays cashback at; I’ll include a long list of stores that are popular chain stores that would be available in most places. Keep in mind that smaller stores, restaurants, etc. in your area might be on this app.

I live in a small town, and several of the mom and pop restaurants were available for cashback.

Here’re some of the more popular stores that are available Target, Lyft, Uber, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Trader Joe’s, Tace Bell, McDonald’s, Sonic, Subway, CVS, Domino’s, Panda Express, Walgreens, Great Clips,¬† PetSmart, several gas stations, several movie theatres, and much more.

Depending on where you live, you might have way more options to earn cashback!

pei app review where to earn cashback

How Does Pei Pay

pei app paymentOnce you earn $25 in cashback, you can get paid by PayPal, gift card, and Bitcoin. In their FAQs, they mention that there is a small fee for cashing out via Bitcoin.

One great thing about payment is once you cashout, you should receive it immediately. Their FAQs state that it should be instant but may take up to two hours.

Pei App Complaints

I only have a few complaints when it comes to the Pei App, but if these are a problem for you, automatic cashback apps are probably not for you. I recommend looking at some other cashback shopping apps.

Link Your Debit/Credit Card

For me, this is positive, because linking the card is what makes this an extremely easy to useand earns me a passive income from my shopping. But I know that some people will have concerns linking their credit/debit card.

Here’s what their FAQs have to say about security: “Pei uses the same process as Acorns, Robinhood, and Transferwise to link to cards. Pei even takes it a step further by implementing a 2 factor verification process that utilizes end to end, 256 bit encryption.”

If you’re like me, you’re not sure exactly what that means but sounds secure, I guess. In all honesty, if you have any concerns with privacy or security, just skip this app. It’s not going to earn you a ton of money, so no reason to even risk it.

But if you’re like me, linking your debit/credit is actually an advantage to this app, and I’ve used several similar apps and never had any issues.

Location Services On

According to Pei’s FAQs, you need to allow location services all the time to “maximize” your earnings. I’m still testing this, but I believe you can just set it to “Only While Using” and have no problems earning cashback as long as you open the app in-store.

*Will confirm this once Covid-19 is over, and I can go to stores lol

If you do have to keep location services on all the time, you might not be comfortable with privacy, and there’s a chance it will run your battery down fast.

Is the Pei App a Scam?

The Pei App is not a scam. It’s a legitimate automatic cash back app that I like and will use. As long as you’re cool with linking your card and you shop at participating stores, this is an easy way to earn a few extra bucks a month.

When it comes to cashback shopping apps, please don’t buy things you wouldn’t normally buy, Pei is supposed to be passive, so if you shop at these stores just set it up, shop normally, and earn!

If you’d like to learn more or to join, visit You’ll earn a $5 sign-up bonus once you link your card and earn your first cashback!


If you’re into automatic cashback, I recommend checking out Drop and Dosh. All of these apps are very similar, but they all have different stores on them, so if you don’t shop at any store available on Pei, Drop or Dosh may be better options.

Earning cashback online isn’t the only way to make an income from home; make sure to check out the helpful links below:


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Do you think the Pei App is a scam? I’d love to hear your thoughts on my Pei Review in the comments below!


Did you know you can get paid automatic cashback when you use the Pei app? Earn 1%-10% at Target, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, and many more!

Pei App Review


Pei is an app that pays you automatic cashback to participating stores. As you shop at participating stores you’ll earn points that you can exchange for PayPal payments, gift cards, and Bitcoin.

Keep in mind that you have to spend money to earn with Pei, so this obviously won’t be a huge income. Some won’t be a fan of linking a card, but I’ve done it and have had no problems.

If you shop at participating stores regularly, this is an easy way to earn some extra cashback once your card is linked. If you’re not comfortable linking a card, my advice is just to skip this opportunity.

  • Ease of Joining & Setup
  • Ways To Earn
  • Easy To Earn
  • Income Potential
  • Reward Options Available
  • Minimum Cashout Amount
  • Payout Timeframe
  • My Overall Impression
Comments Rating 0 (0 reviews)


  • Automatic Cash Back (No Receipt Scanning)
  • Growing List of Popular Participating Stores
  • Referral Program


  • Must Link a Debit/Credit Card
  • $25 Cashout Amount

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  1. Hello there,  thanks to this very detailed and informative review,  I understand that for a post as conprehensive as this,  alot of conscious,  calculated and delibrate effort have been put in bringing such together,  and really this review has answeerd alot of question I had about pei App and really from this review I really think it is worth giving due consideration. 

  2. Hello dear, thanks for sharing such useful information with us, I believe these post has been of great help to me, I was referred to these program by my brother, but I wasn’t really sure if it was legit or not so I decided to do some research until I read through your article, thanks to you I noe know the right step to take, thanks alit for the info

  3. Brok, you cover a very broad base of work efforts, but seem to cover them all very well. Your long time experience shows and is a true source of help for many. I appreciate your willingness to help others. I can see the apprehension in many of your responders, but you comfort them with straight forward answers and solutions. If they take your advice, there will be many profitable people in very scary times that we are living it.
    Keep up the good work,

  4. Using the pei-app won’t make you rich or earn you a lot of money, but it basically works on the same concept as coupons. But who wants to mess around with coupons these days? They’re simply a small reduction from the full price you would have to pay, but coupons require too much messing around.

    On the other hand, the pei-app will help you to save on all the shopping you would need to do anyways but with less mess, and who doesn’t want to save a little money here and there. Thanks for sharing this great information about a money saving app, I have never used one before, but it sounds like a great time to start.

    • Thanks for reading Neil. I agree, Pei is extremely passive once you link your card, so if you want to get started with cashback apps, this seems like a great option. 


  5. Hello,

    I like your review on Pei – I had never heard of that cash back app before, but it’s not advertised like many others are.  They actually have a decent amount of stores that you can shop from and earn money back, so I like that they have more options versus some of the other cash back apps out there.

    I live in Alaska, and we’re extremely limited when it comes to stores that are in most major cities, but we’re growing, so that’s good.  I never participated in the apps before because most of the stores weren’t up here, but Pei seems to have quite a few.

    Have you had some success with them and do you find it worth it?  



    • Hey Katrina, 

      Based on your location, Pei seems to be the best option over other similar apps. 

      In my area, there are probably 30 different stores participating including restaurants, retail stores, and salons. I’m well on my way to getting paid from Pei even with the small amount of shopping I’ve done in these times. 

      I’ll make sure to update the review once I have payment proof, but I’ve seen payment proof from several other blogs. 

      As mentioned in the review, as long as there’re stores that you shop at regularly available, I feel like it’s worth it. 


  6. I had never heard of this Cashback on purchases company, but do use the feature on my credit card.  I am assuming that you can only use one or the other cashback program on each purchase and that there is no doubling up? Or can you get cashback from more than one program on the same purchase?  Pei seems to pay much like the one I have does.  I do appreciate the extra cashback, and as you said, it is not a steady income.  

    You mentioned that the stores and restaurants that are participating in the program are the deciding factors in the amount you can earn.  Do you think that it is beneficial to have more than one program that you are signed up to?  Due to the low payout, it seems that making decisions at the point of purchase in my head would be a bit of a strain unless one program pays a lot more than others.  What do you think? Thank you, Sami

    • Hey Sami, 

      Pei’s website and FAQs specifically states that you can “double-dip” on cashback. Meaning you can earn cashback through your credit card and also through Pei on the same transactions. 

      From what I’ve seen, the other similar apps don’t have the same stores working with them. So ideally you could just join them all, set up the same card, shop normally, and passively earn cashback when shopping at stores that are available in one of the three similar apps. 

      You can learn more about Drop and Dosh if you’re interested in maximizing your cashback. 

      Hope that answers your questions. 

  7. I like things that make my life easy – registering your card and then not having to think about it… it’s a no-brainer! Pei App sounds like one of those. If you’re spending the money anyway, why not earn some of it back, it may not be a massive amount – but something is more than nothing…

    • That’s exactly how I look at Mohammad. If you’re already shopping at participating stores you might as well as long as you’re comfortable with it!

      Thanks for reading. 



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