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Panda Research ScamPanda Research is just one big survey site scam. I have done a ton of reviews on survey sites in the past, but this is one of the worst sites I’ve reviewed.

Panda Research is a bit different then your traditional survey site in the way you earn money with surveys, they have a terribly high cash out amount, and there are numerous reports of members not getting paid their earnings.

This is not a site I recommend, Panda Research is a huge scam, but to see the sites I do recommend visit Scam Free Survey Sites. 

In this Panda Research Review we will look at how this site differs from other survey sites and why I can easily call this product a scam!

Panda Research Review


Price: Free

Score: 5 Out Of 100

Verdict: Scam

I gave Panda Research a very low score and marked this company a scam because they have a very high cash out amount and have a lot of problems with actually paying people.

Even if this site was paying their members the high cash out amount and way the site works isn’t worth your time.

Panda Research Scam

How It Works

Panda Research really isn’t a survey site. Basically it works like this. They advertise surveys that pay very high amounts.

After taking a survey you’re taken to a free trial or products page. To actually get credit for the survey you just took you have to complete the offer, some of these require you to pay money.

Usually it requires you to complete multiple offers, I know you have all seen the scams that complete three offers and get a free Iphone.

This is what’s going on here, a ton of offers that you must complete before getting paid. Most of the time you will give up or click something wrong and not get paid for the survey you took.

High Cash Out Amount

The next thing that makes Panda Research a scam is the very high $100 cash out amount. This is crazy! Especially when your making less them $5 on most surveys. It’s going to take you forever to reach this cash out amount.

The honest truth is 99% of people will give up before they reach $100 in earnings, which means you get nothing for your hard work and Panda Research keeps your earnings!

Not Getting Credit

The next issue is a major one. So I talked about the process of completing offers after taking your survey.

It seems when you go through this offers they are never-ending and you eventually mess up and close a window or something like that and don’t complete the offer completely.

This means you just wasted a bunch of your time.

There have also been reports of people actually getting to the you’ve completed your survey page and never getting credit.

Panda Research will also keep your earnings in holding for long periods of time, up to 90 days. Which means waiting even longer for your money.

No Payments

The last major issue with Panda Research is even when you go through all the BS to reach the $100 cash out amount, people are still not getting paid their earnings.

Within Panda Research terms they say they pay on the following 15th of the month via PayPal.

Which usually means that a company is pretty reliable with payments, but multiple people still have money in the holding stage that never get approved and money never reaches their PayPal account.

Should I Join Panda Research?

The answer to this is NO! If most survey sites were crappy like this then I might say take your chances, but there are much better survey sites out there then Panda Research.

Stay far away from this company and you won’t have to worry about getting scammed and never getting paid.

Legit Online Money Making Opportunities

We have decided that Panda Research is not a good site to join, but what are some legit ways to make money online?

If your interested in taking surveys the best place to start is on my Scam Free Jobs page. I have a list of the best survey sites that actually pay along with some other great opportunities for making money online.

If you’re looking for a larger income I recommend learning How To Start An Online Business. This is the method I use to make money online and is one of the most honest ways to make a living online.

Check out my recommendations above to find Scam Free ways to make money online.

Thank you for reading this Panda Research Review. I’ve shown you exactly why Panda Research is a scam.

I recommend staying away from this site and checking out my recommendations above!

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