PaidViewpoint Cheats & Tips: Earn More at!

Check out my guide on how to earn more money at PaidViewpoint. PaidViewpoint is one of my favorite surveys sites because every survey is short usually 10 questions and you qualify for every survey they send you!A few years back I joined a cool survey site called PaidViewpoint. Today I thought I’d cover some cool cheats and tips on how to earn more.

If you’re not familiar with the site, you can see my full PaidViewpoint Review here. I like this site because you’re always approved for the surveys. If you’ve ever taken surveys you’ve probably answered a few pages of questions and then were told you did not qualify. Well with PaidViewpoint, that will never happen.

Another remarkable thing is most surveys are only ten questions and take under 2 minutes to complete.

These are the two big reasons why I love PaidViewpoint, but today I’m going to give you some knowledge on how to earn more with this site.

Please understand that although PaidViewpoint is legitimate and my favorite survey site, it’s not going to be a huge income. If you’re looking for a full-time income, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

So let’s get started.

PaidViewpoint Cheats & Tips To Earning More

Below I’ve covered a few tips on how to raise your trait score and make the most money possible at PaidViewpoint.

1) Fill Out Your Profile Completely

When you join, you’ll need to complete your profile. It’s just a few questions that take under a minute to complete.

The easiest way to get more surveys, raise your trait score, and earn more money is by making sure your profile is complete.

This gives PaidViewpoint some information to make sure you qualify for surveys. And they will also ask you questions during trait surveys that you’ve already answered on your profile. If you answer correctly, it’s an easy way to raise your trait score over time.

2) Take Every Survey They Send You

For some reason, people ignore PaidViewpoint’s trait surveys, but it’s the key to earning more. Make sure to take every survey that they send you.

Yeah, trait surveys only pay $.10 (some countries pay lower), but it only takes a few minutes to complete, and your trait score will rise over time. Having a high trait score means more surveys and bonus earnings.

3) Be Quick 

This goes right along with taking every survey they send you. When PaidViewpoint sends you an email saying you have a survey available, make sure to take it as soon as possible.

Usually, trait surveys are available for a full day, but it’s always good to take every single one they send. But the surveys they send do close after a certain number of people take them.

To earn the most and raise your trait score, make sure to take all surveys and take them as soon as possible before they’re no longer available.

4) Accurate & Consistent Answers 

If you’re already a member of PaidViewpoint you know about the trait score. This a measurement of how active and consistent your answers are.

While taking trait surveys, you’ll probably notice that they ask the same questions over and over sometimes.

Make sure you answer honestly and give consistent answers during trait surveys. This will raise your trait score and lead to a bonus every time you take a survey.

5) Cash Out As Soon As You Reach $15

As I mentioned in the introduction, I usually reach the cashout amount 2-4 times a month at PaidViewpoint, so I have some experience with the site.

It seems to me that when your account is low, meaning just a few dollars in earnings, you’ll receive many more surveys. Once you get up to $12 or so, the surveys seem to slow down a bit.

My advice is to cash out right after you reach the $15 amount. It seems after you cash out you’ll receive surveys every single day while your account is still at a low dollar amount.

Join PaidViewpoint Now! 

PaidViewpoint Payment Proof

Since I’ve mentioned having the highest trait score possible and getting paid by PaidViewpoint. I thought I’d included a few screenshots to show proof.

paidviewpoint trait score

paidviewpoint proof of payment

How To Join PaidViewpoint?

PaidViewpoint is one of my favorite survey sites and with the tips I shared above you should have no problem making some money on this site.

They are 100% legit and scam free, I included a few screenshots above with my trait score and proof of earnings.

If you’d like to start earning at PaidViewpoint, you can join at

Join PaidViewpoint

Hopefully, you enjoyed these helpful tips on how to earn more at PaidViewpoint, but this isn’t the only site I use to make money online. To learn how I get a ton of referrals and make a full-time online income, check out My #1 Recommendation

If a significant income isn’t for you, here’s some other great sites to earn an extra income online.

Do you have any other PaidViewpoint Tips, Tricks, & Cheats? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

24 thoughts on “PaidViewpoint Cheats & Tips: Earn More at!”

    • Timothy,

      As long as you have the email put in correctly, make sure you at @ and .com with no space.

      Bonus code is included in the links on this page, so no need for the code if you sign up through a link on this page.


  1. Im not sure it is legit or scam. Im not getting any surveys. I was too much excited after reading this post. I dont know that to do now 🙁

    • Emran,

      It’s not a site where you can sit there and do surveys over and over with a chance of earning. You might get a few surveys a week, I know right now they have been doing a lot of surveys so I’d expect 5-7 a week. The great thing about PaidViewpoint is that you always earn. You’re never kicked out of a survey.


  2. Hi.
    I joined paidviewpont yesterday and my traitscore is 594, I haven’t gotten any mails on how to increase it or on any survey, is that normal? Or is there anything I should do

    • Hey Michael,

      It’s great that your traitscore is that high already. PaidViewpoint only sends surveys every few days so don’t worry about not having any surveys. It’s a site that you use overtime to earn, just know that you’re always earning for every answer you give. Over time, your traitscore will continue to rise.


  3. If I’m disabled which option do you choose as employment status? Unemployed doesn’t really sound correct and retired doesn’t either. I worked hard all my life until I got sick and I do get an income but not SSI.

    Also, I signed up last night and except for the profile questions I haven’t gotten any surveys yet. I was expecting some already.

    • Nancy,

      You’ll want to choose retired. PaidViewpoint is not a site that you can take surveys as soon as you join. They will send you surveys via email over the next few days to raise your trait score.


    • Hey Katash,

      Valid point, you can earn more by referring your friends. I usually leave them off tips just because most people don’t have a way to refer a ton of people to a website.

      Which is what you need to really make a large income through referral programs.

      If you’d like to learn more about referring friends, visit this guide.


  4. Hello I am from India. Paidviewpoint only offers me trait surveys daily but I’ve never got a market research survey. Can you tell me why it’s like this?

    • Market surveys are providing information for companies. Companies are looking for certain people. If you don’t fit in the criteria you will not receive the market research study.

      Personally I prefer this, on other survey sites they’d send you the “market research study” you’d answer a few questions, be told you do not qualify, and earn nothing.

      Although you haven’t received any market research surveys yet, you also haven’t wasted any of your time!


    • Hey Mac,

      What I covered on this post are the best tips I have for making money with PaidViewpoint. Just respond to every survey and keep your answer consistent.


      • Hello! I just reached the $15 mark on paidviewpoint. It’s actually about $15.34. Why do you recommend we cash out? Can I just let it sit in there and accumulate?

        • Marianne,

          Seems that you get less market research studies once your around the cashout amount. But if you don’t feel like that’s the case with you, by all means let it accumulate!


  5. Paidviewpoint used to be the sister site to Instant Cash Sweepstakes. Thanks to botting and cheating, they closed down their other site. PVP is slow earning and gets slower the more you make. They purposefully throttle, and I know why. This is to entice you to keep using it. After my next cashout, I’m quitting PVP. I’ll instead stick to Qmee for my slow-go earning, because it’s more worth my time googling stuff for shopping instead of waiting around several days for PVP to put out a new traits survey. Qmee has a good anti-bot system, so you can’t just cheat. If you search too fast and too much, you won’t earn as much. It has to be natural.

    Why does PVP and other sites throttle? From what I’ve learned by getting insight from a CS rep who’s gotten to know me well enough, users outside NA and the UK are more prone to cheat, bot, and blatantly lie on surveys and microtasking. It’s very common for sites like Mechanical Turk to include blocking out entire countries, and employers using Mturk will often block, most middle eastern countries, India, China, and countries within that region. I’m not poking fun at them, this really is a common case all across the board with rewards sites, and why common sites like Swagbucks are forced to make you farm for cash.

    Swagbucks just doesn’t care, so long as they’re getting paid, so their bot-checking and anti-cheat system honestly sucks. People might think they’re making loads of cash there, but I can guarantee that I qualify for more surveys and micro-tasks than SB users do, but I’d sooner my favorite site be the best kept secret, to avoid potential cheaters. We’re all pretty protective there.

    • I think I am starting to hit this wall too. After years of loving Paid Viewpoint, and for the record, I would not even know how to cheat even if I had the notion, I had a survey stop after I was well into it and their response was I was too slow and they will not pay me any incentive because it is not cost effective for them. (NB: I did not ask, and have never asked for a handout, but in the past they always gave me a dime in situations like this) and today a survey that had a 3 hour window was closed by the time I clicked on it, a full four minutes after I got the email. I am concerned that I am on some form of blacklist now, trait score of 10,0000 be damned.

  6. Please sign up under me. Try as I might I haven’t been able to refer any friends to this. *shows sad face*


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