Paid Surveys Etc Scam: Can You Trust This Company

paid surveys etc reviewLately I have run into way too many companies like Paid Surveys Etc that are completely scamming you by making you pay for things that are completely free all over the internet.

How are companies like Paid Surveys Etc Scamming us? Well, they are playing on our emotions to where we believe that they hold the secret to us having financial freedom from taking surveys online.

In this review, I will tell you a lot more about the Paid Surveys Etc Scam and why you need to avoid this company.

What Is Paid Surveys Etc?

Paid Surveys Etc is a company that promises you the key or secret sauce on how to earn more with survey sites. They will also give you surveys that pay higher than anywhere on the internet.

Now lets see if Paid Surveys Etc lives up to these promises inside the members area.

How Does Paid Surveys Etc Work?

One thing about companies like Paid Surveys Etc is that people are usually confused on exactly they work. Basically Paid Surveys Etc is not going to send you any survey. They will never pay you for taking surveys. What Paid Surveys Etc does is give you a tad bit of what they call “training” and then refer you to sites where you will take surveys and those sites will actually be the one paying you.

Another thing a lot of people don’ realize is that this company is double dipping. Not only will Paid Surveys Etc charge you for accessing the members area, but they will also be earning commissions on your earnings through the survey sites on their list. See all the links are referral links. When you join any survey site through their list you become their referral and they earn a percentage of your earnings based on the program.

Paid Surveys Etc Scam Review

paid surveys etc scamWebsite:

Price: $68

Score: 10 out of 100

Verdict: SCAM!

I gave Paid Surveys Etc a 10 out of 100 because this company is a complete scam. They are giving you information that is completely free all over the internet. The training they include is basically pointless and the bonuses are a waster of your time.

The only reason Paid Surveys Etc received a 10 is because on their list of survey sites they do have some reputable survey companies. Still, you should not pay to find out about these survey sites. Really the only one that I recommend on the list is PaidViewpoint, but it’s still going to be a small income.

Paid Surveys Etc Concerns


The training or secret way to make more money with survey sites is just trash. I have noticed this with every single site like Paid Surveys Etc. They have 3 pieces of advice, first to set up a new email, download robo form, and sign up for every single survey site on their list. This isn’t surprising because like I said above they will be earning a commission on your survey earnings so the more sites you sign up for with them the more they can earn.

Survey List:

The survey list is pretty decent. It does have a lot of survey sites that I recommend and promote on this website, but it’s a list of over 100 so there are still a ton of companies that are not good on the list. Also you should not have to pay for this information, it’s available all over the internet for free like right here: 30 best survey sites that pay.


The Bonuses included with Paid Surveys Etc are a few E-books that cover many different topics. Basically these E-Books are brief overviews of ways to make money online and then a link to a program that you will need to buy to learn more. All this section is trying to do is buy more products.

Final Verdict

I do not recommend buying this product. Everything within the members area can be found for free across the internet so there is no reason to pay for a product like this. Now don’t get me wrong I make money with survey sites every single month. I also promote some survey sites on my website.

As long as you join sites that are FREE and that don’t have a sales page you should be fine, but here is a list of some scam free survey sites. My favorite survey sites are PaidViewpoint and FusionCash.

What To Do Now?

Thank you for reading my Paid Surveys Etc review. Like I said above I do recommend survey sites, but you do need to know that you will just be earning some extra spending money each month. If you are looking to make a full-time income you can check out the way I make 95% of my online income on my Start Your Own Online Business page.

If you’re interested in making money with survey sites you can see all the sites recommend at scam free jobs.

Thanks again for reading my Paid Surveys Etc Review. If you have dealt with this company I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. You don’t want your friends to get scammed either so make sure to share!


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