Only Cash Surveys Scam: Is Only Cash Surveys Legit?

only cash surveys scamOnly Cash Surveys is Closed, check out these Sites that Pay Me Each Month

If you’re wonder if Only Cash Surveys Is Legit you’re in the right place. During this review I will be answering is Only Cash Surveys a Scam.

Only Cash Surveys has been around for a while now, and was once a pretty reputable survey site. Although they have a very high cash out amount they were paying their members.

Since the middle of 2014 things have changed a bit. Only Cash Surveys has started to lock people out of their accounts and has stopped sending people surveys who are nearing the cash out amount.

Keep on reading to learn exactly why Only Cash Surveys is a scam and why you should stay away from this survey site.

Only Cash Surveys Scam

Only Cash Surveys is Closed, check out these Sites that Pay Me Each Month


Price: Free

Score: 15 Out Of 100

Verdict: Scam!

I gave Only Cash Surveys a Scam Rating because there is nothing about this company that makes it worth joining.

They are not letting people reach the cash out amount, which is basically the same as not paying people. If for some reason they don’t scam you, they still have a very high cash out amount of $50 which is not worth the time it takes to reach that amount.

I highly recommend staying away from Only Cash Surveys because most likely you will get scammed by this company. Check out some Scam Free Survey Sites.

Why Only Cash Surveys Is A Scam

High Cash Out Amount

Before you even get to any of the scams OCS is pulling there is a major disadvantage to this survey site. They have a minimum cash out amount of a whopping $50.

Most Survey Sites range from $10-$20 which is still a bit high, but $50 is just ridiculous.

This is a major issue because it may take you a few months just to reach that cash out amount, which means you’ve put in a lot of hard work and have nothing to show for it!

Locked Out Of Accounts

Recently Only Cash Surveys has started locking people out of their accounts. It just so happens that people are locked out when they near the $50 cash out amount.

One report says they reach $47 and the next time they went to log in they were told the account did not exist.

They have contacted support and the problem still has not been fixed.

No More Surveys? 

If you’re lucky enough not to get locked out of your account, you may stop receiving surveys. Once again this will happen when you near the $50 cash out amount.

If they don’t send you any surveys of course you can’t make any money. Just another way they are scamming people out of the hard work and cash they have already put in to the site.

Surveys Pending

Another issue around this site is that when you do complete a survey it usually goes into a pending stage. There have been a lot of reports of surveys staying in pending stage for months or never getting credit for the survey they have completed.


Although there have been no reports of people not getting paid once they have reached the $50 cash out amount, Only Cash Surveys is doing all they can to not let you reach this amount. It seems that even though they will pay you there not going to let you ever get to that situation.

Also before they were scamming people there were a lot of complaints that the PayPal payments took a few weeks. Which is very odd because most sites that pay with PayPal pay instantly or within a few days.

Is Only Cash Surveys Legit?

Only Cash Surveys is Closed, check out these Sites that Pay Me Each Month

Only Cash Surveys is not a legit site. I think you can tell from the reasons above why I marked this company a scam.

I highly recommend staying away from this company, because even if you do not get scammed the site still isn’t very good. It’s not worth your time and money to even take your chances when there are much better survey sites out there.

Legit Survey Sites

Only Cash Surveys is Closed, check out these Sites that Pay Me Each Month

Now that you know that Only Cash Surveys is a scam lets talk about some sites that I actually recommend.

To see some survey sites I recommend visit All Scam Free Survey Sites. Three of my top rated survey sites are CashCrate, SwagBucks, and Paid Viewpoint.

If you would like to learn how you can make more money online visit Start Your Own Online Business.

It’s how I make money online and can bring in much more money then survey sites!

Thank you for reading this post on Only Cash Surveys Scam. As you now know Only Cash Surveys is not legit. Make sure to share with your friends and leave comments with questions!

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2 thoughts on “Only Cash Surveys Scam: Is Only Cash Surveys Legit?”

  1. Only Cash Surveys DO NOT pay.There are many reports of them simply refusing to pay and then suspending accounts ,also they are known for invalidating payments and refusing to explain themselves.Only Cash Surveys have a BBB rating of F ,the worst possible rating and they are NOT BBB accredited.In addition they have fauled to respond to BBB a total of 7 times and have not resolved any of they complaints to the BBB about themselves.I am currently waiting to be paid by only cash surveys ,I cashed out $50 on 5 march 2015 and have messaged ocs member support twice ,have not even had a reply from them but they are now sending me an extraordinary amount of surveys,as they havent paid I have stopped filling in any more surveys for them.I have seen may online reviews from people who never got paid by these scammers.They are part of usample and are run by affiliates who steal your earnings ,there are also reports to BBB about the staff of ocs using the members amazon gift card reward/payment.There have been many serious complaints/reports made to the US authorities about ocs and the BBB advise against having any thing to do with ocs.

    • Pearl,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I wish you would have found my review before joining and wasting your time. All I’ve seen is negative feedback just like this from everyone that’s been a member.

      I’m sorry you got scammed by this company, but here are some legit survey sites. I recommend all the sites on this list and they all pay 100% of the time!

      Thanks again for sharing



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