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Mobile Expressions Review

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Welcome to my Mobile Expressions Review. Mobile Expressions is a company that does just what its name implies, it let’s you express your opinion on a mobile device. The concept of this is awesome, but unfortunately Mobile Expression can cause some problems with your mobile device and they sometimes have a hard time delivering rewards.

I have actually dealt with this company in the past before I ever started my website. I have to say I had forgotten about all the bad experiences until I ran across them again and decided to write this Mobile Expressions review. But don’t worry you will hear all about the company and what I don’t like further on down the page.

How Does Mobile Expressions Work

Basically you sign up for Mobile Expressions by registering your device. You have to install a tracking software on your phone that monitors your internet usage. After installing the program and keeping it on your device you will be entered into weekly drawings for a chance to get prizes emailed to you every week.

What I Didn’t Like

Keep in mind that I did use this company in the past so in this section I am talking about my first hand experience with the company.

Tracking Software

The biggest concern about Mobile Expressions is that you have to download a tracking software on your phone. Now the company says that it only tracks internet usage and not other things like texts and phone calls. There is always a chance of your privacy being violated whenever you install anything that tracks usage, but now a days you run privacy issues with almost every app you download.

Phone Speed

I have an Apple iPhone and I installed this program. One thing I noticed is that it did slow down the speed of my phone because the app is always running. Mobile Expressions does say it will not affect phone speed, but from my experiences it did.

Runs Down Battery

Another thing that sucked is it seemed to run down my phone’s battery pretty fast. Since the app is always running in the back ground of your phone and if you turn it off you don’t get credit.

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The most important thing that concerned me with Mobile Expressions is in the few months I used it I actually ended up paying for it. I went over my data usage both months. This is because the program runs in the background of your phone and is constantly communicating information about your usage, whether you’re on WiFi or not.

Weekly Prizes

So the only real reason you would want to use this company is the fact your suppose to be entered in to win prize money each week and automatically get prizes like cash, gift cards, and items each week. You find out about these prizes via email, but I found one problem.

I rarely received the emails. Out of the 8 weeks I used the program I only received the email 2 times and in both emails I did not win anything. So basically Mobile Expressions got two months of free tracking for nothing because all you get is an entrance into the sweep stakes, which most likely you will never win.

Final Verdict

I do not recommend joining this company and I told you exactly why in this Mobile Expressions Review. There was real no incentive to having this program on my phone and it actually ended up costing me money. The cons outweigh the pros heavily with Mobile Expression so I recommend staying away from this company.

However, I am not against all tracking software and using your mobile device to earn money. Read the next section to learn more about great alternatives to Mobile Expression

What To Do Now?

I am not against tracking companies I actually get paid each month by Gomez Peer Zone. It’s a completely safe tracking program that works on your computer. I am also not against making money on your mobile device, but I don’t think having a tracking system on your phone is a great idea, due to privacy issues and running up data charges. If you would like to see the legit companies to make money with, on a mobile device visit all scam free jobs.

If you’re looking for a full-time income online you’re in the wrong place. To see how I make a full-time income online visit Start My Own Online Business. 

Thank you for reading this Mobile Expressions Review. I don’t recommend using this company, there is just too many problems. I do hope you let me help you make money online by using the links above.

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