Mary Kay Review: Is It Easy to Sell Mary Kay?

mary kay direct sales review is it a scam or legitimateMary Kay is another Direct Sales company from my list,  193+ Direct Sales Companies, and a household name among direct sales companies. Mary Kay Ash had a vision of empowering women, and in 1963 she started the iconic business that has changed the lives of countless women. Mary Kay has a long history of raising money for cancer research and violence against women.

I am actually a “personal use” consultant and have joined Mary Kay a handful of times over the past 20+ years. When I was in college, I actively sold it and did pretty well!  I can’t say it was easy, but it certainly isn’t any more difficult than selling any other product. And to have the reputation behind the name makes your product recognizable and trusted.

In this review, I will tell you how to join Mary Kay and the details about selling.

How to Sign Up to Sell Mary Kay

If you want to join Mary Kay, go here and click on “Sell Mary Kay” in the main menu. Click on “SIGN UP,” and you’ll complete a short form:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • You can check a box to indicate that you prefer text messages over phone calls
  • There is a field where you can leave a message (You could ask a question here, but Tracy will get back to you, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask everything you need to make a decision!)
  • Select if you are a new or existing customer
  • Next, you get to select what you are interested in:
    • Buying Mary Kay® products
    • Learning about the latest skin care and makeup
    • Get tips on skincare and makeup application
    • Host a party
    • Become a consultant (you need to check this box to continue the process of joining)
    • Last, check the box stating that you’ve read and agree to the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy
    • One more security step – you have to retype the code

You should see a confirmation that your message was sent. When you send that message to Tracy (or another Mary Kay consultant that you know), she will receive a notification that you want more information, and she’ll contact you with the next steps.

The next step is basically to order your kit! She will meet with you in person, or email you a link that you will use to order your kit.

What Does it Cost to Join Mary Kay

The kit to join Mary Kay is $100 plus tax and shipping (usually around $118). This is a common cost to join a direct sales company and hasn’t changed for Mary Kay in at least 20 years! It’s nice that they make it affordable to join.

Mary Kay believes that every woman should be happy and confident in their career, so they offer to buy back any unused Section 1 retail product that you purchased from the company. Within your first year, if you decide the business isn’t for you, you can return unused products and get 90% of what you paid.

What’s in the Mary Kay Starter Kit?

The $100 starter kit comes with a stylish bag and products and supplies that you need to start your business. 

  • You’ll get full-size products for demonstration
  • You’ll receive samples that you can share with your potential customers
  • The kit comes with brochures and DVDs with easy-to-learn sales tips
  • You’ll also receive special offers for new Independent Beauty Consultants, for things like business cards and additional supplies
  • You’ll have access to the website and many digital and printed tools to help you succeed

By buying your kit, you are essentially starting your business. Take advantage of all the tools they give you, including Tracy or any other consultant you join with. They will want to help you succeed.

What is the Mary Kay Commission?

You can make 50% commission selling Mary Kay. This is one of the best commissions in the direct sales industry. Mary Kay also has the famous cars that you can earn. You earn a car when you build a team. The volume of your sales are all combined and go towards the car.

Growing a team is always going to be the way to earn more money. You’ll earn 4% commission on your team’s orders, and when you have 5 team members, you can earn an extra 9% to 13%.

How Do You Get Paid by Mary Kay?

Most of the time, a Mary Kay consultant is placing a large bulk order. For example, you would pick out $2,400 of retail products, and it would cost you half that – $1200 plus taxes and shipping. You would turn around and sell it and you are paid immediately by your customer.

Customers like this because when you want something, you want it now, right? But this isn’t the only way to do it. Ordering inventory is recommended, but not required.

Commissions from team building are paid monthly on the 15th. This is a direct deposit payment.

Does Mary Kay Have a Quota?

Mary Kay does not have a quota unless you have earned a car. Then you will have minimums that you need to meet to keep your car.

For the consultant who is just starting out, you don’t have a quota. But to be able to keep placing orders, you need to place a minimum $450 retail order in 12 months. So that’s $225 for you plus tax and shipping. To be able to place an order and receive your 50% discount, you need to place the same minimum order in a rolling 3 month period.

So say you place a minimum order in January. For the months of January, February, and March, you will continue to receive your 50% discount, even if your order is less than the minimum amount. If you don’t place a minimum qualifying order in February or March, you’ll need to place another minimum order of $225 wholesale in order to get your 50% discount.

Does Mary Kay Have Any Fees?

If you want the use of credit card processing on your Mary Kay website, Mary Kay has contracted with ProPay to handle the charges. You’ll pay $39.95 annually for the service, plus 3.5% per transaction. The annual fee, when you break it down, is only $3.33 per month. That’s very low for the industry! The annual fee and transaction fees are just a small cost of doing business. If you take credit cards using something like Square, you will pay a similar fee.

Is it Easy to Sell Mary Kay?

If you’re into makeup and skincare, Mary Kay is definitely a well-known company, and the hurdle of recognition isn’t something you’ll have to overcome. Is it easy? It isn’t any easier or harder than any other direct sales company.

If you want to give it a try, go here and click on “Sell Mary Kay” in the main menu. Submit the form and Tracy will get back to you!

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Did you know you could be making a part-time or even a full-time income selling Mary Kay Makeup. In this Mary Kay Review We will cover the direct sales opportunity and see if it's really worth joining!

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