Is PostLoop A Scam? Find Out In This Review

is postloop a scam Millions of people are spending way to much time on things like Social Media, Blogs, and Forums, but I can’t complain. I guess that’s why I have an online business!

Anyways my point is that we all spend a ton of time on the internet. Why would you not want to get paid to comment and interact with others?

With PostLoop this is possible.

You must be thinking Is PostLoop a scam? It’s not a scam it’s completely legit and I will be showing you why in this review.

Let’s jump on in and take a look at this unique opportunity in this PostLoop Review!

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What the Heck Is PostLoop

PostLoop is a very simple concept. Basically when you start a website or forum it’s very hard to get it going, especially when there isn’t much traffic.

The cause of this is visitors, like you, don’t stick around on websites and forums where they can tell nothing is going on.

Since this is a major problem, website and forum owners hire a company, in this case PostLoop, to try to get their start-up off the ground.

That’s where you come in. PostLoop actually pays you for visiting these forums and participating.

My PostLoop Review


Price: Free

Verdict: Legit, Not Recommended 

I gave PostLoop a pretty good score because this site is legit. Post loop isn’t a site that is going to overfill your pockets with cash, but if you can make decent money if you put in the time and are active within the forums and sites.

I think it’s a pretty unique opportunity. The only site similar to this I’ve seen is ChatAbout. Out of the two I think PostLoop is better once you figure out how it all works and how to navigate the website.

Is PostLoop A Scam?

PostLoop is not a scam. It’s a completely legit way to make money online. Here is some things that I did and didn’t like about this program. These should give you some more insights to what to expect if you join PostLoop.

What I Liked

Unique Opportunity

I am convinced PostLoop is a pretty unique opportunity. There are no very many sites out there that will actually pay you to take part on websites and forums.

The awesome thing about this site is you’re getting paid for something you probably already do. Use the internet to find information and connect with people.

You may not find this as fun as Facebook, but there is still a lot of great people in these forums that have similar interests as you. This is enough to keep you interested and from sending all of you’re friends invites to play Candy Crush on Facebook. (Please stop sending me game requests =) )

Overall this site is good and they are going to pay you to be social so you can’t complain much.

Referral Program

I also liked that PostLoop does offer a referral program. The program is very simple, you will receive 20% off all of your referrals earnings. Your Referral makes $1 you earn $.20 pretty easy math.

I also think this is a pretty easy site to get referrals on because it’s unique and they pay you to be social, even if it’s not that much money.

I’d start by sending out a few posts on the social media accounts your apart of and say that you’re making money by being social, this should get you a few.

Of course the best way to get referrals with your own site, but if you want to learn about that visit #1 Recommendation. 

Low Cash Out & Easy Payments

Like most sites where you will be earning money PostLoop has a minimum cash out amount. It’s a low $5 which is always a positive.

PostLoop pays by PayPal only. This can be a problem for some, but if you don’t have PayPal yet you need to go ahead and get with it.

Once you hit the $5 amount you can cash out at any time and it should be in your account within 48 hours, but seems to be just a few hours if not instantly.

What I Didn’t Like

Hard To Join

The worst part about postloop is the very difficult sign up process that will most likely challenge you.

Along with joining PostLoop you will also need to join the postloop portal. This is the portion of postloop that is going to track your activity within the forums they provide and ultimately decide how much you get paid.

Why they have not made it one very simple process yet I’m not really sure. I would think they could find someone smart enough to get it done, but for now you will need to register with both and connect the two accounts.

They do leave some detailed instructions which makes it a bit easier, but all the information must match for it to connect properly.

Please make sure you get your accounts connect or you will earn $0 with this company!

Supplemental Income

This is not a negative to me, but I want to make sure your aware of what’s going on. PostLoop is a supplemental income opportunity, meaning this site won’t make you rich. If you put some work into being active within forums  (5 minutes a day) you can expect to make $5-$10 a month.

I know if you calculate the time it needed to the payment you’re going to be making around minimum wage, but I think it’s worth it if you’re already doing stuff like this anyways. Might as well get paid for something you already do, even if it’s just a few bucks a month!

How Do I Join?

To join PostLoop click here. Like I mentioned in the section above, PostLoop does make it pretty difficult to get your account all set up, but follow the prompts on the screen directly and you will making money through this site in no time.

Join PostLoop 

Other Legit Work At Home Opportunities

PostLoop is by no means my highest rated supplemental income opportunity. Although I marked PostLoop as a legit company, I still have better ways to make some extra cash each month online.

To see the sites that are my highest ranking Supplemental Income Opportunities visit All Scam Free Jobs. 

If you’re looking to make a Full-Time Income online, then there is no need to waste your time with these supplemental income sites.

I recommend jumping straight over to Start Your Own Online Business. This is where I will show you exactly how I make money online with my websites.

Thank you for reading this PostLoop Review. Hopefully I answered your question and showed you that PostLoop is not a scam. Make sure to share this with your friends and as always leave me some comments on what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Is PostLoop A Scam? Find Out In This Review”

  1. Postloop sucked ass before it was sold. Now it is beyond a joke. Most site owners figured out years ago that not only does it not work, it is the quickest way to destroy your community, all the while paying for the “privileged” of having your forum nuked. And savvy forum users are well aware of this bullcrap site and avoid forums so listed.


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