Is Mobile Monopoly A Scam

is mobile monopoly a scamProduct: Mobile Monopoly

Owner: Adam Horwitz

Price: $49 + Up Sells

Score: 60 Out Of 100

Recommended: NO

Boy in the time I have done online marketing there has not been a product with more hype than Mobile Monopoly. If you’re here you’re probably interested in all the hype and wondering, is Mobile Monopoly A Scam?

Mobile Monopoly is not a scam, the training is pretty good and Adam does know what he is talking about. But there are still a lot of problems that I see with this product.

Mobile Monopoly is a mobile marketing training course that is supposed to help business owners market themselves to mobile users. This is huge because in today’s world mobile devices like cell phones and tablets are taking over the desktop and laptops that we thought were the new technology.

Are you ready to find out is Mobile Monopoly a Scam? Read on to learn more.

What Is Mobile Monopoly & Who Is It For

Mobile Monopoly is a training program that teaches business owners how to market their business or product to a mobile user.The stats today are there are 5 times more mobile users than desktop users so you can see how important it is to market your business or product on a mobile device.

Adam Hortwitz has designed this course with an end game of affiliate marketing, or promoting other people’s products, but this course will also work great for someone who has their own business and want to get a step up on the competition with mobile marketing.

What You Get Access To

Module 1: How To Get Started With this Course. An Overview of how Mobile Marketing Works

Module 2: This covers what Adam did and what techniques he used that were successful.

Module 3: What ad platforms can you use to get your ad out there to potential customers

Module 4: How to use cost per action campaigns to promote your and other people’s products.

Module 5: How to promote Affiliate Network and Affiliate Program Offers

Module 6: How to promote physical products on a mobile device

Module 7: How to take advantage of Pay-Per-Call ads and maximize success from a mobile device

Module 8: How to Offer your services to other business. Do their mobile marketing for them.

Module 9: How to create your own mobile app

Module 10: Review of the course plus some added bonuses


Squeeze Page Maker: This software allows you to generate custom high converting mobile squeeze pages.

Email Marketing: A quick course on capturing emails via mobile devices and how to market with email.

Outsourcing: shows you how to find someone to implement all the techniques taught in Mobile Monopoly. For some cash of course.

40 Proven Mobile Marketing Techniques: A list of 40 techniques that have worked from Adam and other successful mobile marketers.

Is Mobile Monopoly A Scam

I have already told you that Mobile Monopoly is not a scam. But I still don’t recommend this product. There were a few things I liked, mostly that it covers a variety of topics and does get into some advanced topics. But there are more positive than negatives with this product.

I really didn’t like all the Up Sells that this product has after purchasing and this product is basically worthless if you don’t already have a good amount of knowledge of online marketing. If you’re already involved in the online marketing most likely you’ve already seen all this information covered just in desktop form. There is really no reason to see it all again. You just need to apply it a mobile device.

Mobile Monopoly Positives

Lots Of Information & Advanced Techniques

One thing that was great about this product is it covers a variety of topics. Within each topic it does get pretty in-depth into advanced techniques. This is also a problem because a lot of the basic beginners information is left out.

If you’re already a skilled internet marketer most likely you will be able to understand everything going on in the less and you’ve probably already seen all this information and have applied it to a desktop user.

Mobile Monopoly Concerns

Really Adam What A Sales Video

One thing that is very common with money-making products is a sales page or sales video that shows you all kinds of fancy expensive things and gives you unrealistic expectations of what the program is and how it will help you.

Mobile Monopoly’s sales video is no exception. Adam starts the video by showing you all the rewards he has received and then showing you his brand new coastal house. In the video he never really explains anything about what this product will cover other than mobile marketing and it’s the system he used to buy this house and fancy cars.

Not For Beginners

If you don’t have any marketing experience this course is going to confuse the crap out of you. There is a lot of topics in this course and Adam gets into some very advanced techniques within each topic which is great, but the problem is he leaves out the beginners information that lays the foundation for each technique.

This leaves you very confused on how each technique really works and you have no idea what’s going on within the advanced techniques.

Up Sells

One thing I really hate about products is when they have Up Sells. If I am purchasing a product then why would it not include everything I need to succeed within the original product.

Mobile Monopoly does have a few up sells that all have to do with more support and a fast track system for quicker results.

Another thing that they do is when you decline the up sell initially, they offer you the same up sell for a cheaper price. This is pretty pathetic and you can see they just want any extra money that you will give them.

Break Your Bank

If you look at the price tag of this product you will see it cost $49 which is pretty cheap for the information that you receive. But what’s not included in that price is all the PPC, CPA, and other advertising costs that Adam teaches you to use with the Mobile Monopoly System.

To actually implement this system it’s going to cost you way more than $49. For small business owners with small marketing budgets this may just be waste of your time because you won’t be able to offered all the advertising required to make this system really work.

Final Verdict

Mobile Monopoly is not a scam, but I do not recommend this product. The information covered in this course is good, but if your familiar with online marketing you’ve already learned all this, but in desktop form. All you need to do is apply this to mobile users and you’re set.

If you’re not experienced in online marketing this product is not right for you. A lot of advanced techniques are taught within this course, but the basics are for the most part completely left out. That basically leaves this product being right for no one.

Another problem with this program is your success is going to rely on you spending money on PPC and CPA advertising. As you probably know advertising is not cheap and if you’re a small business owner you’re marketing budget might not fit the results you’re looking to get out of this system.

I do not recommend this product and I would look elsewhere if you’re a beginner in this subject.

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Thank you for reading this post on Is Mobile Monopoly A Scam. As you have learned Mobile Monopoly is a not a scam, but I don’t recommend this product. There is one product that I highly recommend and you can see it at My #1 Recommendation. If you have had experience with this company I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below. Once again thanks for reading my post, Is Mobile Monopoly A Scam?

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