How To Start A Youtube Channel: What You Need To Get Started

You have finally decided to start taking advantage of all YouTube has to offer. Your wonder how to start a YouTube Channel, let me tell you it is pretty easy. I am going to talk today about what you need to get started on YouTube, but first some YouTube Information. YouTube is the 3rd most visited site on the internet. It brings in over 1 million unique visitors each month. Those visitors watch over 6 billion hours of YouTube videos each month. What does that mean for you? You have access to a huge community of people who are looking for videos just like you will be making!

How To Start A YouTube Channel: What Do You Need

  1. Niche/Hobby: The first thing you need to have when starting a video is a niche. A niche is a segment of the overall market. An example of this would be locksmith videos. Your videos target people who are looking to re-key locks, pick locks, or make purchase decisions on locks. The possibilities are endless. I like to think of a niche as a hobby. Think of your hobbies maybe you enjoy fishing. You could make YouTube videos on how to re line a fishing pole, best practices for catching a certain type of fish, or fishing safety. Make sure your niche is targeted, you have some knowledge on the subject, and you enjoy it!
  2. Camera/Screen Capture Software: Depending on what type of videos you will be making you will either need a camera to videotape yourself making the video or a screen capture software. Screen capture software records your computer screen, this is great if your plan on making tutorial videos or anything that needs to be shown on the computer.
  3. Video Editing Software: when creating videos chances are you’re going to make mistakes and need to cut out portions of your videos. The best way to do this is with video editing software. Now there is some free software that will work fine that comes on most PCs & Macs. There are also paid software that can be used that is more complex and offers more options.

There you have it. Those are the 3 things you will need to start a YouTube Channel. Now, this is just an overview of what you will need to get started. As you can see I gave no recommendations on products that I use for my YouTube Channel or tutorials on how to get started making videos. If you’re interested in learning more about Starting A YouTube Channel join my 5 Day Getting Started With YouTube Course!

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