How To Compete With Large Company Websites: Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

As a small blog owner, you will wonder how will I compete with larger websites within my niche. I understand your concern. Luckily for you, every website or blog has to start small. There is plenty of traffic to go around and the key to getting that traffic is low hanging fruit keywords.

So I have told you exactly what will be the key to gaining traffic to your small website or blog, but what the heck is Low Hanging Fruit Keywords? Read on to find out what are low hanging fruit keywords and how to find them!

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What Are Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

Even though the name might be a bit funny it really makes sense once you know the idea behind the name. If you think of different articles and keywords as fruit on a tree, everyone wants the biggest piece of fruit on the very top of the tree. These are the keywords that have tons of traffic and tons of sites that are targeting the keyword. You want to forget about the big fruit at the top of the tree and focus on the smaller fruit that you can reach from the ground. This means you want to find keywords that have smaller traffic numbers and fewer sites targeting these keywords. This makes it easier to get ranked and show up on the first page of the search engines

keywordI will use an example from another site I run. Tee Off Times and More. I found a keyword “how to save money on golf tees”. This keyword has 50 searches a month and a QSR of 125. I wrote one article targeting this keyword and look where I ended up on a Google search.—> Yes, that is right, I am 3rd on Google (not including paid ads) when people search that keyword. Using low hanging keywords really level the playing field for all of us to get ranked and gain traffic.

How To Find Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

Now that you know what low hanging fruit keywords are you need to know how to find them. First, you will need some sort of keyword research tool. You can see my recommendation below. I recommend using a you can start with a free membership that gives you 30 free searches. Visit the site, sign up for a free account and get started. Now that you have a keyword research tool you need to know exactly what you’re looking for or what qualifies a keyword as low hanging.

What You’re looking for!

  1. Search a long phrase instead of “online money-making” search “how to make money online with affiliate programs” longer phrases have a better chance of being low hanging
  2. Make sure the keyword makes sense! Even if the keyword meets all other requirements if it isn’t something that makes sense don’t use it!
  3. Monthly Searches: As long as it doesn’t have “<10” the keyword will qualify as a low hanging keyword
  4. QSR: You want to have the QSR under 300. The lower the number the better.

If the keyword meets all these requirements, you have just found a low hanging keyword. Once you have found your low hanging keyword write a post using the keywords. I recommend using the keyword in the title and first paragraph of your introduction. After that forget about keywords and write naturally.

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If you’re struggling to find keywords for your niche leave a comment below and I would be happy to help you.


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Do you want free traffic to your blog from Google? The easiest way to do so is targeting low hanging keywords. I'll show you how to do it and a free tool you can use to find keywords!

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