Hiving Surveys Review: Take Surveys In Almost Any Country!

Is Hiving Surveys A Scam or One Of The Best Paid Surveys Sites I've Reviewed?
Hiving is a site that offers paid online surveys in many different countries. I decided to write a review because it’s a site that many people across the world use and I’ve never seen an actual review of the site.

Today I’ll show you how can earn, how to get paid, what others are saying, and my complaints with Hiving. I’m writing and using the US version of the site so there may be slight variations if you’re in a different country, but most of the information is still relevant. Lets get started with this Hiving Surveys Review.

Hiving Surveys Review

Hiving Surveys ReviewSite:

Price: Free To Join

Score: 70 Out of 100

Verdict: Legitimate

In this Hiving Surveys Review, I gave them a decent score and marked it legitimate. I really like that it’s available in multiple countries, but I do have some complaints about this site.

Payments seem to be very slow, they even tell you that when you go to cash out. There’s not that many surveys and you won’t qualify for a lot of the surveys they send you.

If you join and earn enough points to cash out, you’ll get paid, but payments are pretty slow.

How To Earn At Hiving

Survey Invitations

The main way to make money at Hiving is through surveys. To receive as many surveys as possible you’ll need to fill out your profile completely. They have 8 different categories of personal information you should fill out when joining.

After you complete your profile, you’ll start to get survey invitations to your email. You’ll be able to see what the survey is about, how much it pays, and estimated time to complete the survey.

There’s a screening process before each survey to make sure you qualify. If you do qualify, you can complete the survey and get paid in points. But be aware that you won’t qualify for most surveys.

Micro Tasks

If you’ve ever been a member at any rewards site you’ve probably seen tasks before. You’ll see a list of easy and quick tasks to complete for a small cash payment.

Tasks can be anything, but some examples would be looking up information on the internet, answering a few questions about a website, or double check someones writing.

They are usually easy tasks that only take a few minutes and require very little skill. For this reason the payment is usually pretty small.

How Does Hiving Pay: Hiving Wallet

Hiving pays via PayPal only, at least in the US. You can exchange the points you earn for PayPal payments starting at $4 or 4000 points.

1000 points equals $1, but it looks like you can only cash out payments in increments for 4,000 points. So if you go over 4,000 the next payment isn’t until 8,000 points or $8.

I only cover the increments because on some sites you can cash out $5.13 if you wanted via PayPal. This is not the case with Hiving.

Hiving Tell My Friends Sponsoring Program

Hiving does have a referral program that’s open to all members. You can invite friends via email or through social media posts.

When you invite friends, you earn a percentage of all the points they earn taking surveys. For some reason, I could not find the exact percentage, but I’d say it’s 10-20%.

Hiving also has an affiliate program for bloggers and people who have the ability to refer 100s of members a month. It’s a pay per lead program that pays you over a $1 per sign up in most countries. You do have to apply and have a way to get a lot of referrals to be accepted.

Hiving Complaints and Concerns

Not Many Surveys

One of the things that I dislike about survey sites that just send you surveys when they are available, is that most of the time there’s not that many surveys.

One complaint that comes up a lot is there’re only a few surveys available a week. Which can make it hard to make any money and leads right into the next complaint.

Screening For Surveys

Before each survey you’ll have to answer some general questions to ensure you qualify, almost all sites do this except for PaidViewpoint.

This makes it very hard to be eligible for surveys, and since there’re not very many surveys sent out in the first place. You may go a month without being able to complete a survey, which makes it impossible to make money with this survey site.

Payments Are Slowwwwwww……

From what I can see Hiving does pay it’s members, but there’s many complaints about payments being very slow and when you go to cash out there’s even a notice that says that their payments are very behind and will take at least a few weeks.

I’m not sure if this means they don’t have the cash to pay people or if they just take a while to process payments, but either way it’s pretty crappy and should be thought about before joining.

Is Hiving Surveys A Scam?

Hiving is not a scam, and I really like that it’s available in many countries. I’m always getting comments and emails with people asking about survey sites that are available in their country.

Although it’s legitimate, I don’t highly recommend this site. Especially if you live in the US. There’s many other much better survey sites available to join.

But, if Hiving is one of the only options in your country this may be the best option for you. If you’d like to join you can visit to get started. I’d still recommend checking out these much better survey sites first though, your country may be available.

If not here’s an awesome way to make much more money online that’s available in any country. It’s starting your own online business for free with My #1 Recommendation.

Have you taken surveys at Hiving? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review below.

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