Convergys Review: Is the Customer Service Job at Convergys a Scam?

convergys work from home phone job reviewsConvergys offers customer service to their clients using home-based agents. This is not a freelance opportunity, but rather an employment opportunity. Convergys hires part-time and full-time employees, and they even offer benefits. In this review, I will look at the work from home opportunity with Convergys.

The company hires several different types of phone jobs (sales, customer service, etc.) This review will be a general overview but visit their website to see what’s available in your state.

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Let’s get started with this review!

Convergys Requirements

Here is the list of what will be required if you are hired:

  • Computer with Microsoft Windows operating system (Apple/Mac, Chromebook, and Android systems are not compatible)
  • Monitor must be a minimum of 17″ with 1280 x 1024 resolution or better (you can use an external monitor if your laptop screen is smaller than 17″)
  • Intel or AMD processor (excluding all smartphone and tablet CPS’s)
  • Your computer can’t be more than 6 years old, based on the manufacturer date
  • 2GB RAM
  • 12GB Free hard drive space
  • 2 available USB ports
  • Wired Ethernet LAN (WiFi / Wireless is not permitted)
  • Peripherals must be wired (no wireless keyboard, mouse, or headset)
  • Minimum Internet specifications:
    • cable or DSL ISP on the approved list (Satellite/wireless ISP’s are not permitted)
    • subscribed download rate equal or exceeds 1.5 Mbps
    • subscribed upload rate equal or exceeds 0.5 Mbps
    • ISP must be highly stable with no packet loss and latency under 100ms
    • home router with a wired link to PC
    • Convergys requires internet not be used for non-work related purposes during working hours (includes media streaming, gaming, or web usage by other members of the household)
  • Other technical requirements:
    • approved headset
    • approved USB thumb drive
    • telephone with a mute button for use during training, team meetings, and feedback sessions

A list of approved ISP’s, headsets, and thumb drives will be provided if you are offered a job with Convergys. It is also expected that you will have a home office that is quiet and free from distractions.

Convergys Application Process

Convergys hires in the 48 contiguous states. Currently, they are hiring in 35 states. The list of states they are hiring in is listed in the FAQs. If you want to apply, go here and you will scroll down to search.

Scroll down until you find the section to select a job category, input your postal code, and you can click to search. The best search method is to put in your zip code in the keyword search field, input “work at home.” This will show you all of the work at home jobs currently posted.

Please note, only apply for a job if you reside in the state for which it is posted. For example, don’t apply for the job in Indiana if you live in Illinois.

When you find the right listing for your state of residence, click apply. Next, you can upload your resume.

The online application is quite lengthy. They want to know about your past employment and education. They also want to know your special skills such as your experience with products and services (for example, gaming, selling, shopping, troubleshooting, smartphone, smart TV, whole-home DVR, eBay, PayPal and so on). This will likely help them when pairing agents with clients.

You’ll need to give them info regarding your technical services and products. This includes questions such as, what is the brand of your router? Is your modem able to be hardwired to the router and your PC? And do you have a landline that is digital or analog?

How Much Does Convergys Pay?

I found on the website that seasonal healthcare customer service reps in New Mexico start at $17.00 per hour and $14.00 per hour in Texas and Missouri. Someone claimed in a review they were getting $9.00 per hour.

Agents will receive paid training and a set hourly rate. Some of the positions will also have performance-based incentives as well. That will depend on the client you are assigned to work with.

Convergys also offers a full benefits package to agents which include medical, dental, 401K, and tuition reimbursement.

Convergys Schedule

Convergys has day, evening, and overnight shifts. Agents can work full or part-time. Full-time equals 40 hours with 8 or 8.5-hour shifts. The part-time shifts run 4 to 6 hours, totaling 25-30 hours per week. Some of the full and part-time shifts will also offer overtime.

You need to have 7 days per week availability. Your exact schedule will be discussed during the interview process. Split shifts are also an option.

Convergys Feedback

I found many reviews on Glassdoor. Someone said the interview process is easy, and as long as you can pass the background check and drug test, you will get hired.

Everyone loves an opportunity to work from home. Some said the pay was low.

One alarming review states that a manager accidentally slipped that they can turn on your camera and microphone without your knowledge. I would always recommend reading the reviews for yourself when deciding if you will apply.

Is Working at Convergys a Scam?

Based on my research, working at Convergys is Not a scam. It seems like pay is going to be based on what type of company you get paired for and the type of calls you’ll be working on. If you want to apply, follow this link, and follow the application process above.

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If you're looking for a work from home phone job Convergys is hiring across the US and paying up to $17/HR!

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2 thoughts on “Convergys Review: Is the Customer Service Job at Convergys a Scam?”

  1. I wanted to add my input here because I’ve worked for Convergys for 5 years. Now I was not an in-home-agent, but instead worked in one of their call centers that is in the city I live near in Kansas. It’s been the craziest job I’ve had, but also the most successful one as I’ve been able to move up in position and was getting decent pay up until the client we did work for decided to suddenly pull out.

    I do know for a fact that the company does have in-home-agents and they are a legitimate company, but I will say this. Depending on which client you do work for, it can be difficult especially for those with sales involved as you can be required to meet certain sales goals each day along with making sure your call handle time is within their set range. Some customers can be very hard to deal with especially if they’re irate or angry with a bill or something regarding an account of theirs and so you may get yelled at.

    You may also be required to do overtime depending on what expected call volume might be for any given time. Most of the time it will be a volunteer basis at first, but if they don’t get enough agents to sign up, mandatory overtime might be the next step. You may not always get holidays off either, but again, that also depends on what client you work for. I’m not trying to discourage anyone from working for them, but just know that it won’t necessarily be easy work either and if you don’t like dealing with unruly customers or having to try and reach sales quotas, it might not be for you. I definitely had my struggles when I first started working for them in 2012, but by the time I left Convergys in 2017, I was pretty proud of myself for how hard I worked and the position I was able to move up to.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experiences Brian!

      As you said, not trying to discourage anyone but it’s very important for readers to know what they’re getting into.

      A lot of people will enjoy this type of work but a lot of readers won’t.

      Thanks again for sharing and awesome to hear you had success with the company.

      Hopefully, more success is coming your way since leaving!

      If you need anything please let me know.



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