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Constant Content Review: Is Constant Content A Scam?

constant content reviewConstant Content is a bit different than most paid to write sites that I’ve reviewed. Which had me wondering is Constant Content a Scam? From what I could find Constant Content is completely legit, but I don’t think I’m a huge fan of how the system works.

It’s more of a marketplace for your writing instead of getting paid to write articles for people. I will get into the details on this a bit later on in this Constant Content Review.

But if getting paid to write is something you’re interested in this might be a scam free site to use!

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Constant Content Review

Website: ConstantContent.com

Price: Free To Join

Verdict: Scam Free

In this Constant Content review, I gave them a pretty good rating. For me, there is nothing about this company that makes it a scam, but I don’t think I like how the system is set up. I will cover this in the next section, but I’m more into freelance writing for particular jobs instead of just selling your writing.

Overall this is a legit way to make money online writing articles, and you might feel a bit better about how it works than me.

How Does It Work?

I mentioned that Constant Content works a bit different than most freelance writing sites where instead of applying or submitting articles for specific jobs, you write content, post it for sale, and get paid if someone decides to purchase the article.

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You can write articles in tons of different categories like Business, Food, Science, Religion, etc. and there is no minimum word count, but I’d say shoot for 800-1000.

Constant Content will review every article you submit, and if it’s high quality, they will approve it.

Once it’s approved, it will be posted, and you have three different ways to sell your article. Here is some information on those:

1) Usage: Article can be sold as many times as you would like, can’t be modified, and pays the lowest amount.

2) Unique: Is just like usage where it can’t be modified, but gives the buyer exclusive rights meaning you can’t sell it ever again.

3) Full Rights: Pays the most and allows exclusive rights to the buyer and lets them modify the article if needed before publishing.

If someone does purchase an article, Constant Content does take a 35% cut out of your payment, but the rest will be added to your account.

Application Process

The application process seems to be pretty easy; you will be required to fill out some education information along with areas of expertise during the application. You will be required to pass a short test, but from what I can see it seems very simple, and if you’re a good writer you should have no problem passing.

After the application and test have been passed, you will be added to the Constant Content pool of writers and can begin submitting your articles.

How Much Does Constant Content Pay?

Pay depends on how much you sell your articles for or the agreed upon price for a piece of writing. From what I can see most of the articles on the site range from $20-$150, but it all depends on how much people are willing to pay for your writing, but keep in mind there is no guarantee anyone will buy your articles.

Constant Content does pay monthly via PayPal or Wire Transfer.

*A comment left from a Constant Content Writer states that the minimum cash out amount is $5 and that you can set up bi-monthly payments eventually.

Constant Content Concerns and Complaints

No Guarantee Of Income

One concern I have is that all you do is post articles for sale. This means there is no guarantee that you’re writing something that someone wants to buy. Which seems to me to be kinda of wasteful. You can still get requests from buyers, but I’d say they wouldn’t request a specific article from you until they bought one of your others and it performed well.

As long as you price your articles reasonable and write high-quality content about interesting topics, you can most likely make some sales, but that isn’t a guaranteed thing.


I was a bit in the dark on how much you need before cashing out, so if you know this, please leave a comment. But from what I could find you need $500 for a wire transfer, which is extremely high. $100 for PayPal, which might not be right, but it’s still really high to me.

It also sucks that they only pay one time a month and their 35% commission on your article sale seems to be a bit high for my liking.

Usage Rights

I’m honestly not sure why they even offer this anymore. Google hates duplicate content, and most bloggers/website owners know this. When you purchase an article with usage rights, the same article could be published on another 100 sites.

Eventually, Google is going to detect this and can even knock rankings for your whole site. This really isn’t an issue on your end, but I wouldn’t expect many usage rights sales.

Is Constant Content A Scam?

Overall, I have to say Constant Content is not a scam. There is proof of people writing and getting paid by them. The only real concern is the way it works. Some people might like posting articles for sale, which I understand because getting jobs as a freelance writer is pretty darn tough.

If constant content sounds like a good fit for you, apply here on their website.

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Are You A Writer For Constant Content? Have More Information For My Constant Content Review? Drop me a line in the comments with what you know!

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