BlogMutt Writing Job Review: Is It A Scam?

Learn How You Can Get Paid Up To $72 Per Freelance Writing Job At BlogMutt!BlogMutt is a site that brings freelance writers and companies together to create ghostwriting posts. BlogMutt was established in 2010 and has been a very popular freelance writing site ever since.

The base pay is $8 per short 250-word post, but you have the ability to earn more on longer posts.

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In this BlogMutt Review I’ll cover how the site works, application process, payment, and if this freelance writing site is a scam!

BlogMutt Requirements

BlogMutt is only available in the US. You do not need any experience to write for BlogMutt, but you must apply and pass a test to get accepted.

You’ll need a computer with internet access to access the site and a PayPal account for payments.

As long as you’re a good writer, you should have no problem getting accepted.

BlogMutt Application

To apply, you’ll start by filling out a form on their website. You’ll need to accept their TOS, link a social account for verification, and pass an English grammar test.

The application should take less than 10 minutes to complete. If you’re accepted you should hear back within a few days via email.

How Does Writing At BlogMutt Work?

Once you’re accepted, you have access to all the companies available at BlogMutt. Here’s the process of writing and getting paid:

1. Find Companies

The first step is to find businesses in the industry you’d like to write about. Every business has their own profile that has information about the business and what type of writing they’re looking for. Most of the companies will have keywords that they’d like you to target. You can also see some of the posts they’ve purchased in the past.

It’s your job to research companies, find out what content they’re looking for, and then write content to fit.

2. Write & Submit Content

At first, you’ll only be able to write short 250-300 word posts. Once you find a good topic, write the post and submit it to the company.

When you submit an article, it’s placed in the companies queue. They will review it and either accept, deny, or ask for revisions.

If they accept it, you’ll get paid $8. If they ask for revisions, you should make changes and re-submit. If they deny the article, they usually leave notes. You do have the option to re-submit, but if they deny the post, it’s probably not a topic they’re interested in.

3. Get Paid

As companies accept your writing, you’ll get paid $8 for a 250-350 word post. BlogMutt makes payments once a week via PayPal.

4. Raise Level and Earn More

As you write more content and get positive feedback from clients, you’ll earn points and increase your writing level. When you increase your level, you’ll unlock longer high paying writing work. I’ll cover more details in the next section.

BlogMutt Payments

As mentioned, the base pay for 250-word articles is $8. Longer posts do pay more, but you’ll need a higher rating to access those. You’ll get paid $19 for 600+ words, $40 for 900+ words, and $72 for 1,200+ words.

As soon as a client accepts your post, funds become available. You’ll need to invoice BlogMutt for all of the articles that sold to get paid.

BlogMutt pays once a week on Monday via PayPal.

You’re an independent contractor, so if you make $600 or more in a tax year, you’ll need to report it come tax time.

BlogMutt Complaints

There’s a lot of feedback available for BlogMutt, and it seems to be mixed. A lot of writers are very happy with the site, but others have some complaints.

The biggest complaint I see is that you write a post based on a keyword and submit it to the company. There’s no guarantee the company will accept your post. The only way you get paid is if they accept the post.

This means that you may waste time writing content for a specific company and never get paid for it. Luckily you do own the rights to your writing if the company doesn’t purchase it.

Another complaint is you can’t contact any of the companies directly. If they don’t do a good job listing the topics they’re looking for, you could waste time writing a post won’t get accepted.

Is BlogMutt a Scam?

BlogMutt is not a scam; it’s a legitimate site to get paid to freelance write. With that being said, the feedback is mixed. There’s a lot of writers that are very happy and report a high acceptance rate, but others complain about rarely getting accepted. It’s a pretty easy site to join, so my recommendation is to join and give it a shot.

To learn more or to apply, visit They have a write up about the process you should read before applying.


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Do you think BlogMutt is a scam? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “BlogMutt Writing Job Review: Is It A Scam?”

  1. Hey Brok,

    I just left a comment on the BlogMutt thread. For some reason, my photo appears, which is not something I intended. I’d appreciate not having my posts publicly posted if they have photos that I never intended to include. thanks.

    • Your photo appeared because you’ve at one point in time signed up for gravatar or a similar site that automatically adds your photo when you post a comment on any wordpress site. I’ll remove your email though so it goes away.


  2. Hi, There’s another serious flaw in BlogMutt’s system. Clients come and go all the time and if your post “expires” you don’t get paid. The thing is that BlogMutt charges clients for credits but if they don’t use their post and their account expires, writers end up with an unsold article. Yet BlogMutt has already gotten paid for the credits. So essentially they are pocketing money for writers’ work and keeping it because clients never got around to using their credits. While the company may not be a scam overall, this practice is borderline underhanded and unethical.

    • Thank you for sharing! You bring up some good points. I knew that you might waste your time writing content that won’t be approved, which means you earn $0 but had not thought about the other flaw you mentioned.

      Are there any other freelance writing sites that you prefer?


  3. Hey Brok, nice write-up about BlogMutt, but you missed a few key complaints.

    The pay: $8 may sound like decent compensation for a 250-word post, but you have to realize that BlogMutt is selling those posts for $25. So, you get $8 for writing and selling a post, while BlogMutt gets $17.

    Writer saturation: with such a low barrier of entry, BlogMutt has become saturated with writers. This makes it incredibly difficult to find clients who actually need posts.

    They may cancel your account: as others have mentioned, BlogMutt may cancel your account at any time, without telling you why. That’s very unprofessional and should be reason enough for all freelance writers to stay away.


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