AccountNow Scam – Prepaid Card That’s Going To Cost You!

account now scamToday Prepaid Credit Cards are extremely popular. You avoid having to carry cash on you and have the luxury of having a credit card without having to get approved or have a bank account. One company that issues prepaid credit cards is AccountNow.

AccountNow is very similar to the NetSpend System, they issue prepaid credit cards, charge the crap out of you with fees, lock people out of their accounts, and scam you with their referral program!

In this review I will be giving you an overview of how the Account Now prepaid credit card works, talk about the referral program, and why AccountNow is a scam!

What Is AccountNow?

 Account Now is a company that provides Prepaid Visa Credit Cards. When you sign up online you receive an “online prepaid bank account”. When you transfer money to this bank account it goes right onto the card. You can add money to the card through PayPal, direct deposit, and almost any grocery or Western Union store. Account Now offers two different card types and you can see the comparison below!

account now scam

accountnow scamPros:

  • No credit check everyone is approved
  • Pretty much put money on the card anywhere
  • Can avoid check cashing fees if you have no bank
  • Can be used at ATM


  • Scam Account nowGold Card is $9.95 a month
  • $7.50 Fee For using ATM
  • Reports of Unauthorized Charges
  • Reports of Referral Problems
  • So Many Fees! Learn About All Here: Account Now Fees

Account Now Referral Program

Account Now Scam
They Forgot to Say and Not Get Paid For It

The Account Now Referral Program works like this, when people sign up for a card you receive $20 and they get $10 for signing up. The only thing you referral must do is add money to the card within 90 days.

One thing to mention about the referral program is that your referral must enter in your referral code. If your familiar with referrals and affiliate marketing then you probably know that most links include your referral code built-in. With Account Now your referral must enter the code in manually. Which will make you lose out on some referrals unless your there to walk them through it.

The referral program is the money-making part of Account Now and is where most of the problems arise. I go into greater detail below.

Reports Of Problems

If you have read my NetSpend Review the problems are going to sound very familiar, actually almost identical. Like I said before NetSpend and AccountNow are two companies that do the same thing and seem to holes in the system at the same places.

  • Terrible Customer Service
  • Unauthorized Credit Card Charges
  • Accounts Locked with Money Still in them
  • No Credit For Referrals

My Opinion On Account Now

Website: Account Now

Price: Depends $9.95 a month and Tons of Fees

Score: 25 out of 100

Verdict: Scam (To many problems)

As you can see I gave Account Now a very low score, but a lot of people are using this companies prepaid cards without any problems. There is also a handful of people getting screwed by this company. In my opinion it’s best to just stay away to avoid the chance of becoming part of the scam.

Since the point of this website is making money online, I can’t recommend this system to make money. There is to many problems with people not getting credit for their referrals and let’s face it you’re going to lose a good part of that referral in fees.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company, there is no reason to get mixed in with a company that has this many problems.

If you would like to see how I make money online and how you can too visit Start Your Own Online Business. 

Thank you for reading my Account Now Scam Post. I highly recommend staying away from this company. If you have had any experiences with this company let me know about it in the comments section below!

3 thoughts on “AccountNow Scam – Prepaid Card That’s Going To Cost You!”

  1. I am just wondering what bank I can go to and remove every penny off my card! I did not know this company was a scam and I’ve not seen the first good review about them!

  2. I went to Account Now last year and my boyfriend tried to send me over $200 to test it out and still today I have never received it and I STILL keep checking my account. Account Now has thieves its pretty to rip off poor people who try to take care of children like that


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