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9 Best Ways for Moms to Make Money From Home

We could all use a little extra money in the family budget. But with kids in tow and childcare costing a fortune, finding the right work from home opportunity can be tough.

Luckily, you no longer have to join an MLM or crochet 200 baby hats for Etsy. There are numerous side hustle opportunities that will allow you to make money around your schedule. And at an hourly rate that won’t make you feel like you’re wasting your precious time.

Don’t believe me? Check out nine of my favorite ways for busy moms to make money from home.

9 Perfect Work From Home Jobs For Moms!

1. Help Business Owners as a Virtual Assistant

Are you reliable? Do you have a laptop and a few extra hours a week? You can start making money as a virtual assistant today.

Virtual assistants offer a wide range of services including email management, scheduling, bookkeeping, customer service, website management, and social media coordination. And the demand for high-quality and efficient VA work is exploding.

With the average hourly rate of $35-$50 a month, even for part-time virtual assistants, this could be a great side hustle to tuck into your free hours during nap time. I personally love Gina Horkey’s course, 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success, to get new VAs get started on the right foot! You can grab a copy of her ebook of 150 VA services you can offer for free!


2. Rent Out Your Unused Baby Gear

Traveling with kids can be such a pain! But things are way easier when you don’t have to haul strollers, pack-n-plays, and bouncer seats on and off a plane. Luckily, Natalie Kaminski created a solution for parents aching backs – goBaby.

goBaby is a peer-to-peer baby-gear rental service for traveling parents. They launched nationally in December 2016 and currently have inventory in 35 states. Some parents are making over $500 a month renting out their gear!

See if your area is on goBaby and start listing your gear today. This is one of the top ways to earn passive income. Someone uses your stuff that was otherwise gathering dust in your basement, and you get paid!

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3. Get Paid to Write as a Freelance Writer

Do you love writing? The demand for efficient, quality writers is higher than ever. Almost every company website needs a blog these days, which means companies have a massive need for new, unique content.

There are people making money writing in almost every niche. Choose what you are interested in, and start pitching article ideas to blogs and companies in your niche. You may have to write the first few times for only $20-$30 an article (or maybe even for free) to build your portfolio, but as your credibility grows you can earn much more.

I’m a freelance writer and regularly make over $200 an article! It is my favorite way to make money online. If you love to write, but don’t know where to start in the freelance world, check out Holly Porter-Johnson’s Earn More Writing course. She makes over $200,000 a year as a freelance writer. Personally, I took this class when I started and booked my first client, that more than covered the cost of the course, two days later.


4. Use Your Grammar Skills as a Proofreader

Does steam come out of your ears when you see grammar mistakes in your friends’ Facebook posts? Well, you can use your grammar-ninja skills to earn some extra dough!

Similar to the need for writers, the need for proofreaders is booming. Get paid to proofread books, blog posts, sales copy and more. And if you are up for a bit more of a challenge, learn more about transcript proofreading. This is somewhat more technical, but also means you can earn higher rates.

Take on as few or as many clients as you like and work your own hours. At $15+ an hour, even a few hours a week can add some solid cash to your wallet.
Want help getting started? Caitlyn Pyle is the online proofreading guru. Her course, Proofread Anywhere, has helped many people start profitable side hustles from home.


5. Revisit Your Youth as a Babysitter

You don’t have to start a full-time daycare to make money watching other people’s kids. Babysitting isn’t just for your 16-year-old neighbor!

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, put out the word that you’re willing to babysit during the day for other parents or caregivers that need a few hours to go to the dentist, run errands, or sneak in a quick nap.

If you’re willing to put in a few evenings or weekends while your spouse watches your kids, you can make $20 an hour watching younger children. Many parents, myself included, aren’t comfortable leaving infants with a pre-teen or teen babysitter. Plus, you could bring your laptop and put in a few VA hours after the kids go to bed!


6. Start a Laundry Service

I hate doing laundry. Sorting it, remembering to switch it over from the washer to the dryer, and then folding it before it becomes a wrinkled mess. It just seems to take up so much time! And I’m not alone.

There are a lot of busy individuals who are looking for an easy, full-service way to have their laundry needs taken care of. That’s why Laundry Care was created!

For just $30, you can become a full-service laundry provider with your own washer and dryer. Laundry Care allows you to set your service area and connects you with clients. Your $30 fee also provides you with everything you need to take care of your first few clients. You get paid $19-$20 per bag of processed laundry.


7. Teach English to Students in China

Have a bachelor’s degree and a laptop? You can teach English online to students in China with VIPKID. Because of the time difference, you’ll be teaching late at night or in the early mornings while your kids are asleep.

The application process can take a few weeks for VIPKID, and you’ll have to complete a sample lesson to be approved. But once accepted, you can work as little as 7 ½ hours per week and make over $15 an hour. Learn more at our full VIPKid Review or on their website.


8. Thrift Store Flipping

Do you have an eye for a sweet deal? Browse LetGo, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace for cheap or free items that you can flip for a profit on eBay, Amazon, or other platforms. You can also bring your kids along to thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets to find great products.

The key to flipping is to start small and do your research. Don’t build up a huge inventory of stuff you think is fantastic, only to find out no one will buy it. Check what items are most favorited or commented on in your local buying groups. Then build your inventory to fit the demand.


9. Plan Pinterest Worthy Parties

Are you crafty and organized? Do you love all the fun ideas for party decorations and favors you find when scrolling through Pinterest? Start a local party planning business.

As a party planner, you can organize birthday parties, bachelorettes, wedding showers, anniversary parties and more. Find some pictures of a few of your best parties and create a Facebook page to start advertising your services.

You’re sure to find at least one parent in your area who has no interest in making the rainbow swirl cupcakes and unicorn decorations their daughter is begging for!


Make the Most of Your Skills & Make Money From Home

No matter your interests and skill set, there is at least one way for you to make a solid side income while working from home. You no longer need to commit 20 or 40 hours a week to add some cash to the family budget. Just consider how what you’re best at could solve a problem for someone else. Then get to work!

Hopefully, you enjoyed this list of ways for Moms to make money from home, but if you’d like more ideas, make sure to check out these helpful links:


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Are you a Mom making an extra income from home? We’d love to hear your thoughts and what you’re doing to bring in an income in the comments below!

Are you a busy mom looking to make an extra income from home? Here're 9 ideas that you can do in your spare time to bring in a decent part-time income!


Chelsea Brennan is a former Wall Street financial analyst and investment manager who changed gears in her career to chase her passion of improving financial literacy and independence. She is now a personal finance writer and content marketer. Brennan shares her obsession with budgeting, investing, and raising financially smart kids at MamaFishSaves.com

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