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Day 3 Training: Choosing A Niche


Welcome back to my 5 Day Training Course today is an extremely exiting day. Today we are going to choose the niche of your brand new online business. The last two days we cover what affiliate marketing is and how your going to use it to make money online. If you haven’t completed the previous days please go back and complete them before moving on! Day 1 Training Day 2 Training Now that you have completed the previous two days it’s time for Day 3! Today I will explain more about what a niche is, give you example of niches, and a few helpful ways to find a niche. I would also like you to complete lesson 3 at Wealthy Affiliate on choosing a niche, it may be redundant, but you may miss information the first time around. Also you will notice a few videos within today’s training. These videos have to do with ways to research for a niche and I suggest that you do the same while you follow along with the video.

What is a Niche

A Niche is a small market segment. It is the topic you will target with your blog and the target market you look to reach and sell to. From the definition you will see that a niche should contain a small segment of the overall marketplace. No niche is too narrow, but there are tons of niches that are too broad.

Tips On Choosing A Niche

  1. Make it your hobby: you will have to write content for you website. you don’t want to write content for something you’re not interested about!
  2. Narrow as possible: by narrow I mean as specific as possible. There is no niche that is too narrow. A narrow niche will make it easier to get good rankings and sales at the beginning.
  3. Do your research: I will be showing you a few ways to find niche ideas even if your already set on something make sure to do some research because you may come across something you never thought of.

Examples of A Niche

In this section I am going to list some common hobbies and then throw around some niche ideas just to give you some examples. I did not do any research on these niches, but feel free to use them!

Basketball = how to jump higher, coaching advice, nba team jerseys

Guitar = start-up guitars, online guitar lessons, custom guitar picks

Running = Nike running shoes, running electronics, heart rate monitors

Video Games =  baseball sports games, 1st person shooting games, retro gaming systems

Electronics= retro electronics, high-end computers

This is just a general list of somethings that came to me off the top of my head. With some research the list could be better!

Ways to Find A Niche: Niche Research

In this section I will be showing you two ways to easily find niche ideas. One using amazon and another using a Google search. Watch both videos below and try somethings out for yourself. I would like for you to come up with about 5 different niche ideas before moving on to the next step!

Option 1: Amazon

Option 2: Google Search


Now that you have watched both videos you should have a list of at least 5 niche ideas in front of you!

A little Bit Of Niche Research with Your List

In this section we will be doing some niche research using a great tool called Jaaxy. You will need to sign up for a free account at Jaaxy to get started do so through the link below. Once you have signed up watch the video.


In this section we will be doing some niche research on the list of at least 5 ideas you have in front of you! If you have your list and have created your Free Jaaxy account start the video!


Day 3 Complete

Congratulations by now you should have decided on your niche! Your not completely done for today thought because you still have tasks to complete below! Tomorrow we will be getting into domain names and creating your very first affiliate website with the niche you choose today!


On day 5 you will be receiving 3 special bonus offers from me! Make sure to stick around till day 5!

Day 3 Tasks

1) Complete Today’s Lesson and decide on a niche

2) Visit Wealthy Affiliates lesson on Choosing A Niche Here

3) Visit My WA profile and leave a comment about your niche ideas! Visit Here


4) My #1 Rated Poll Websites: Instant Cash Sweepstakes


Make sure to choose your niche before tomorrow! See You tomorrow,


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