5 Day Making Money Course: Step 2 to $5,000 Online: Building Your Website

Day 4: Step 2 To $5,000 Online: Building You Website

3 Clicks and You Have a Website!

Welcome to day 4 of this 5 day training course! Today we are going to be creating your very own affiliate niche website. But before we get started it’s extremely important that you have finished all previous training and tasks. If you have not click the links below to finish before completing day 4 training! Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Now that we have that out of the way let’s get started! As I said today we will be creating your very first niche website by now you should have chosen your niche because you will need it for today’s lesson. Today we will cover choosing a domain name, domain name options, how to set up your website at Wealthy Affiliate. Just like yesterday there will be a few videos in today’s training so make sure you watch them fully. At the end of the lesson there will be tasks to complete along with a lesson at WA that I would like you to look over!

What is A Domain Name

A domain name is the web address of a website. Most people should be familiar with what a domain name is but if not look up into the address bar at the top of your browser you should see that is this websites domain name. When setting up your very first website you will need to choose a relevant domain name for your niche. You can either choose a free or paid domain name which I will cover later on in today’s lesson, but first lets cover tips for choosing a domain name!

Tips on Choosing A Domain Name

  1.  You want your domain name to make sence with your niche. If your niche is dog toys you don’t want a domain name of that doesn’t make any sense. is a better choice
  2. Be creative. People remember creative domain names because they are surprised on how good the domain is. Take a bit to jot down some ideas!
  3. Make your domain name as short as possible. Making it to long will mean people can’t remember it
  4. Just like being creative you domain name needs to be memorable. If not then people won’t be able to remember your site!
  5. Don’t use special characters such as -$? all this does is confuse people and makes it extremely hard to remember!
  6. Make it long-lasting. Especially for a niche site you want a domain that will make sense 20 years from now. Choosing a domain name based on some pop culture in today won’t be popular in a few months!
  7. Shoot for a .com. Although there are some other good choices .com is the most usual and something that won’t send up red flags to visitors.

Now go ahead and jot down some domain ideas before you move on. Use the list of tips above to help you!

Create Your Website At Wealthy Affiliate


  1.  Watch the video below! Follow along to create your very first website!
  2. Click Here to learn more about a premium domain name!

Wrap Up Of Day 4

Congratulations on setting up your very first niche website! You now have a website that you will be creating that will help you earn money online! Your not done for today just yet though. Make sure to complete today’s tasks!

Day 4 Tasks

1) Create Your Very Own Niche Website At Wealthy Affiliate

2) Comment on my Profile Here. Let me know your brand new domain name!

3) Complete lesson 4 at Wealthy Affiliate Here

4) Complete lesson 5 at Wealthy Affiliate Here


5) My Top Rated Paid To Do Site:  SwagBucks

Day 4 Is Officially Over!

Make Sure to come back tomorrow to claims your special bonuses and I will be talking about how important training and having a mentor will be to your online journey.

See you tomorrow,


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    • Hey Robert. The Site that you build a free website on is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the site I’ve been talking about throughout most of this course.

      If you already have an account just click on the website manager tab within WA

      If you don’t have a free account yet you can sign up through this link. Or just click on the link right before the video.

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