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3 Ways To Earn Cash Back On Your Holiday Shopping

Soon we will all be Christmas shopping, make sure you're set up to earn as much cashback as possible! Here're 3 ways to earn cash back on all of your holiday shopping!For the last few years, I’ve put together a list of ways to earn cash back for your Holiday shopping, and the list was always very similar. This year I’m switching it up because there are some new great apps that you can use that work perfect for holiday shopping.

Luckily I’ve already reviewed each and have been paid by them all, so I’ve included links to my reviews and shown payment proof below.

If you have any questions about how the sites work, feel free to read my full review or leave comments below.

Keep in mind; these are just extra income sites where you need to spend money to make money, so these obviously won’t make you rich!

Let’s get started, here’re some ways you can earn cash back on your holiday shopping!

3 Cash Back Ideas For Your Holiday Shopping!

DropRead Review – $1 Sign-Up Bonus

Drop is an app that lets you link a debit or credit card to earn automatic cash back at participating stores. This is one of the new apps on my updated list, and I highly recommend joining for holiday shopping and to use year round.

When you make a purchase at a participating store, you’ll earn points automatically.

Some participating stores include Walmart, Target, Amazon, Walgreens, Uber, McDonald’s, and more!

When you earn enough points, you can get paid via gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, iTunes, Gap, Old Navy, and more retailers starting at $5.

Here’s proof that Drop pays:

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drop app payment proof

To learn more or to join, visit EarnwithDrop.com!


DoshRead Review – $1.50 Sign-Up Bonus

Dosh is an app similar to Drop but pays cash instead of gift cards. They’ll pay you cash back on some online purchases, in-store purchases, and traveling expenses. If you travel for the holidays, this can be an easy way to earn a lot of cash back!

All you need to do is link a debit or credit card and make purchases at participating stores to earn!

Some participating stores include Sam’s Club, Forever21, Denny’s, and most online retailers.

Once you earn $15, you can cash out via PayPal or Direct Deposit.

Here’s proof that the Dosh App pays:

dosh app payment proof via PayPal

To learn more or to join, visit Dosh.Cash.com!


EbatesRead Review – $10 Sign-Up Bonus

If you’ve ever been on my site before, I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about Ebates. It’s my favorite way to earn cash back on all of my online shopping. Ebates is a cashback portal that pays cash back to over 2,000 stores!

All you need to do to earn cash back is visit the store through the link on Ebates website. Once you visit the store, you can shop and make a purchase like you normally would. Once you complete a purchase, you’ll earn 2%-15% cash back on the total amount you spent!

Ebates pays quarterly via mailed check, PayPal, and Direct Deposit as long as you earn $10!

Here’s proof that Ebates pays via PayPal:

ebates payment proof

To learn more or to join, visit Ebates.com you’ll earn a $10 sign-up bonus once you make your first purchase!

More Legitimate Ways To Earn!

I hope you enjoyed this updated post on how to earn cash back on all of your online shopping! If you have any questions, feel free to read my full reviews or leave comments below.

If you’re interested in making extra cash for your holiday shopping, make sure to check out all of the Extra Income Sites I Use!

If you’re looking for a bigger online income, make sure to check out My #1 Recommendation or my work at home jobs directory!

Do you know of any other ways to earn cash back on your holiday shopping? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section below!


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