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Work From No Home Review

work from no home reviewWhenever I purchased this product to write my Work From No Home Review I was very surprised once I reached the members area. As I worked through the Work From No Home training I was seeing good up to date information. Why was I surprised you’re asking.

Well the Work From No Home’s sales page starts off just like a lot of scams Showing you that he made a lot of money in one month by setting up a few pages on a website, but really once you get inside the training it’s much more in-depth and teaches you the correct way to make the income that he shows you in the video.

Why is the sales video is different from the training well most people are looking for something that requires little work and makes you a lot of money. I am sorry to tell you that’s just not how it works. But don’t worry in this Work From No Home Review I will be showing you exactly what expectations you should have and going over how you can make money online with the Work From No Home System.

 What Is Work From No Home?

Work From No Home is a training website that is going to teach you how to build your own website, create content, drive traffic, and make money through promoting ClickBank products. Work From No Home does use some scam like sales tactics in its sales page, but once you get inside the members area the training is legit and up to date.

How Work From No Home Works?

Work From No Home works like this. You will be taught how to set up a WordPress Site and how to start creating content for that website. You will be taught how to create content to where it’s ranked high within Google Search and will drive traffic to your website. You will learn how to monetize your site by promoting ClickBank Products.

  1. Build A Website
  2. Create Great Content
  3. Monetize With Products
  4. Get Commissions on Sales

Work From No Home Review

is peng joon legitWebsite:

Owner: Peng Joon ⇒

Price: $37.00

Score: 85 out of 100

Verdict: LEGIT

I gave this product an 85 out of 100 because this training is really good, but it’s not the best out of all the products I recommend. This product has a cheap price tag which is misleading because you do get a lot of great training well worth the money.

I knocked off a few extra points because the sales page is misleading and may give you some unrealistic expectations of how this whole process will work.

What I Liked

Right Mindset

This is the best thing about Work From No Home. The training has the right mindset.

Wrong Mindset: I am going to create one page of content leave it alone and make $2,000 a day each day forever.

Right Mindset: I am going to consistently put out great content on my site, traffic will grow, sales will begin to flow in and grow overtime.

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how to make money online

I know it would be cool if the wrong mindset worked, but it just doesn’t work in real life work or online.


Work From No Home’s Training covers a ton of great information and like I covered above it has the right mindset. The training will teach you the following.

  • How to find a niche (category of products to promote)
  • How To Create Your Website
  • How To Create Great Content For Your Website
  • How to Drive Traffic To Your Website
  • How To Monetize Your Site & Start Making Sales.

Above is the list of main core of training within Work From No Home. This part of the training needs to be your key focus and will teach you exactly how this process works.

Other Training:

Along with the main training listed above Work From No Home includes some other great training:

  • Conversions & Increasing Conversion Techniques
  • Press Release Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Outsourcing
  • Ready To Use Templates


The price of $37 for this product really is a steal. For the amount of information you receive it’s probably worth more like $50-$100. Give this product to some online scam artists and they would charge $500!

The price is great and just know it’s worth the money.

Work From No Home Concerns

Sales Pitch

Visit The Sales Pitch Here

So above in the things I liked section I just told you that Work From No Home has the correct mindset on how to make money online. But he must have created the sales video before he had this mindset because it’s not the same.

In the sales video it is basically him traveling around the world for 30 days. He says that he just starts a website and puts a page of information on it and within a few days he is consistently making a couple hundred bucks and then by the end he is making thousands a day.

This is not how it works. The mindset in the Sales pitch does not work anymore. You have to build out your website content, and slowly build traffic. Making money online is a marathon not a footrace.

No Videos

One thing that concerns me about Work From No Home is there really aren’t any training videos. Now in each section there is a video introduction that shows what will be covered in section, but the rest of the training is done with pictures and text. Some people won’t mind this, but for visual learners or people who need to see something to understand it you may have problems.

Lack Of WordPress Training

One key part of this whole system is going to be creating your own WordPress site. WordPress is extremely easy to use and I actually use WordPress for my site, but still if you have never created a website before you are going to need more training on exactly how this is all done. If you would like an alternative to Work From No Home that will teach you how to build a website and about selling ClickBank products visit Wealthy Affiliate.

Final Verdict

All in all Work From No Home is a pretty good product especially for the one time price of $37. If you purchase this product and follow the training this system can make you money. It’s the system I use to make money online with this website so I know that it works, but I was taught from a site that has even better training called Wealthy Affiliate.

I do recommend this product to anyone who is completely tired of being scammed online and would like to learn more about a legit way to make money online. The $37 price tag is a pretty small investment for how much training and great information you will receive from this product.

What To Do Now?

If you’re interested in purchasing Work From No Home please do so through the link.. If you would like to learn how I make money with this website and more about Wealthy Affiliate, the company that taught me how. Visit my Start Your Own Online Business Page.

Thank you for reading my Work From No Home Review. If you’re interested click the links above or below to learn more and get started.If you have dealt with Work From No Home in the past I’d love to hear your experiences with the product in the comment section below!


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