Theme Park Tourist Review: Is Writing for Theme Park Tourist a Scam?

theme park tourist review scam or legitiamteTheme Park Tourist is one of the most popular theme park websites on the internet. They are based in the UK but have writers around the world who produce content that theme park lovers will want to read.

They currently have a full roster of writers, but it’s best to submit your application now so you are in line to be considered when a vacancy opens up. If you’re a big fan of theme parks, especially any of the Disney parks, keep reading for details and information on how to put your hat in the ring!

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Theme Park Tourist Requirements

If it isn’t obvious to you, you need to have a true love for theme parks. Here are some other things they look for in their writers:

  • You need to be able to produce original content.
  • You need to be able to write content that will fascinate readers and keep them coming back for more.
  • They want writers that want a long-term commitment.
  • They want to be sure that you will contribute at least 2 articles per month.

Theme Park Tourist doesn’t want to publish the same old stuff that’s seen all over the internet. To help understand this, they’ve made a list of 4 key criteria that every article they publish must meet:

  1. Informative: The reader should be able to learn something new by reading your article.
  2. Entertaining: Since theme parks are fun, they want your articles to be fun to read.
  3. Unique: If you’ve already seen something similar on another site, they probably don’t want it. It can be the same topic, but it needs to be taken on from a different angle.
  4. Compelling Title: The title needs to be perfect – it needs to be clear, but it also needs to draw the readers in. Think about the titles of articles that you see on Facebook or other social media sites.

List format articles are very popular and Theme Park Tourist articles are no exception. They do sometimes accept articles that are not in list format, but mostly they like lists.

Many of the articles they publish are Disney and Universal theme parks, and they tend to do more on the Florida Disney, rather than California. Approximately 50% of the articles they publish are related to Disney.

They want writers who will produce articles in or relating to the topic areas listed below. If you go to this page, you can see example articles of each. It will suit you well to be a creative thinker. Here are the main subject areas:

  • The history of Disney theme parks
  • “Alternative” guides for Disney parks
  • The unusual side of Disney
  • “Behind the scenes” at Disney
  • Disney parks new attractions

When you look at this list, imagine each topic says, “or other theme parks.” Just keep in mind that half of their articles are based around the Disney theme parks. If you have an idea that falls outside of these categories, pitch it! They are totally willing to take risks on something different and creative.

Theme Park Tourist Application Process

Contact Theme Park Tourist here using their contact form. Or you can send an email to When you contact them, they want you to give them at least 3 article titles that you think will attract readers.

How Much Does Theme Park Tourist Pay?

Theme Park Tourist will pay you $50 for an article consisting of 750-1000 words. You’ll even be eligible for bonuses of $25 to $150 for articles that generate a lot of traffic. Sorry, they don’t say what kind of traffic is considered “a lot.”

When Does Theme Park Tourist Pay?

You’ll be paid once a month. Theme Park Tourist pays you on time at the end of the month. They will also review your pitches and respond to you promptly so you can keep writing at your own pace.

Theme Park Tourist Schedule

Theme Park Tourist wants writers who will be consistent in producing at least 2 articles per month. You’ll need to pitch your ideas to them and get their feedback and approval. You’ll want to give them your ideas on a regular basis, so you’re always ready with something to write. It sounds like you could write more than 2 articles per month. But as usual, writing happens at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Theme Park Tourist Feedback

I didn’t find actual feedback from writers, but they have links and bios for some of their writers on their website. One has a link to his Twitter account where it appears he lives and breathes theme park adventure! The same guy has been writing for Theme Park Tourist for over seven years. Most writers they had bios on have been writing for Theme Park Tourist for 4+ years, and some are “reachable” via their personal website or other social media accounts.

If Theme Park Tourist didn’t trust and respect their writers, they wouldn’t allow link-backs allowing you to essentially contact them. In my opinion, $50 to write a 1000 word piece on something you LOVE is OK. Actually, it’s kinda low, but if your content is popular you can get paid bonuses. But again, if you love Disney and you love writing, it’s not too bad. It’s just not a career in and of itself.

Is Writing for Theme Park Tourist a Scam?

Based on my research, writing for Theme Park Tourist is not a scam. It sounds like a fun way to write about something you love. If you love all things to do with theme parks, come up with your best three titles and send them in! Here’s where you can contact them to get on the list.

If you want to write for Theme Park Tourist, you’ll have to wait until they have openings, so this might not be the best option for freelance writers looking for an income now. Make sure to check out the other work from home companies hiring now.

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