Survey Master Review: Why Survey Master Is A Scam!

survey master reviewMost people who try to make money for the first time online, end up joining some survey site. Most people realize pretty quickly that earnings with surveys sites might not be really enough to justify all the work. So they do some research to try to learn about making more with paid surveys. This is exactly why brings you to companies like Survey Master. Lately I have run into a lot of companies like this that are taking advantage of people new to making money online. So I have decided to do this Survey Master Review to try to save you all some money and time!

In this Survey Master Review you will learn exactly how they are taking advantage of your urge to earn more with paid surveys and scamming you out of your money.

What Is Survey Master

Survey Master is a company that promises that they can teach you how to make more money with paid surveys. They also promise that they have the highest paying surveys in their database. Surveys that pay $15-$25.

As you may have guessed BOTH of these promises are not met within the members area and I will cover that in more detail later on in this review.

Survey Master Review

survey master scamWebsite:

Price: $49.97

Score: 5 Out Of 100

Verdict: SCAM!

I gave Survey Master a 5 out of 100 because this company is a complete scam. The two promises they make on their sales page are not met within the members area. They do not have a secret way of making more with surveys and they do not have access to survey sites that pay more than normal sites. Survey Masters is a scam.

Now I am not against survey sites. I actually get paid by a few each month, but I am against companies like Survey Master that mislead you and make you pay for a fake system and a list of survey sites.

Survey Master Concerns

How It Works:

One very misleading thing about Survey Master is how it actually works. Survey Master will never be the site that sends you surveys or pays you for the surveys. Basically all Survey Master does is give you a list of sites to sign up for. The sites you sign up for will be the ones that send you surveys and pay you for taking surveys.

Another misleading thing is not only will Survey Master charge you to access their members area, but they will earn commissions on all your survey income because when you join sites on their list you become their referral. Basically you are paying a dishonest company to view their members area and for referring you.


There really is no training within Survey Master and there is 100% not a secret system to making more with surveys. There is more like a few helpful tips. The helpful tips consist of create a new email, download robo-form, and sign up for all the sites on their list!

I know not really training just a few ideas to get you started and of course they threw in sign up for all the sites because they want you to be their referral!

Survey List:

The survey list that Survey Master gives you decent. There is a few companies on there that I actually recommend like Paid Viewpoint, Cash Crate, and Survey Savvy. But the list has over 500 paid survey sites on it so there are tons of sites that are crappy and are scams.

Although there are a few good sites on the list you should never have to actually pay for a list of survey sites. That information can be found on the internet for completely Free! A good place to start is 30 paid surveys sites that pay.

Some people are surprised when they see a list of survey sites because they were expecting to get their surveys from Survey Master, but that is not the case all surveys will have to come from survey sites you join.


With your Survey Master Membership you are given a few extra bonuses. These bonuses are basically E-books of other ways to make money online and just give you a list of companies to join so they can make more money off you being a referral. The bonuses are listed below.

  • Get Paid To Open Emails: You can do this for Free with Inbox Dollars
  • Get Paid To Shop: You can do this for Free with Ebates

Final Verdict

I do not recommend purchasing this product. Survey Master is a complete scam that is taking advantage of people who are not informed about making money online. Please keep in mind that I am not against paid survey sites, there are a few that are completely legit that pay well and pay me each month.

I am completely against companies like Survey Master that takes advantage of people by selling them a survey list and secret to making more money with paid surveys.

What To Do Now?

Thank you for reading my Survey Master Review. Like I said above there are some survey sites that I recommend, they are Paid Viewpoint, Cash Crate, and Survey Savvy. To see the full list of survey sites visit the 30 best survey sites that pay.

You know there is no secret system to making more with survey sites so if you would like to make a larger income online check out my #1 Recommendation. It’s how I make 95% of my online income.

Once again thanks for reading my Survey Master Review. Make sure to share this with your friends and if you have any experiences with this company I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below!

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