RankPay Review: Is Writing Blog Posts for RankPay a Scam?

rank pay review legit or writing scamRankPay will help you gain exposure as a blog writer, and will pay you $50 for your blog post! They are looking for writers who can cover SEO, content marketing, and social media. They want engaging, actionable posts that are easy to read and include good stats and images.

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In this review, I will explain how it works and how to submit your posts.

RankPay Requirements

If you’re interested in writing a blog post for RankPay, here are the requirements:

  • You must be a Native English speaker
  • You need to have already published at least two articles (they want you to include links to 2 recently published posts with your submission)
  • You need to create original, high-quality content that is actionable, unique, and useful (lists are always good)
  • You need to write in a way that reflects the tone of the RankPay blog, which is helpful and casual
  • Your blog posts should have good use of data, imagery, and expert quotes
  • Your posts need to be a minimum of 1,000 words
  • You need to give proper credit to all data, quotations, and outside content
  • Images need to be 600 pixels wide or less
  • They want you to link back to other posts published on the RankPay Blog
  • If RankPay accepts your post, you agree not to republish it anywhere else
  • You will need to upload a profile image of yourself to Gravatar

There are also some things they CANNOT accept:

  • They can’t accept anything that’s been covered before on the RankPay blog
  • They won’t accept anything that looks like a link-building scheme (these are any links that are intended to manipulate a page rank or the ranking within Google; this is actually a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines)
  • They don’t want anything that appears to be too promotional for your own business or organization
  • And they definitely won’t accept anything that is offensive or inaccurate

RankPay Application Process

You don’t need to fill out an application for RankPay. Instead, if you want to submit a blog post, follow the guidelines above and send it in a Google Doc to Here’s everything you need to include in your email when you want to submit a post:

  • Include links to two recent articles you’ve had published online (note that the author credit needs to be in your own name)
  • Include your image files, with proper credit, in a separate folder
  • Create and include a short author biography with a maximum of one text link to your own website
  • Finally, your completed post in a Google Doc

If your blog post meets their standards and is the kind of content they want, RankPay will respond to let you know that your article will be published. They say that process could take up to 2 weeks. Also, due to the number of posts they receive, they most likely will not respond if they don’t want to use your blog post.

I know it can be frustrating to wait for two weeks and then to hear nothing in return. I suggest that you set yourself a reminder so that if two weeks pass by, or 3 to be safe, you can submit your post elsewhere to be published. Or you could start publishing for yourself in your own blog!

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How Much Does RankPay Pay for Blog Posts?

RankPay will pay you $50 for your blog post. Remember it needs to be a minimum of 1,000 words and has to meet the requirements above.

RankPay Schedule

Your schedule with RankPay is completely your own. If you want to send in a post, you’ll write it anytime you want and send it in. So your schedule should never be an issue with RankPay.

RankPay Example Articles

Thinking about submitting a post to RankPay? Here are some example articles to give you an idea of what they are looking for:

RankPay Feedback

I found a lot of feedback for RankPay users. People use RankPay to help them get better ranking in a Google search. But I didn’t find any feedback from people who have written for RankPay and received their $50 payment.

What I saw on the RankPay blog is that most posts were from the same person, except for a couple “guest authors.” This makes me a little unsure about who you’re writing for. It sounds like you’re writing for the RankPay blog, but then who is writing for their clients?

I did contact an author of one of the sample articles. I hope to hear back from her, at which time I will update this post with a little more info!

Is Writing Blog Posts for RankPay a Scam?

Even with some unanswered questions, I still believe that writing for RankPay is not a scam. But I would only try this if writing about SEO is second nature for you and you’re sure you can give them what they want. If you want to give it a try, follow the instructions above to submit your original article to

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