Paid Social Media Jobs Scam: Isn’t What I Expected

Learn Why Paid Social Media Jobs Won't Help you Work AT Home On Social Media!With social media sites becoming so popular there is a growing amount of jobs in the social media managing area. One site that offers these jobs is I know because I joined a few months back, because of a pitch I saw on twitter.

It sparked my interest and I thought why not make tons of money just by doing some social media work. I have to say it was the worst $47 I have spent in my life. In this review I will be going over the Paid Social Media Jobs system and why I feel like it is a scam.

Please keep in mind that you can make money as a social media manager, but I feel that Paid Social Media Jobs is not the best place to do it!

Short Review of Paid Social Media Jobs

Getting Paid for social media managing is legit. Paid Social Media Jobs is not the site to use. You will be mislead and let down once you buy a subscription to this site. It’s not easy, extremely competitive, and more time-consuming than the product pitch will make you believe.paid Social Media jobs scam

What Is

Paid Social Media is a job listing site focused around social media jobs. It’s pretty much a job board that only offers social media sites. You can get paid for managing people’s social media accounts, creating accounts, and posting for accounts.

The site advertises a price of $47 marked down from $97. The reason for the charge is because there is no fee taken out of the payment for each job you complete.

Paid Social Media Jobs Review

Paid Social Media
Any Site That Has This When You Try To Leave the Page Is Not Worth Using!

Website: Paid Social Media Jobs

Price: $47

Rating: 40 out of 100

Verdict: Scam

As you can tell I was extremely disappointed to see the program after paying $47. I would not suggest using this site ever. If you want a social media job I would suggest using freelance websites like Fiverr, Elance, and Odesk. You really can make money as a social media manager, but from my experiences I think there is better places to find them.

I gave this site a 40 out of 100 because first off, I was mislead from the beginning with the false pictures of the site. I would recommend never buying a product/system if they don’t let you preview it for FREE. It means they are probably hiding something.

I was mislead on how to website worked. I though Clients posted jobs if they needed social media help and posted a price. You then you applied and they choose who they wanted. WRONG You post what you will do for a price and clients choose you.

The site is way to competitive to have to pay to use. Stay away and just use Freelance websites! It is better to have to pay a commission on jobs you get than a fee to get no jobs at all!

What I didn’t like about Paid Social Media Jobs

  • The product is described as a way to easily make money. I found this website through a tweet. The tweet showed a picture of 4 job listings all with pretty easy tasks with payments in the $150-$400. Of course once I bought the product that was not the case It’s not a job board with available jobs. It is pretty much Fiverr for only social media sites and prices can be higher or lower than $5.
  • Extremely Competitive. There are only so many social media jobs out there and all this site has is people outbidding others to get work. The prices were extremely lower than ad I saw that made me join, and even if I got a job it wouldn’t be worth my while.

Final Verdict

I do not recommend this product to anyone trying to make money online through social media. I felt like this website was very misleading with what the members area actually is. If this site was Free it would be a different story. But paying $47 to use a job board that is extremely competitive that will most likely not lead you to any money is not worth it.

bad product

See How It Compares To My #1 Recommendation Below!

What To Do Now?

Honestly making money on social media is very hard, but if you would like to I suggest checking out Fiverr. You can make your own gigs and promote other people’s products and businesses on your social media accounts. I am making a bit of money doing this, but it won’t lead to much money unless you have a very active social media following.

If you feel like social media isn’t the best choice for you check out my Scam Free Jobs post for other ways to make money online.

You can also check out My #1 Recommendation to find out how I make money online every day with Affiliate Marketing.

Thank you for reading my Paid Social Media Jobs Scam post. I would recommend staying away from this company, but encourage you to take use of the links above to legit online jobs. If you have used this product or any other scam in the past I’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

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7 thoughts on “Paid Social Media Jobs Scam: Isn’t What I Expected”

  1. Great info! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for providing some ideas about working from home ..and not getting ripped off again.

  2. I would be more inclined to believe your review if you weren’t promoting your own product. I am not sure about paid social media or your site either.

    • Rodney,

      I’m not promoting my own product, I’m promoting a legitimate product that works. “Paid Social Media Jobs” is not worth the money, but feel free to try it out. Luckily it’s a Clickbank product so it’s easy to get a refund if you’re not satisfied with the product.


  3. There are many people who get effected from such kinds of scams and at the end find no thing. Often such kind jobs are faked and very few people get payment. I come to know so many secrets about paid social media jobs scam which are good for everyone and be careful from such scams.


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