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Online Marketing Academy With Jo Barnes

Online Marketing Academy With Jo Barnes ReviewOnline Marketing Academy has been around for a few years now and has made quite a bit of hype about affiliate marketing and promoting your own products online. Jo Barnes and internet marketer has put out a ton of different products, but in my opinion this  is one of the best ones.

In this Online Marketing Academy With Jo Barnes Review we will take a look at exactly what you will receive when purchasing, go through what I liked and didn’t like, and also compare it to other top programs.

What Is the Online Marketing Academy With Jo Barnes?

Basically the Online Marketing Academy teaches you how to make money promoting your own product online and how to promote other people’s products with affiliate marketing.

The course is 8 weeks of training videos and takes you through the various topics you will need to know to be successful online. Along with the training course you have access a weekly seminar, and a private Facebook Group to help you with your problems.

Short Online Marketing Academy Review

The Online Marketing Academy is a good product. The training is decent and the Facebook community is active. But I find that $49 a month is a bit to expensive for the information you receive in this product. I gave this product a good review, but for the money there are products for the same price that are much better.

Online Marketing Academy Review

online marketing academy reviewWebsite:

Owner: Jo Barnes

Price: $1 Trial, $49 a month

Score: 82 out of 100

Verdict: LEGIT!

I gave the Online Marketing Academy With Jo Barnes an 82 out of 100 because I found the training to be pretty effective and worth while. But I just don’t think it’s completely there to have a higher score. I have reviewed a few products that cover the exact same that are simply better. An example of this would be Wealthy Affiliate.

But despite other programs being better. Jo does a good job at teaching you what you need to know to get started. There were a lot of things I enjoyed about this program and would recommend it just because of the trial, but think you can find even better training at Wealthy Affiliate.


What I Liked

Clear Representation

One thing that usually get lost when talking about making money online is clear representation of products. Most products sales/landing pages are full of BS and false information just to get you to buy.

I was very impressed on how well Jo gives truthful information on her sales page. She gives us the facts about what she is trying to sell you. No annoying sales tactics. She just lets her product speak for its self which is exactly what a sales page should be! Unfortunately not everyone agrees with that!

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Training Lessons

Of course the training is the most important part of any training website and the training at Online Marketing Academy is pretty good. The courses flow nice and the information is presented in a timely and easy to understand way. You can tell that Jo has the lessons planned out and some time went into creating the work.

Although I enjoyed the training I felt like it fell short in some areas which I cover in the things I didn’t like portion of the review. But on a positive note the training is better than most other programs out there that focus on promoting yours and other people’s products.

Facebook Community

One of the best things about Online Marketing Academy is that it features a Facebook Group support page. I would like to see it integrated into the training like Wealthy Affiliate, but the Facebook group is very active and it seems mostly everyone there is nice and eager to help.

There are thousands of members in the community and this will be very helpful if you choose to buy this product.

What I Didn’t Like

Didn’t Seem Complete

Although I found that the training inside the Online Marketing Academy with Jo Barnes is pretty good, it felt to me that there is just a lot of important information left out. I feel like it would have been much harder for me to succeed in affiliate marketing if I would have used this program when starting out over Wealthy Affiliate

Price To High

Some people might disagree with this, but personally for the amount of training you receive I felt like the price of $49.00 a month is just to high for this product. I guess this could be because of a similar much better product called Wealthy Affiliate that is $49 a month as well. To me no reason to spend the same amount of money per month a product that just doesn’t compare to Wealthy Affiliate.


Final Verdict

I do recommend Online Marketing Academy With Jo Barnes to beginning affiliate marketers that want to get some training for the $1 21 day trial. I would not recommend keeping this training any longer than that just because I don’t think the training is worth $49 a month.

I did give this product a positive review and think that there is some good content within the members area, but there is simply much better products out there for your money. I cover the product I recommend in the section below.

Chris Farrell Membership Approved

What To Do Now?

Now I have already said this above, but I do recommend Online Marketing Academy With Jo Barnes, but I also feel that there is much better products out there for your money. My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. It is a much better training website and has a lot more features such as free website hosting and a completely free trial. You can see the comparison of both below along with links to sign up for both products. The choice is yours, but I highly recommend trying Wealthy Affiliate with a Free Membership. But maybe you can try them both and only spend $1!

Thank you for reading my Online Marketing Academy With Jo Barnes Review. I know this product can help you make money online, but it’s not the best I have seen and I think that you will end up having to purchase another product to get where you want to be with affiliate marketing. I hope you enjoyed this review and take a look at my #1 recommendation. If you have had experience with this company I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below and don’t forget to share!

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