Niche Profit Classroom 5 Review

niche profit classroom 5 reviewProduct: Niche Profit Classroom 5.0

Price: $1 14 day trial, $67 a Month 

Owners: Adam Short and Alen Sultanic

Score: 40 Out of 100

Verdict: Not Recommended

Niche Profit Classroom has been around now since 2009. As you can see it’s now in the 5.0 version of the training and still is not a program that you should buy.

Although this course has  a lot of information to give to you, it still teaches some less than effective techniques and for a complete beginner this site won’t do much for you. There are a lot of loose ends within the training and frankly to become a successful internet marketer you need the best training out there.

In this Niche Profit Classroom 5 review we will take a look at what it is, what you get when purchasing, and why I don’t recommend buying this product.

What Is Niche Profit Classroom

Is a system that Adam has created that teaches you how to create your own online niche business.

Adam takes the approach of using a template website and programs that automate a lot of the processes.

Problem is a lot of the techniques taught and processes he teaches no longer work in this day in age.

What I Liked

Sales Page

One major complaint I had with the older versions of NPC was the sales page. Adam did the typical crap, showing you his super nice house, his expensive cars, and toys. But within the NPC 5.0 he took a very different approach which I was pretty impressed with.

Instead of all the hype he actually says that there is no guarantee of making money with this system. He says it has worked for him and others, but if you don’t take action you won’t make any money.

One thing to point out is that the training is outdated so even though he has got rid of the hype within the sales page it still is not a great program to use.

Legit Way To Earn

Adam does have the right idea of how to make legit money online. The best way to do so is by creating a niche website, creating content, driving traffic, and making affiliate sales. Here is the best place to learn how to do that.

The problem is he is not teaching the right techniques. Although he has the plan and end result right he teaching the wrong steps to get there.

What I Don’t Like

Up sells

The first thing I hate about this program is there are 3 different up sells while purchasing this product. One thing I have never understood is if you’re selling me a product that is supposed to make me money why not include everything I need in the original product.

The Up Sells are mostly more training or what they call a fast track to success to help you make money quicker. If you do decide to buy this product (which I don’t recommend) I’d stay away from the Up Sells.


I was actually pretty surprised on the amount of training included in Niche Profit Classroom 5. Almost all the training is videos that are pretty short and usually pretty poor quality.

The training does an okay job of going step by step and are usually decently easy to follow, but I think he could have done a better job at keeping it organized.

Another problem I found with the training is most videos are just him talking over a slide show, which means he is doing more telling than showing, which is a problem for beginners who don’t already have some background knowledge of creating websites.

Out Dated Information

Like I mentioned above Adam has the right idea of how to make money online with a niche site, but he doesn’t have to process down correctly.

Within the training there is a lot of techniques taught that no longer work and can actually penalize you within Google and other search engines.

For example one technique talked about a lot is link building. Google has cracked down on what’s called black hat SEO or basically techniques not allowed by Google. One of those tactics is automatically generating or paying for back links.

Unfortunately that is exactly what NPC teaches. He takes the approach of building tons of low quality back links to your site, which is not what Google is looking for. They have changed to looking for high quality, or popular site back links and low quality links can actually hurt your site.

Automated Systems and Ready Made Website

This goes right along with the section just covered on techniques that no longer work. Adam has a lot of automated processes that he includes in the training and frankly it’s not what Google is looking for anymore.

Also the template website that’s included in your membership, although it can be fully customized, is not something that works within Google and other search engines anymore.

Is Niche Profit Classroom Legit

To me Niche Profit Classroom is legit, because if you put some work in this system can make you some money, but with that said I do not recommend this product.

Like I have mentioned a lot of techniques taught that no longer work and can actually hurt your site. I would say that you can learn some good information from NPC, but some of the training can really get you in trouble.

If Adam got rid of some of the outdated training and updated it with newer techniques then I might be able to recommend this product, but for now it’s not worth purchasing especially when you have to pay over $60 a month for it.

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What To Do Now?

We have taken a look at Niche Profit Classroom 5 within this review and I have come to the conclusion that this product is still outdated and not worth your money. If you remember I have said that Adam does have the right idea of how to make legit money online.

This is actually the way I make money online, but I have used updated techniques that actually still work. To learn from the same community I did for FREE visit Start Your Own Online Business.

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I hope you enjoyed my Niche Profit Classroom 5 Review. If you have questions make sure to leave comments below and don’t forget to share with your friends!

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