Is Binary Millionaire A Scam: Learn More In This Review

binary millionaire reviewBinary Millionaire is one of the newest binary trading systems to hit the market. Just like all the other systems, Binary Millionaire is a scam.

Binary Millionaire is marketed as a fail proof system to making huge profits with binary options. They say there is little to no risk involved and no experienced needed with their new loophole system.

As you can guess this is not true. None of the binary option systems are working and are set up just to steal your money.

In this Binary Millionaire Review we will take a look at exactly why this product is a scam and why you should stay far away from this product.

Binary Millionaire Review


Price: Free + $200 Minimum Deposit

Score: 10 Out Of 100

Verdict: SCAM!

I gave Binary Millionaire a very low score and marked it a scam for many reasons. First they have a very misleading sales page that gives you the impression that you need no experience and their program can make you money on auto pilot.

They also give you the impression that there is no risk with program and that a huge profit is guaranteed. Everything about this product is a scam and I will go into detail in the next section.

Why Is Binary Millionaire A Scam?

Misleading Sales Page

The sales page for Binary Millionaire is very similar to other binary option products. Basically they have a sales video with large income numbers thrown in your face, they say this is risk free system, and no experience is needed. Of course all of these claims are not true.

I have included a few screenshots from the sales page below.

binary millionaire reviews

Above is a screenshot of one of the first things you see on their sales page. As you can see they are promising you that someone is making a huge amount of money using this system and that their product has found the loophole in binary options trading.

binary millionaire scam

Here is another screenshot from the sales page with another large income from using this system. Of course it’s very simple to fake and get your hands on other people’s incomes to make a product seem legit.

Another thing I found on the sales page of this product is that they list a few members of their company. When you actually search their names nothing comes up and the pictures they have used are taken from another website. Smells like a complete scam to me!

Auto Pilot System

I am not a trading expert and it’s no secret that big companies have computer software that helps them make trades, but I still have a few problems with systems like Binary Millionaire.

First off if someone had a system that made mostly winning trades let’s say 70% why in the heck would they give it to you, especially for free.

Don’t you think they would be reeling in the cash for themselves instead of sharing it with people?

The next problem I have with this, is from my experiences any type of auto pilot system that you find online doesn’t work.

To make money online and with trading it requires effort, work, and knowledge from you to actually make any money.

Just like offline you have to work to earn money, nothing is handed to you just because it’s online.

Empty Promises

One thing Binary Millionaire does is give you a few empty promises. The first one is that you need no experience to trade with this system.

First off if you know anything about trading there is a lot of research that can be done to put yourself in the best position to win a trade. Of course if you have no experience you won’t know how to do this, which means huge profits and a consistent winning percentage of trades is highly unlikely.

The next empty promise is that this system is very low to no risk. Once again if you know anything about trading or investing you have no guarantee that you will make money or that you will ever get any of that money back.

Is Binary Millionaire Legit?

As you can probably tell from this Binary Millionaire review, this product is a complete scam and is not legit. This program is set up to give you lies so you join this product for free.

Then they want you to put money in your account, which they will earn a commission on. After that this program will not help you make money with binary options. It will most likely help you lose money with its extremely high trading fees and system that does not work.

I do not recommend this product to anyone. You should stay far away from Binary Millionaire and binary option systems like it.

Legit Ways To Earn Money

Let me first start off this section by saying that I am not against binary option investing. Personally I don’t partake in that kind of trading, but it is a legit form of trading.

If you’re still interested in Binary Options I recommending finding a well-known broker and go at it. But please stay away from products like Binary Millionaire that sell a system that will help you win more trades, they are all scams!

If binary options is not what you’re looking for, I suggest checking out my #1 recommendation for making money online. It has to do with starting your own online business that you can build up over time into something huge!

I hope you enjoyed this Binary Millionaire Review. We figured out that this product is a complete scam that you should stay away from. Make sure to share with your friends so they don’t get scammed too, and check out my #1 recommendation above.

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  1. Most other reviews out there are just in it for the buck. This one is straight up and honest. Glad to see there are still some honest people out there.

    • Adam,

      Thanks for the comment and kind words. Like I mentioned these products are affiliates dream promotion, you’re going to find a ton of positive reviews on these crappy binary option products.



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