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Iphone Video Hero Review

iphone video hero reviewProduct: iPhone Video Hero

Owner: Jules

Price: $97

Score: 93 Out Of 100

Verdict: Legit

Video has become one of the most affective ways to market your business and products online. A lot of people are still shying away from video because it sounds like a ton of work and very expensive. Truth is you don’t need a movie set camera or even a $250 camera to be successful with video marketing. All you need is probably in your pocket or sitting on the table next to your right now!

That’s right all you need to create high quality videos that promote the heck out of your business is your iPhone. The iPhone’s camera is very high quality and sometime it just takes a bit of training to get it right.

That is why I recommend iPhone Video Hero, which we will be talking about today in this review. iPhone Video Hero shows you exactly how you can use your phone to create high quality videos to promote your business and saves your piggy bank by avoiding the expenses of an expensive camera.

In this iPhone Video Hero Review we will take a look at what you receive when buying and what I did and didn’t like about this product.

iPhone Video Hero Review

I gave iPhone Video Hero a 93 out of 100 because it’s a top-notch product that gets very in-depth on how to shoot very high quality videos with your iPhone. The training is outstanding and it’s taught by a superstar TV Show director named Jules. He teaches you some great advanced techniques and makes it extremely easy to understand.

You will learn tons of information within this course and it’s fully worth the $97 you will pay to snag it. Read on to learn more about what you will receive when buying.

What You Get?


When you buy iPhone Video Hero you are going to receive a ton of training. There is over 35 fantastic videos that cover various techniques to making your videos great. The training covers the controls, getting great audio, and a ton of things you can do to make the visual part of the video great. There really is too much training to even list it out in this review, but it covers everything you could need to know to make a great video with your iPhone.

The training videos are very easy to follow and understand. Jules does a great job of teaching the basics and the advanced techniques.


There is actually a few apps that you will need to download to really get the full use of taking video with your iPhone. iPhone Video Hero does a great job of telling you exactly what apps you need to download and has tutorial videos on how to use each app.


Along with the main training in iPhone Video Hero there are also some great bonuses you receive. The bonuses are all listed out below.

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  1. How To Shine On Screen (how to be in front of the camera)
  2. How to Make Great YouTube Videos
  3. How To Make Info Products That Sell
  4. Business Ideas E-Book

What I Liked

Works With Any iPhone

One awesome thing about iPhone video hero is that it’s always updated to go along with the newest IOS system. But don’t worry you don’t need the newest phone and operating system to complete this training. The lessons have been created to show you how to do this on any iPhone that you might have, which is extremely convenient.

Actually Covers How To Film Your Video

Now I recommend a few other products having to do with Video Marketing. One of them is Video Traffic Academy. Problem is with most of the video marketing training courses is they show you how to get your videos ranked well, but leave out how to create a fantastic video. Now with iPhone Video Hero you’re not going to learn how to get your videos ranked well on YouTube, but you will learn how to create the fantastic video that the other systems left out. It might be a good idea to combine a few program together if you’re looking to get started in video marketing.

Shows You The Best Products

To make fantastic videos you don’t need the highest end products, but some people who are wanting extremely high quality videos might end up needing some lighting and a microphone. Luckily for you iPhone Video Hero recommend certain products that they use and know are high quality. They have done a nice job of giving options in different price ranges so everyone can find something that fits into their budget.

What I Don’t Like

iphone video hero videosNot Set Up In Courses

One thing that I hated about iPhone Video hero is that the lessons are not set up into modules or courses. It’s just a list of all the videos. There is order to them, but I wish they were grouped together because it makes it easier to navigate and figure out exactly what lesson you’re on. You can see an example of what I mean to the right.

This is not a huge deal because they do a good job of making it decently easy to navigate with a sidebar, but the real issue is remembering where you are in the course.

Up Sells

I am not a huge fan of sites that have up sells. But iPhone Video Hero does have an up sell. It’s a monthly subscription service that gives you some extra bonuses such as support from Jules and monthly webinars that cover different video marketing topics. The Up Sell is called Video Hero VIP and costs you $29 every 30 days.

Honestly the up sells is not required to succeed with making great videos. If you buy this course and then struggle with the concepts it may be a good idea to try the VIP to get more support, but most people will get along just fine with out it.

Well What About My Phone?

The course is called iPhone Video Hero for a reason. The course is taught on iPhones. If you have anything after and iPhone 4 you should be completely good to go because the courses cover each version of the iPhone, but if you have any other smart phone this course will not cover the exact settings for your phone.

You may be able to still get a good deal of great information out of this course, but just know it’s not designed or taught for other smartphones.

Final Verdict

I do recommend iPhone Video Hero because it has a ton of great information on recording fantastic videos. I recently took the plunge into video marketing and I learned a bunch of stuff about lighting and audio that I needed to make my videos better. You will also learn how to make what they call an “Apple White” background. Basically a bright white background which looks pretty cool.

After reviewing  a few other video marketing courses I found that all of them lacked training on how to make great videos. They all cover how to get them ranked on YouTube and on Google, but to do that you first have to have a high quality video!

I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to get started in video marketing for their business or product. Even if you have already been doing video marketing this course will help you create some great high quality videos.

What To Do Now?

If you would like to learn more about iPhone Video Hero Visit their website at iPhoneVideoHero.com. This product really will teach you how to make high quality videos with your iPhone.

I mentioned throughout the review that there are some products I recommend for getting your videos ranked on YouTube. iPhone Video Hero does not cover this at all in the training so if you would like to learn how to rank your videos check out Video Traffic Academy.

Thank you for reading my iPhone Video Hero Review. I hope you enjoyed learning more about this product. If you would like to buy you can through the link below.

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