How To Make Quality Content For Google!

Google Dominates Search
Google Dominates Web Search!

If you aren’t aware yet, Google dominates web search. If you are building your own website you need to be creating quality content for Google. If you want to be successful you need to be showing up on the first page of Google. The only way to to do this is by having quality content on your site for Google to index. Follow these tips on how to make content for Google!

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6 Tips On Making Quality Content!

  1. Keywords: The way Google tells what sites show up when you type a phrase into the search bar is keywords. Keywords are the main focus of the particular page or post on your website. Placing keywords in the title and in the first few paragraphs of a post will help Google find your content and get it ranked on the 1st page.
  2. Low Competition Keywords: If you want to begin to show up on Google’s 1st page you need to be targeting low competition keywords or low hanging keywords. These keywords have less sites targeting them, which makes it easier to show up on Google’s 1st page!
  3. Make Your Content For Visitors: Some starting bloggers forget one huge thing. ACTUAL PEOPLE will be reading your content. Writing content that is keyword rich doesn’t mean anything if your content is boring. Google will punish you for making content that isn’t reader friendly so remember that ACTUAL PEOPLE must want to read your content.
  4. Help People, Don’t Just Sell: If you write your content with the intention of selling your content will not rank well with Google. People don’t want a sells pitch. They want to be informed and helped. Once you inform and help someone with your writing leaving a link to buy is always okay!
  5. Grammar Check: Google punishes sites that have errors and misspelled words. Make sure to proofread and always grammar and spell check all of your content before publishing!
  6. Link Internally: Google does not like sites that have tons of links to outside sources. If you are mentioning a product often on your site and trying to sell it by leaving links on multiple post/pages, you will be punished. Fix this by making one page on your site informing and selling a particular product or service, then link to this page everywhere you promote this product on your site.

Remember that Google is the king of search. If you want to be successful online you need to be ranking on Google’s 1st page. Use these tips to create quality content that will get ranked on Google’s 1st page and watch your site traffic and sales sky rocket.

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