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6 Review: Is DollarClix a Scam? review dollarclix review is it a scam or legitimate

DollarClix is a rewards site that’s available worldwide that has several ways to earn and a pretty good reward system. Today I’d like to review and see if it’s a site that’s worth using.

DollarClix seems to be legitimate, but there’re a few things about the site that I’m not that fond of.

Please understand that DollarClix and other reward sites won’t be a huge income, it’s usually a terrible hourly rate. If you’re serious about making real money online, check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!

In this DollarClix review, I’ll cover how to earn, how to get paid, the complaints I have, and if DollarClix is a scam!

DollarClix Review review is it a scam

Site: DollarClix

Type: Rewards Site

Verdict: Not Recommended

In this DollarClix review, I marked them legitimate. They seem to pay their members, but there’re some things I don’t like about the site, and it’s not a site that’s special in any way.

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how to make money online

Most of the ways to earn are provided by third-parties and can be found on better more established reward sites. One thing that turns me off about DollarClix is they offer paid memberships that have benefits over the free membership. Although DollarClix pays, I don’t ever recommend paying to use an “extra income site.”

Overall DollarClix is okay, but I feel like there’re much better ways to make an extra income online.

How To Earn At DollarClix


At DollarClix you can take surveys from several survey providers. One thing to keep in mind is you need to qualify for a study before you can take it and get paid so you’ll waste quite a bit of time trying to qualify. The only site that pays you for every answer is PaidViewpoint.

Most surveys pay $.25-$2.50 and can take from 10-60 minutes to complete.


DollarClix will pay you to watch videos. You’ll earn anywhere from $.0065-$.0115 for watching around 10-15 minutes of video. You do not need to interact with the video so you can leave it on in the background if you’d like. As you can see, not much of an income here.


DollarClix will pay you to sign up for free sites. Most of these offers pay from $.20-$1. They also have offers that pay you a few cents to follow them on social media and post payment proof.

dollarclix offers wallOffer Walls

The offer walls show all the different ways you can earn from 3rd party providers. On these walls, you’ll find a variety of ways to earn such as offers, videos, surveys, downloading apps, visiting websites, and more.

It’s really just more of the same but from other providers.

Affiliate Program (Refer Friend)

The last way to earn is through the affiliate program, what most of you will know as a refer a friend program. As a free member, you’ll earn 10% of your referrals earnings.

They have an expanded affiliate program that pays a higher rate and allows multiple levels of referral earnings, but you need a paid membership for this. I don’t recommend paying for this site and will complain about it later!

DollarClix Rewards

DollarClix has a few ways to get paid like PayPal, Bitcoin, Tango Card, Payza, and Amazon Gift Card.

PayPal payments start at $1, and all other options start at $5.

All cash payments have a processing fee. Although the minimum cash out amount for PayPal is $1, there’s a 1% fee taken out of your payment.

Their FAQs state that your first cash out will be paid within 72 hours. Every cash out after that is processed within 24 hours.

DollarClix Complaints

Just Extra Income

Keep in mind that DollarClix and sites like it are just for an extra income. Don’t expect to make more than a $10-$30 monthly income if you use the site.

For some reason when it comes to making money online, people think that sites are going to make them rich, that is not the case with DollarClix.

If you’re looking for a more significant online income check out the work at home jobs hiring now or how to start your own online business.

Paid Memberships

Most legitimate sites have gone away from offering paid memberships to their members, but DollarClix is still a site that lets you pay a monthly fee to unlock some advantages, which I absolutely hate.

In my opinion, it’s similar to upsells inside a product you just bought. I just spent money to purchase your product, and now I need to spend more actually to be successful? That doesn’t make much sense.

Paying for a membership can cost you around $5-$25 a month and gives you a few free referrals, additional referral earnings, and an earning bonus.

Unless you’re referring 100s of members a day, the paid membership is NOT worth it.

If you decided to join DollarClix against my recommendation that’s fine, but be careful before you purchase a paid membership, it could be hard to even make your money back!

Is DollarClix A Scam?

I can’t say that is a scam because they seem to pay their members. With that being said, it’s not a site I recommend. I’m not a fan of any extra income site that has paid memberships that give you extra bonuses if you pay to use the site. In return, you only get a few percent bonus, so I’m sure it’s hard to earn your money back if you do decide to pay.

My recommendation is to stay away from DollarClix and use a better site that gives all members the same Free benefits. Make sure to check out the Extra Income Sites I Use to see my recommendations over DollarClix.


Again, DollarClix and similar sites are used to make a small online income, if you want a substantial full-time income you need to forget about sites like these and check out My #1 Recommendation, it’s how I made over $13,000 online last month!


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Do you think DollarClix is a scam or a legitimate way to make money online? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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