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Determining The Right Influencer Type For Your Campaign

Content marketing is the effective strategy for advertising across the Web. It is a multi-pronged approach to reaching customers, and the tactics keep changing, leaving many smaller businesses and brands mystified as to how to use it effectively. One major strategy that larger brands have been using is influencer marketing, and it’s a huge strategy indeed. While smaller brands may not be able to contact celebrities or industry authorities as influencers, the influencer marketing strategy is still quite effective.

Influencer marketing has been around for far longer than you think. Since the 1890s, brands have been creating personas (like Aunt Jemima) to help sell their brands. In the early 1900s, brands tapped into the power of using famous sports players to advertise their products, and soon other kinds of celebrities were in on the game, too. The point is that while we think of influencers as internet personalities today, this style of advertising is much older than you think. If you’re hesitant about using influencer marketing, hopefully over a century of history will convince you that it’s an effective strategy.

To use influencer marketing correctly today, you need to do some research. Determining the right influencer or influencers for your brand is a big first step that you should be taking. Stalk other brands similar to yours to see who they’re using, if they’re using anyone. Get even more information about how to use influencer marketing, including finding and keeping influencers, from this CopyPress and Intellifluence infographic on the subject.

Determining The Right Influencer Type For Your Campaign

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