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Day 2: What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Welcome Back!

I am extremely excited to see that you made it back today two of my 5 day course! Your going to be happy that you did because today we are going to cover more on affiliate marketing!

Yesterday I gave you a brief overview of affiliate marketing, signed up for a free Wealthy Affiliate account, and gave you some realistic expectations for affiliate marketing. If you haven’t completed these tasks you will need to before continuing.

Click here if you have not finished day 1

Click here if you have not signed up for Wealthy Affiliate and complete your profile (training that goes along with the course)

Click here if you have not read my affiliate marketing 101 post. (key information about affiliate marketing)

Now that we have that out of the way we continue on to today’s training.

Day 2 Training: How Will Affiliate Marketing Work For Me

Today is going to be a great day! Yesterday we covered the basics of affiliate marketing within my lesson and the affiliate marketing 101 post. Today I am going to show you how you’re going to use affiliate marketing to make money online! I will explain exactly what you’re going to do with affiliate marketing and take you through an example.


What is Affiliate Marketing Going To Do For ME?

Affiliate Marketing is going to turn your hobby into a full-time online business that will earn you money!

Your probably asking yourself how is that possible, but thousands of people are doing it online today!

All you need is a hobby or passion. I will use me as  an example I like to golf. It’s one of my hobbies and that is why I started a Golf related affiliate website.

It really is as easy as that. You find something that your passionate about and start creating a website to promote products related to your hobby!  DON’T WORRY ME & WEALTHY AFFILIATE WILL TEACH YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Here is a breakdown of the process

Choose a Hobby + Create A Website + Promote Related Products (reviews) + Drive Traffic = Sales & Money For You!

Let’s do a general example my buddy Steve really likes rc cars. He considers it his hobby and actually races cars at a local track. Steve wants to get involved in affiliate marketing so he decides to create a site doing reviews on rc cars for sale. He creates his website and starts to write reviews on different RC cars he owns and ones that other people let him use to review. He signs up for an affiliate program that sells RC cars and puts affiliate links within all his reviews.

The example above will give you a general idea of how the process will work for you!

Here is an Example: Tee Off Times And More

I mentioned earlier that I own a golf related website. It’s actually called Tee Off Times and More. I wanted to cover this site to give you an idea of how the process will work and give you a site you can look at in reference.

Click here to visit site

Hobby: As I touched on before I really like to golf. I am not good, but still I consider it one of my hobbies. When I first started affiliate marketing I knew I needed to choose something I wouldn’t get bored of so I went with my hobby of  Golf

Create A Website: After choosing Golf as my niche (hobby) I went ahead and went with the domain name tee off times and more. I then created the basic layout of my website which is actually really easy with WordPress and the help of Wealthy Affiliate!

Join Related Affiliate programs: Once I choose the golf niche I knew  I was going to be promoting golf related products. I went ahead and joined 5 or so different golf retail store affiliate programs to give me a variety of products.

Promote Related Products: Once I joined the affiliate programs I got to take a look at what kinds of products would be good to promote and found that I had the option to do reviews on golf clubs, balls, bags, and apparel

Start Making Sales!: After writing multiple reviews for my website and a few months down the road I was bringing in commissions through my amazon affiliate links which you can see below. In December I brought in about $100 in commissions and only 1 product was golf related!

amazon commisions

The example above is exactly what you will be doing! You will be surprised on how effective the training at Wealthy Affiliate and here is and how quickly you can start seeing results!

What To Expect on Day 3

This wraps up the training for Day 2! We covered a lot today. Hopefully I clarified a few things and really let you know exactly how affiliate marketing is going to help you! Now for tomorrow we will be covering step 1 to $5,000 a day which is choosing a Niche. We touched on this for most of the day today and you probably didn’t even know it. A Niche is a segment of the marketing place or what you will consider your hobby!

Now go ahead and complete Day 2 tasks make sure to finish lesson 1 & 2 at Wealthy Affiliate and start thinking of Niche Ideas!

Day 2 Tasks

1) Check out my sample affiliate marketing site here

2) Sign Up For Wealthy Affiliate Here (if you have not already)

3) Complete Lesson 2 & 3 at Wealthy Affiliate Click Here!

4) Begin thinking about Niche (Hobby) Ideas for your affiliate Site! Make A List!


4) See My #1 Recommended Survey Site: PaidViewpoint

Your Done With Day 2!

See you tomorrow we will cover step 1 to $5,000 a day!

Have a great day,

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