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Day 5: Mentor & Training (SPECIAL BONUSES)

The Day You Have All Been Waiting For!

Welcome back to the last day of this course! I am extremely excited to see that you have stuck with it and made it to the end. That tells me that you have what it takes to become successful online!

Since you finished this course I am going to be rewarding you today with some Bonuses that you won’t want to miss!

Today we won’t be covering anything else about your website, really you need a day off anyways, but today I want to talk to you about how important having a mentor and high quality training is going to be for your online marketing journey!

Wealthy Affiliate Will be Your Key To Success

I haven’t really touched on my story since day 1 of this training course, but let me refresh your memory. I started looking to make money online about 2 years ago. For about a year and a half I tried almost everything available online for making money. Nothing really worked for me and of course I was scammed to many times to count.

About 7 months ago I came across Wealthy Affiliate and boy has it ever changed my life forever. If you have been active in this course you would have already saw my first project Tee Off Times and More and you signed up for this course from my most successful website Full Time Job From Home.

Neither of these sites would have been possible without the awesome training at Wealthy Affiliate.

I owe all of my success online to Wealthy Affiliate and that is why I promote it to everyone and have designed this course around its training.

I just want you to know I would not be telling you Wealthy Affiliate will help you succeed if it didn’t do it for me!

What Do I Do Now That The Course Is Over

Now that the course is over we will have to connect through Wealthy Affiliate. By now you should have already commented on my profile and I am sure we have exchanged some comments and thoughts. I am available to help you at anytime through Wealthy Affiliate and if you decided to go premium you will be able to private message me at anytime!

Now that we will not be covering anymore training about your niche website I will let Wealthy Affiliate take over and continue the affiliate marketing learning process. After you read the rest of this lesson and claim your special bonuses start working through the rest of the training available at Wealthy Affiliate! I will see you inside the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

Special Bonuses!

Special Bonus #1: Top 10 Tips For Beginning Affiliate Marketers!

Just for completing this course I have put together something special for you. The first special bonus is a list of the most helpful tips for beginning Affiliate Marketers. Some of the head honchos at Wealthy Affiliate helped me put the list together so it should help you out a lot!

Click Here To Claim Your Free Bonus

Special Bonus #2: Watch Me Build A Niche Website From Scratch!

To claim this special bonus all you need to do is upgrade to a premium monthly member at Wealthy Affiliate! Since you signed up for this course Wealthy Affiliate will actually offer you your first month at a drastic discount only $19 a month! Once you become a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member all you have to do is private message me letting me know that you became premium and took my course and I will send you a special course.

In the special Bonus Course I will build a Niche website from scratch exactly how you will be doing. This will be extremely helpful to you because you will have an expert to help you along the way!

Upgrade To Premium for $19 to Claim Your Bonus!

Special Bonus #3: 1 Hour Google Hang Out Training With Me!

To claim this special opportunity you will need to upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate Yearly Premium membership. Don’t worry if your going to be in it for the long haul the yearly membership is going to save you money!

With this special bonus please private message me and we will set up a convenient time to video chat. We can cover anything you would like. I can help you build your website or just answer questions. At least 1 hour of my time will be devoted to doing whatever you want!

Upgrade To Yearly Premium for $359 to Claim Your Bonus!


I will See You Inside Wealthy Affiliate!


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