Is Dealspotr a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

Learn How You Can Earn Points Towards $10 Amazon Gift Cards By Sharing Coupons and Deals At DealSpotrDealspotr is a site that posts deals and coupons to thousands of stores. The deals and coupons are generated and shared by the users of Dealspot, so there’s an opportunity to post deals and get paid.

This won’t be a huge income, but if you’re already searching for deals, you might as well share it on Dealspotr and get paid for it.

If you’re not interested in posting coupons, Dealspotr is still a good community to join to find deals that others post.

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In this Dealspotr review, I’ll cover how the site works, how to earn money, how they pay, the complaints I have, and if this site is a scam!

Dealspotr Review

Site: Dealspotr

Type: Coupon/Deals

Verdict: Legitimate

In this review, I marked Dealspotr legitimate. If you can find new deals and post them quickly, you can usually get your deals accepted. You can also earn by validating deals other members have shared.

This won’t be a huge income, but if you’re someone who uses coupons and searches deals, it can be an easy way to earn Amazon gift cards.

If you don’t frequently look for coupons, Dealspotr probably isn’t worth your time, because most coupons you find will already be on the site. You should check out these other ways to make an Extra Income Online.

How Does Dealspotr Work?

Accuracy Score

All new members start with a 0 accuracy score. As you post and validate deals (covered next), your skill will go up or down depending on the accuracy of your post.

The higher your accuracy score, the more posting and validating you can do each day, and the amount you’re paid goes up.

As long as you post accurate information, you should have no problem raising your accuracy score and earning the most amount possible for sharing.

Posting Deals

The main way to earn on Dealspotr is by sharing deals. You need to choose the store name, the promo code/coupon, and the terms of the deal (duration, amount, etc.)

When you post a deal you’ll earn 25 points, but you earn more points when others validate, spot, and interact with your deal.

A popular deal that you post can easily earn 500-1000 points.

As you raise your accuracy score, the amount you earn per deal goes up.

Validating Deals

If you don’t have any deals to post, you can still earn by validating other deals. Let me make it clear you do not have to make a purchase.

You need to visit the store and apply the code in the cart. As long as the code works, take a screenshot and share it on Dealspotr. You’ll earn points when you validate other deals and when others validate your posted coupons.

Spotting Deals

This is a bit different than the other ways to earn. When other posts deals you can “spot” that deal, which means you think this deal is going to be very popular.

If the deal you “spot” makes it to the most popular section of Dealspotr you’ll earn a reward.

You’ll also earn points when others “spot” one of your posted deals.

How Does Dealspotr Pay?

Dealspotr pays members in Amazon gift cards. To request a payment you’ll need to earn 10,000 points. 10,000 points gets you a $10 Amazon gift card.

A Dealspotr employee will confirm that all of your points are legitimate and if they’re, gift cards arrive in your email within 1-3 days.

Dealspotr Referral Program

Every member of Dealspotr can take advantage of the referral program. You’ll earn 10% of your referrals lifetime earnings.

They give you your own link and promo code to share on social media or with your friends.

If you join Dealspotr through my link, you’ll earn a $5 sign-up bonus, or enter the code: BROKFTJFH

Dealspotr Influencer

For bloggers and social media influencers, Dealspotr has an influencer program that can help you earn more. As an influencer, you’ll earn more for referring users and other influencers. You’ll also earn some bonus points, 2x earnings on your own activity, and unlock payments via PayPal.

There’re different levels of the Influencer program, to unlock all the advantages, you’ll need to be active on the site.

*If you think you’re a good fit for an influence, please leave a comment below and I’ll give you a sign up code that earns you a $15 sign up bonus!

Dealspotr Complaints

Deal’s Already Posted

I’ve actually reviewed a similar site called Coupon Chief, and I had the same complaint about that site. As you start to post deals, you’ll find that almost all the deals have already been posted. Once a deal’s added to Dealspotr you can’t post it again.

Luckily you can earn by modifying the deal or validating that it works. Of course, the deal needs to have something wrong with it to modify and earn.

Is Dealspotr a Scam?

Dealspotr is not a scam; it’s a legitimate site that does pay you to post deals and coupons. After using the site, I did find that it’s hard to find deals that have not already been posted, but occasionally you’ll luck out. I did like that they offer ways to earn points other than being the first to post a deal, so most of your earnings will most likely come other ways.

Overall, if you’re already someone who searches for the best deals, you might as well try posting them on Dealspotr to earn some extra cash.

If you’d like to learn more or to join, visit You’ll earn 5,000 points ($5) once you confirm your email address. You may need to enter the code “BROKFTJFH”.


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Do you think Dealspotr is a scam? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review in the comments below! 🙂

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