Audio Transcription Center Review: Is Transcribing For ATC A Scam?

audio transcription center review is it a scam or legitimateAudio Transcription Center is located in Boston, MA, and offers both in-house and freelance transcription jobs. In this review, I will research the freelance transcription job. Read more to learn how to apply!

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Audio Transcription Center Requirements

If you want to transcribe from home for Audio Transcription Center (ATC), you will need to have strong language, style, and punctuation skills. You’ll need to be willing and able to follow their in-house style manual, and also have the ability to follow project-specific instructions.

Strong internet research skills will be important. A lot of the work they do at Audio Transcription Center is for historical records and archives. It is important that the quality of your work reflects the importance and permanence of the documents. You might need to verify names and terms, and it is very important that these be conveyed correctly for historical preservation.

Audio Transcription Center Technical Requirements

As with most work at home jobs, there are certain technical requirements you will need to meet in order to properly perform your job. Here’s what you need:

  • You’ll need a reliable internet connection. Audio Transcription Center sends files to their contractors via Dropbox.
  • ATC requires you to have a private email, for confidentiality reasons.
  • You can use any document writing software that you want, but you will need to return your transcripts to ATC as .doc files. So whatever software you use, it needs the capability to be saved as a .doc file. All formatting requirements must be met, and the end document must look as though it was created in Word.
  • ATC highly recommends the use of a transcription software where you can control the audio speed with hotkeys or a foot pedal, as well as good quality headphones.

Audio Transcription Center Application Process

To apply at Audio Transcription Center, you will send an email to Include the following items in your email:

  • Include a current, detailed resume. Attach it to the email as a PDF file.
  • Create a cover letter geared towards the transcription position. Also, attach this file as a PDF.
  • Last, you need to take a 3-minute typing test and attach a screenshot of the results. The minimum requirements that ATC will accept is 75 wpm with 98% accuracy. You can find typing tests at Complete one of the 3-minute tests and attach a screenshot of the results to your email. This website has other test length options, so make sure you take a 3-minute test. Note: they don’t want this screenshot pasted into the email. You can save it as a PDF by clicking the print screen key on your keyboard, paste it into a word document, then save it as a PDF.

How Much Does Audio Transcription Center Pay?

According to a review on Glassdoor, Audio Transcription Center pays well. This contractor was paid $65 per audio hour, which for this person translated to $15 per hour. The faster you can understand the audio and type with accuracy, the more money you can make per hour.

When Does Audio Transcription Center Pay?

You’ll be paid weekly by Audio Transcription Center. Here’s what that looks like:

You will submit your invoice on Friday, and your check will be mailed out on Wednesday, a week and a half later. So as long as you have hours to invoice, you’ll be paid weekly. But you’ll get paid almost 2 weeks behind. This info came from a Glassdoor review that was posted in December 2016. It’s possible they have turned to direct deposit by now. Either way, if they follow the same holding pattern, you’ll still be waiting about a week and a half for your money. But again, if you’re submitting an invoice every week, you will be paid weekly after that first week and a half wait.

Audio Transcription Center Schedule

You can choose your own schedule with Audio Transcription Center. You decide how much and when you work. One review said there isn’t enough work to make it a full-time gig.

Audio Transcription Center Feedback

Audio Transcription Center has good feedback on Glassdoor. Here are the pros and cons:


  • The ATC platform is easy to use.
  • If you have questions, you’ll get quick answers, and the production team is helpful and friendly.
  • Someone said it’s been a great side gig.
  • The production team does a good job of matching jobs to the contractor’s knowledge and expertise.
  • They have a wide variety of jobs so you can learn new things and not get burnt out.


  • Your pay gets held for a week, so it’s almost 2 weeks before you get paid for completed work.
  • Work can be scarce. One review said they can go several weeks without work.
  • Income isn’t steady.

Is Working at Audio Transcription Center a Scam?

Based on what I have found, the work at home transcription position for Audio Transcription Center is NOT a scam. If you can type with any speed and accuracy, you could transcribe for ATC. Go here to start the application process!

If you’re looking to increase your freelance transcription income, make sure to check out the course at Transcribe Anywhere. It will teach you what you need to know to find high paying transcription jobs. You can join their free 7-day course, to make sure transcription is right for you!

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Learn How You Can Earn Up To $65 Per Audio Hour Transcribed At Audio Transcription Center! They Even Accept Beginners!

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