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PickyDomains Contributor Review: Paid To Choose Cool Names

Learn How You Can Get Paid $20 or More To Suggest Domain Names To Businesses!
Today I have something for the creative people out there called PickyDomains, on this site you can get paid to come up with cool and unique business names.

Some of you may remember my NamingForce review, it’s very similar to PickyDomains with a few small differences.

In this PickyDomains review I’ll cover how it works, how to become a contributor, how much you can earn, and all the important details of this opportunity.


How To Become A PickyDomains Contributor

Signing up as a PickyDomains Contributor is extremely simple. Really the only requirements is having a computer, internet access, and a PayPal account for payments.pickydomains contributor review is it legit or a scam?

If PayPal is not available in your country, you can still join, but won’t get paid for winning.

If you meet the requirements you can join on their website by filling out a short form and confirming your email.

How PickyDomains Works

1) Find Orders

The first step after joining is finding orders. You can see a full list of orders on the PickyDomains website.

There’s usually 25-30 orders at one time. You can see exactly what the business is, how much the reward is, and how many suggestions have already been made.

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If you think you have a good name you can click on the order and leave a suggestion.

2) Leave Suggestions

Once you click on the order you’ll see more details and the specifications for the name. You can easily leave your suggestions on the order and a few comments on why you think this is a great name.

After you’re done submit your suggestions to be reviewed.

3) Get Paid

If the client chooses your suggestion as the winner, you’ll earn 40%-60% of the total order price depending on your level. You’ll also earn a few cents if your suggestions is liked, but not the winning name. All payments are made via PayPal!

How Much Does PickyDomains Pay?

How much you earn and get paid really just depends. There’s a few factors that determine how much you get paid. First off all orders are set at different prices, most range from $25-$100.

Depending on your level you’ll earn 40%-60% of the order price. For example if you’re a newbie and win a $50 order you’ll get paid 40% or $20.

Even if you don’t win an order you can still earn. You’ll get paid up to $.25 when a client likes your suggestion, but doesn’t choose it as a winner.

All payments are made via PayPal. If you live in a country without PayPal you can still participate, but won’t get paid.

How To Earn More At PickyDomains

There’s a few ways you can earn more with PickyDomains, here’s how to earn more with PickyDomains.

Raising Your Level

As a Picky Domains Contributor you have a level rank that suggests how active and good of a suggester you are. As you suggest names and clients like/choose your name, your level will increase.

All new members start as un-ranked and move on to levels 4-1. Levels 4-1 have some benefits such as more suggestions per order, higher percentage of order winnings, and the ability to suggest on premium orders that usually pay more!

Raising your level gives you a better chance of winning and more opportunities to win more.

Affiliate Program

PickyDomains does have an affiliate program that’s ran through the BlueSnap affiliate network. Basically you’ll earn 30% of all the orders you bring in.

This means you don’t get paid for referring others to choose names, but you do get paid if you refer a business and they put in an order to get some name suggestions.

Bloggers Mention Program

If you’re a successful blogger you may be interested in the blog mention program. There’s quite a few criteria that your website has to meet, but you’ll earn $30 for writing a review that covers how the process works.

They do state that the review can be negative, no need to BS your readers just to make $30.

PickyDomains Concerns & Complaints

Stealing Your Content

So the biggest concern I came up with, which is addressed on their website, is businesses not choosing your suggestion then going out and buying the domain name. Basically stealing your idea.

PickyDomains addresses this on their website. They say they’ve had over 2000 orders and this has only been an issue 10 or so times.

There’s nothing that protects your suggestions, but most companies won’t screw you over since a law suit could be a much bigger expense then paying $50 for your idea.

It seems like there’s no way to protect your ideas, so if you think your ideas are gold this might not be something to join.

Is PickyDomains Legit Or A Scam?

It seems that becoming a contributor at PickyDomains is completely legit. If you win a contest you’ll get paid, and I really like that you can get paid a few cents if a client likes your name, but doesn’t choose it as a winner.

This really isn’t an income that’s guaranteed. To make any good money you’ll need to actually win contests. Don’t rely on this income in any way. But if you’re creative you could make some extra cash suggesting names.

To learn more or to join, sign up as a contributor at PickyDomains.

If you’re not creative (like me), you can see some other ways to make an extra income from home with these scam free sites or by checking out my Free WAH Jobs Directory.

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Are you already a PickyDomains Contributor? Let me hear your story so I can add it to this PickyDomains Review in the comments below!


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