How To Avoid Online Scams!

Learn 5 Tips For Avoiding Online Scams and Where to Go To Find Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online!When you’re looking for an online job, you will come across thousands of online scams. You need to know what these scams look like and how to avoid them. Avoiding online scams will save you tons of money and time. Online scams are all across the internet and I want to save you the time and hassle of getting scammed online. Here is a list of ways to avoid online scams!

Being able to locate scams online will save you a lot of time and money! I have lost $100s of dollars and tons of valuable time trying to earn money online through scams. Guess what it didn’t work. I am going to be showing you what to look for in an online scam and what these scam sites are promising you.

What Do Online Scams Look Like?

How to avoid online scams
Online Scams are Everywhere.

Most online scams have the same format. Here are some things that most online scams have in common.

  1. It’s Easy/No Work! Making money online is not easy. You have to work very hard to earn online, there is no easy system to just make thousands of dollars online.
  2. Guarantees you can make $1,000+ (or large dollar amount) a week/month by using this system. Let me be the first to tell you. If someone promises you can make thousands of dollars in your first month online they are lying. Never sign up, or give information to a webpage that guarantees you making money.
  3. An Email Capture Page: saying they will send you the secret system. Now not all email capture widgets are scams, but if the website has an email capture page and promises you will make money it is a scam!
  4. Claim to have a secret system. Make no mistake, they do have a secret system.  That system is scamming people online. If anyone claims they have a secret way of making money online stay away. Definitely don’t pay for it!
  5. Ask you to pay before you even get to try or see what you will be doing. If they are not willing to let you try their system for free they obviously know that you would not be interested in buying after you have seen the other side of the email capture page.


How to avoid online scams
What an online scam looks like. You will see many things that I pointed out above

Example Scam #1 has almost all of the 5 things listed above!

Things that jump out right away as scams:

  • Right off the bat you see they are already claiming this is the “easiest” way to make money online
  • You will make $3,500 a month
  • Learn how to turn “$10” (the amount they will make by scamming each person) into “$3,500-$7000” a month (once again guaranteeing you a large monthly income!
  • “Little To no Work”
  • An email capture that claims they will send you instant free access now. All they will do is spam your email!

You can see that example #1 has signs that show you this is a scam. The scary thing is there are a thousand more pages just like this online looking to scam you. Make sure to look for these signs!

Example Scam #2

How To find scams onli
Now this one actually has a video showing you how this system works. These can be a little bit more tricky to solve, but you will see they still have a lot of warning signs.

 Things that jump out as scams:

  • Learn how to make “$2000-$3000” a month. Already promising you income
  • “Part Time” letting you know you don’t need to do much to make money
  • “Get the full story inside” give me your email and I will spam it to try to get you to sign up.
  • They show a video that shows their earnings?!?

You can see that this scam is a little bit better disguised, but still a few things that jump out right away. I want to touch on one thing. This page actually has a video on it that shows someones Paypal account. It shows proof that they made $3000 in a week using this system.  Don’t believe everything you see. This particular scam is getting people to sign up for credit card offers where you advertise everything as free, but really people end up having to pay for the “free offers”. You may be able to make money from this system, but all you will be doing is scamming people!

Recap on Finding Scams!

  • Don’t pay for a secret system
  • You can’t guarantee an online income
  • If they don’t let you try before buying. They are hiding something!

Hope this helped everyone. It is very sad, but you will see tons of scams when searching for an online job. Make sure to be careful. Before you sign up for anything make sure to do some research on it. But know that the review you read could just be someone trying to scam you as well! If you would like me to take a look at a possible scam for you please comment below!

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16 thoughts on “How To Avoid Online Scams!”

  1. I sure could have used this site 6 months ago it would have saved me time and money! Keep up the good work, people need sites like this.

  2. Fantastic, you seem to have covered all bases here! Your explanation of scams clarifies and reiterates what many of us have seen many times, but often in those weak desperate moments, we have fallen foul and wasted time and indeed money trying to make a quick buck. Great work 🙂

    • Alan,
      Glad you enjoyed the post and found it helpful!
      We all fall for scams, but hopefully I can help some people avoid them!



  3. Excellent info here and I totally agree about the warning signs. Building any type of business requires hard work and effort.

  4. G’day Brok. Your hitting the nail on the head there mate thanks for sharing and warning others on what to look for when searching money making opportunities.

    I laugh at those turn ten dollars into five thousand types of pages, but people out there can be attracted to such copy and get sucked in easy. They need to take heed that they should run for the hills.

    • No problem glad you liked the post. Your right, to both of us that screams scam! but the problem is a lot of people come online seeking to make money fast. People are drawn to turn $10 into $10,000 because that is what they want! Unfortunately that is not how it works =(

  5. Although this is a helpful post, I think — unless — you’re just starting to dive into the possibility of finding work online, that many folks are becoming more familiar with these snake-oil salespeople!
    After awhile, when they all begin to look the same, you HAVE to think something smells fishy!

    • Very True Ben,

      Most people eventually catch on to the scams, but unfortunately most of the time they have already been scammed. Let’s hope they see articles like this before they take the bait!

  6. Hey Brok,

    I think the two biggest aspects of scams taken from this post are the pay before you can get access and the guarantee of thousands of dollars. They easy/no work one and the capturing of email doesn’t necessarily make it a scam, although it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be successful from those either.

    In the end, a commitment to creating value based content will win the day. Everything else is just noise!

    Best Regards,

    • Jim,

      You are exactly right! Those are two very good signs of scams. Your also right about the email capture. I was debating about including it, but like you said. Just because a webpage has an email capture page doesn’t mean it is a scam. Just keep in mind that most scams do.



  7. I am glad you posted this page. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I wish I had found it before I spent money on the scams. This should be a good “heads up” for people wanting to start an online business. Great site!

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes I am in the same boat. Spent 100s of dollars on scams and get rich quick schemes. It is very unfortunate most of us have to loose money before finding a legit opportunity. But hopefully this helps some people avoid scams!


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