Elite Mystery Shopper Scam: Learn More In This Review

elite mystery shopper scam reviewElite Mystery Shopper is a product/database that requires you to give out your personal information and go through a ton of ads just to access the list. Elite Mystery Shopper is a scam, and I’ll show you why in this review.

People are always interested in mystery shopping because it sounds so easy. Keep in mind; there’re a few legitimate mystery shopping jobs out there.

But Elite Mystery Shopper is not legit, you’re signing up for a list of mystery shopping sites, in the hope that one of them will eventually send you work.

The truth is that you don’t need to join Elite Mystery Shopper to get work. You have the same chance of getting work just by joining the companies on this free list, and you won’t have to give out your information and be bombarded with emails.

In this Elite Mystery Shopper Review, I’ll cover what you get and why this product is a scam.

Elite Mystery Shopper Review

Product: Elite Mystery Shopper

Price: Free

Score: 50 Out of 100

Verdict: Scam, Not Needed

In this Elite Mystery Shopper review, I gave it a bad score and marked it a scam. In all honesty, this membership site is not a real scam. They do give you everything they promise on their sales page and do let you know that there’s no guarantee of work.

But there’s not any reason to sign up for this product. You’ll get a list of mystery shopping sites to join just like I can give you for free here.

There’s no need to purchase this product. All it does is collect your email and make you pay for a list of sites that I just gave you for free.

If you’re looking for mystery shopping jobs, that’s fine, but don’t purchase any product or join a site that requires you to pay! All of the legit mystery shopping sites are entirely free to join.

20+ Free Legitimate Mystery Shopping Sites

Why Is Elite Mystery Shopper A Scam?

Elite Mystery Shopper Training

On the sales page, they do make it clear that there’s no guarantee you’ll ever get any mystery shopping work, but they also say that they have training that teaches you how to mystery shop and gives you tips on how to get more mystery shopping work.

If you’re not familiar with mystery shopping, it’s location and demographic based. There’s no secret to getting more work or doing more mystery shopping. It’s similar to taking surveys. If you don’t meet the criteria they’re looking for; you’re basically out of luck.

Their training is to sign up for as many mystery shopping sites as you can. In essence, if you join more sites you have a chance of getting more jobs.

List Of Mystery Shopping Sites

The training is pointless inside Elite Mystery Shopper. But they do have a list of mystery shopping jobs that’s not bad. There’s a ton of sites on this list, which is great, but a lot of the sites on this list seem to be scams.

You’re also giving out your personal information for this list of sites. Never pay for a list of sites, most likely you can find a free list of jobs on the internet. I have a list of 20+ mystery shopping jobs here.

The Purpose of Elite Mystery Shopper

Elite Mystery Shopper is set up to collect your information and add you to their mailing list. You don’t have to pay anything to join Elite Mystery Shopper, but you’ll have to give out your name, email, birthday, and phone number just to join.

After you join, you’ll have to go through a series of offers. After, you’ll constantly get emails with more offers wanting you to join sites.

It’s super annoying and why would you want to participate in a product that isn’t even set up to help you get mystery shopping work.

It’s set up to collect your information that’s it.

Elite Mystery Shoppers Just Isn’t Needed

So I’ve covered the two things that you get when you sign up for this product, and by now you probably agree that there’s no reason to sign up.

There’s no secret, tips, or tricks that can get you more mystery shopping work. It’s location and demographic based if you meet the criteria you can get work.

The list of jobs you get is okay, but it concerns me to see so many complete scams included.

To access the list you have to give out your personal information, including phone number, and you’ll be bombarded with emails and calls from people trying to get you to sign up for other sites!

Signing up for this product will in no way help you become a mystery shopper, and you’ll be wasting your time!

Where To Find Legit Mystery Shopping Jobs?

It might surprise some of you to hear that mystery shopping is legit, but it seems that there’s thousands of mystery shopping products and scams out there. Elite Mystery Shopper is one of those scam products that you should stay away from.

It’s important to know that mystery shopping isn’t going to make you rich, it’s tough to get work, and is just spare time extra cash.

But if mystery shopping still interests you, here’s a list of over 20 legitimate mystery shopping jobs.

I honestly don’t mystery shop and don’t recommend it. To me, there’s not enough money in it to make it worth my time.

I prefer making a full-time income online. You can see how I do this at My #1 Recommendation for working at home.

If you’re happy with extra income, here’s a long list of legitimate extra income sites!

Do you think Elite Mystery Shopper is a scam too? Have proof it’s legit? 

Let me hear your thoughts on this mystery shopping review in the comments below!

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