CashTasks Review: Is Cash Tasks a Scam?

CashTasks ReviewWelcome to my CashTasks Review. You are probably wondering if Cash Tasks is a scam. I am here to tell you that CashTasks is a huge scam.

Don’t worry I tried this company out. Actually spent 60 days with the program to really see if it would work. After building my account up to over $1,000 I was unable to cash out.

Don’t waste your time with this company. But stick around to the end of this CashTasks Review because I will be showing you exactly why CashTasks is a scam and alternatives that are legit.

What Is CashTasks?

CashTasks is a program that pays you for Viewing websites, Shopping, Viewing Videos, and Referring Others. CashTasks is a program that pays the most I have ever seen for viewing website. You will actually receive $1 for viewing a website for 10 seconds. But the reason they can do this is because they are a complete scam.

Almost every part of CashTasks jumps out to me as a scam. To see exactly what makes CashTasks a scam continue reading.

CashTasks Review

cash tasks scamWebsite:

Cost: FREE

Score: 5 Out Of 100

Verdict: SCAM!

I gave CashTasks a 5 out of 100 because the program is a complete scam and there is a lot of things that make it seem like one. If you join CashTasks you will be wasting your time and won’t get paid. I show you my experiences with the company later on in this review and I know it will prove my point.

Companies can’t afford to pay you a $1 to view a website for 10 seconds and that is why CashTasks has to scam you, because they aren’t making enough money on you viewing ads to pay you. If you would like to see a legit company that pays you for visiting websites take a look at ySense.

What I Don’t Like

Unrealistic Earnings

The biggest thing about CashTasks that jumps out at me right away is that they will pay you $1 for viewing a website for 10 seconds. That is just ridiculous. I wish it was true, but it’s not. All of the completely legit websites that pay you to view ads pay around $.01 for viewing a website for 10 seconds. So right away I knew that CashTasks was most likely a scam.

High Cash Out Amount

With most paid to do sites the cash out amount ranges from $10-$30. But with CashTasks the minimum cash out amount is $1,000. This is crazy high, but since they are a scam this is an easy way to make some extra money because 95% of people will give up way before they get close to the $1,000 cash out amount.

Premium Membership

One thing that bothered me about CashTasks is they want you to pay for a premium membership and I found when I went to cash out that it’s a requirement. Not only do they want you to pay for the $19 premium membership each month, but they also want you to buy extra spins and referrals. Most of the time “paid to do” sites that aren’t completely free are complete scams. Especially ones that say you have to be a premium member to cash out, that is just crazy!

My Experiences

I mentioned early in this review that I joined Cash Tasks and actually used the program to try it out. I have to say I was hoping CashTasks would surprise me and I would get paid, but I did not. Here is what happened.

1) I spent about 5 minutes a day viewing ads until I reached the minimum cash out amount.

2) I went to cash out via PayPal and was given the message that I have to be a premium member to cash out.

cashtasks scam3) I thought well I built up $1000 might as well pay for the premium $19 membership and see if I can get paid. The only way to pay for the premium membership is through EGO Pay. I don’t have an account with that company so I had to sign up, but once I filled out all the information it said they aren’t excepting US based customers at this time.

cashtasks review

So basically I can’t cash out my earnings because I am not a premium membership and I have no way to pay for one. I was not surprised by this. I felt like Cash Tasks was a scam from the beginning, but it still does suck that I wasted all the time. The things I go through to write great reviews for you!

Final Verdict

I do not recommend joining CashTasks you will not get paid for your work. I spent a lot of time building up my account and found that CashTasks will not let you cash out even after you reach the outrageously high cash out amount. Stay away from this company completely and you won’t be sorry. To see all the SCAM FREE sites I recommend visit All Scam Free Jobs.

What To Do Now?

Within this CashTasks Review you have learned that this program is a complete scam. I highly suggest staying away from it at all costs. But there is one site that I recommend that will pay you for viewing ads. That site is called ClixSense.

I hate scams and want to help you avoid them at all costs, but I also want to help you find great opportunities for you to make money online. If you would like to see my full list of legit online jobs click here.

I talked a little about how the earnings expectations of CashTasks were incorrect. You’re not going to earn $1,000s of dollars each month with these programs. But there is another way to do so. If you would like to learn how I make 95% of my online income visit start your own online business. 

Thank you for reading this CashTasks Review. I hope you let me help you make money online by utilizing the links above to find the best scam free opportunity for you.

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